Wednesday Skincare Special#1: Skin care Basics

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update post, I’m starting a new section on skin care wherein I’ll be posting skin care tips/product reviews every Wednesday. Here is the first post of this series!

Today I’ll be talking about basic skin care. This is especially for those who are not so familiar with the subject and find themselves lost while choosing products for themselves or when asked the question ‘what is your skin type?’.

Note: All of it is written in my own words for simplicity and better understanding and better technical definitions are available on the web for those who are interested.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. In the present day world, our skin bears the brunt of sun exposure, pollution, unhealthy lifestyles and stress everyday. All these factors simply translate to the fact that our skin NEEDS CARE. We might have beautiful eyes or a lovely pout but if the skin is dull ,lifeless and uncared for, neither of these can make up for it. Cutting a long story, our skin needs some basic care, not just external but internal too i.e not just in terms of what we apply on our skin but also the food we eat, the lifestyle we lead and the mental state we stay in.


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