10 Summer Home Remedies for Glowing Skin!


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Summer is here and while it is an incredibly fun time of the year, its also taxing on our skin. The soaring temperatures and hot winds of this season can result in skin damage, making it rough and dull. It is important to take care of our skin throughout the season.

Here are 10 home remedies for glowing skin in summer.

  • Water therapy – One of the most commonly spoken about remedies, but not as often followed, water therapy can be a highly effective procedure for getting a glowing skin this summer. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your body hydrated, but also rids the body of toxins.
  • Cucumber and yogurt face pack – This combination makes for a highly useful face pack for glowing skin in summer. Mix half a cucumber and one tablespoon yogurt in a blender and apply the paste on your face. Leave the paste on for 15 minutes and then rinse off with water.
  • Rosewater – This is a simple but effective tip. Wash your face with rose water daily. The natural properties of rosewater make it act as a toner and make your skin glow.
  • Milk and banana – Another popular combination for the summer is banana and milk. Applying a paste made of a mixture of banana and milk for around 15-20 minutes will give result in glowing and soft skin. To boost this effect, moisturize with an appropriate lotion like the Olay Total EffectsL ighweight Anti-Ageing Cream for soft, supple skin.


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Ayurvedic Natural Remedies for Dullness, Pigmentation, Oily Skin, Tan (feat. Forest Essentials)


Indian summers can be very harsh and unforgiving and coupled with modern day stressful lifestyles, can give rise to a whole host of skin problems. I receive a lot of questions from my readers regarding remedies for dull skin, pigmentation, excessively oily skin and the most common summer problem – tan. I’ve got answers to all of these queries and the best part – these are all natural, ayurvedic recipes that have stood the test of time and something we Indians always turn to.

Dr. Ipsita Chaterjee is the Ayurvedic Expert at Forest Essentials (one of my favorite ayurvedic brands) and she has the solutions to all of these problems. You can whip up these recipes in your own kitchen or pick out the recommended products from Forest Essentials which are designed to address these skin issues. Hope you find these useful! If you have any queries that you’d like addressed, you can leave a comment below this post and I’ll get your query answered by Dr. Ipsita.



Forest Essentials Tejasvi Emulsion
Forest Essentials Tejasvi Emulsion



Q : Dullness, pigmentation and spots are a common problem for many Indian women. What are your recommendations to help reduce pigmentation and get brighter, more even toned skin?


A : All beautiful skin is “rosy, lustrous, unblemished, smooth, evenly coloured, soft and firm” according to the ancient Ayurvedic Shastras. Dull, sallow, pale, blemished, pigmented dry and dehydrated skin are indications of imbalance and premature aging due to stress, poor habits, exposure to the environment, and of course, improper skin care. Therefore, in order to keep the skin looking young, radiant and blemish free , your beauty products and treatments must provide exfoliation to remove dead skin cells; epidermal stimulation for new cell growth; antioxidant properties for cellular rejuvenation and repair; improved capillary blood flow; and penetrating moisture and nutrients to replenish all seven layers of skin tissue. Here are some recommendations for reducing pigmentation and getting a lighter brighter even toned skin.


1. Mix together 1 teaspoon each of super fatted milk cream laced with fine Kashmiri Saffron or the Forest Essentials Soundarya Ubtan, a squeeze of lemon and Raw Organic Honey and massage the mixture into the face and neck . Rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. This traditional recipe is known to be effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin leaving it firmed, even toned and more youthful.


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