MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection for Spring-Summer 2017


MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection for Spring-Summer 2017

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Full Face Kit - Moons of Saturn


Hi everyone! I was invited by MAC India a couple of weeks back to attend their Spring-Summer 2017 Trends event. It was an interactive session with MAC India Senior Artist Sonic Sarwate about the hottest beauty trends this season. Its all about individual expression when it comes to trends this year. Makeup is more real than ever before and that doesn’t necessarily mean natural, but real in terms of what is ‘real‘ to you. Wearing a bold flick of kohl may be natural to someone while to someone else, a pop of color on the lips may be what makes them feel their best. Trends are more flexible than they’ve ever been before and its all about your own interpretation of a look. Some of the other trends this season are wet (glossy-looking) makeup with strategically placed highlights, color, which may be in pop or subtle form and monochrome makeup. While I’m not one to follow trends too closely, they do give some fresh ideas and inspiration fpr trying out new looks!

I also received a goodie bag at the event with some pieces from the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection for Spring-Summer 2017. MAC has collaborated with 3 makeup artists to create this HUGE collection! Thanks to MAC India for the generous gift! I’m sharing quick thoughts on the products I was gifted below.


MAC Lipstick - Paramount 1

MAC Spring-Summer 2017 - New Launches 1


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