Base Makeup Basics Part 2 : Types of Concealers | How to choose the right under-eye concealer | Concealers in India


Hey everyone!

I hope you found Part 1 of this series on Face Primers useful! In part 2, I’m talking about concealers (mainly under-eye ones).

I think concealers are one of the most underrated products in the beauty arena! Everyone talks about getting the perfect nude lipstick, the right foundation and the best mascara but concealers are a much ignored product! A good concealer can make a WORLD of difference in one’s looks and I’ve seen many women transformed just with this one product!


Base Makeup Basics Part 2 : Concealers
Base Makeup Basics Part 2 : Concealers


Today I’m going to be talking about :

  • Different types of concealer
  • How to choose the best concealer for yourself
  • Concealers available in the Indian market
  • How to apply liquid and stick form concealers(to be covered in the following post)


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