Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick : 'Hooked on Pink' swatch, review and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in shade “Hooked on Pink”.

Price: Rs 299

Quantity : 4.2 g

Maybelline color sensational lipsticks are one of the best lipsticks among the drugstore brands available today. Ever since they launched, they’ve been a popular pick for young girls and women alike because of their wide variety of shades and decent quality and an affordable price.

maybelline colorsensational "hooked on pink"

The shade I have is #65 Hooked on Pink which is a warm fuchsia shade definitely on the brighter side but a more wearable fuchsia for Indian skin tones because of a warm undertone. It is one the shades that I reach out for the most these days. It brightens up my face and I can wear it without foundation and eye makeup too. One of my must-have shades for the summer!

maybelline colorsensational "hooked on pink"
maybelline colorsensational "hooked on pink"
Maybelline colorsensational Hooked on Pink
maybelline colorsensational "hooked on pink" swatch ( L-R : Swiped once, swiped 3-4 times)

The GOOD about Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks –

1. Sturdy and chic packaging- I like carrying it with me and doing touch ups cos of this reason ūüėõ Easy to spot the shade due to colored sticker at the end of the lipstick.

2. Decent moisturization though not as much as Chambor lipsticks.

3. Reasonable staying power of 2-3 hours . Leaves behind tint on fading. Lasts longer if no meals taken in that time.

4. Very affordable pricing and 4.2 g product at Rs 299 . This is one of the biggest pro of this lipstick and one of the reasons why it is so popular especially among young girls.

5. Wide variety of 48 shades to choose from (especially nude shades)

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks-

1. Some of the frosty shades are drying and the shimmer settles in the fine lines and is difficult to take off.

2. Darker shades of wine, plum, brown etc not available in this range as in the Moisture extreme range.

3. Not suitable for dry lips.

Would I repurchase : ¬†Yes! Though I won’t need to. Would definitely try out more shades especially nudes since there are lots of them in this range.

Final Verdict : One of the best drugstore brand lipsticks available, it offers smooth texture, decent moisturization and staying power, packaged in a chic and attractive packaging Рall for Rs 299 and comes in 45 shades. A must range to explore if you like nude shades.  The shade reviewed is a must-have bright pink for me and a must-try for those looking for a wearable bright pink shade but do not buy without trying it on as its not a universal shade and may not be your kind of fuchsia.

Rating :  4/5

Hooked on Pink FOTD
Hooked on Pink FOTD
Hooked on Pink FOTD

Have you tried Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks? Which is your favorite shade? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick 'Rose Delicat' : Review + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Bourjois Natural Sweet kiss lipstick in shade ‘08 Rose Delicat‘.

Price : Rs 660

Quantity: 3 g

What the Bourjois Paris website says :

( The language may not be very correct since its French-> English translation)

Bourjois NATURAL sweet kiss Lipstick - Image from website
Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick



All the Benefits of Nature in one lipstick!

Its formula of 100% natural origin and Care Brings radiance to lips.

Enriched With magnolia oil and Shea butter, melting icts formula intensely nourisher lips, Leaving Them supple and Providing Them with 8 hours of moisture.

The intense and radiant shades illuminate your lips thanks to The 100% natural pigments selected for purity and Their Benefits: antioxidant green tea and soothing pink.

8 shades ranging from natural to The Most The Most Sophisticated and from Softer hues to more sensuous, beautiful lips for Naturally!”

Packaging : This lipstick comes in very pretty baby pink transparent ¬†packaging with the shade number at one end and shade color (in plastic) on the other end. There is small silver knob that needs to be slid down to open the lipstick. The case closes with a click that ensures the lipstick won’t open while travelling. ¬†Its easy to see the recognize the lipstick from outside because of the colored end of the casing.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat
Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat
Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Texture & Pigmentation : The lipstick is very smooth and soft though not as buttery as Chambor lipsticks. It glides easily on lips and gives medium coverage in single swipe. Coverage is buildable and true color is achieved in 2-3 swipes. It gives good hydration and even without lip balm underneath, lips feel supple and moisturized.

Finish: It gives a healthy semi-glossy finish on applying- its neither completely matte nor completely glossy.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Ingredients: The company claims 100% natural ingredients though complete list of ingredients is not given.

Staying Power: Staying power is a OK..about 2-3  hours without eating and drinking and it fades leaving even tint on the lips.Staying power is lesser when applied sheerly.  This is the most that can be expected from moisturizing lipsticks though some like Revlon Colorburst can survive meals also. This one, however, vanishes completely with eating and drinking.

Scent: It has a mild natural scent which seems like a mixture of lemon tea  and fresh green grass to me. The lemon tea is probably the smell of green tea which is included in the partial list of ingredients.

Shade selection:  Shade selection is quite limited. There are 8 shades in this range all of which  are pinks and peachy-pink colors with the exception of 1 red shade and 1 prune shade. All the shades are lovely though some may be a tad light for medium/dusky skin tones. Those who like pinks and peach shades must try at least one shade from this range.

The shade I own is ‘08 Rose Delicat‘. It is one of the subtler shades from the range and is a muted medium cool pink with a mauve undertone. Single swipe gives a very natural rosy look to the lips and 2-3 swipes gives its true color.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat (top: single swipe, bottom: 3-4 swipes)

The GOOD about Bourjois Natural sweet kiss lipstick :

1. 100% natural ingredients

2. Beautiful packaging which is sturdy and its easy to identify shades from outside.

3. Soft, smooth texture with good pigmentation and buildable coverage.

4. Good moisturization, fades with even tint on lips

5. Gives healthy semi-glossy look to the lips, keeps them soft and supple.

6. Does not settle in fine lines.

7. Beautiful shades. Though the selection is limited, the shades in itself are exquisite.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Bourjois Natural sweet kiss lipstick :

1. Staying power is not so good..max upto 3 hours leaving behind slight even tint on lips. Completely vanishes with meals.

2. Expensive.

3. Limited shades though very nice options for those who like peaches and pinks.

This is how it looks on me-

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat
Bourjois sweet kiss natural lipstick 'ROSE DELICAT'

I’ve also worn this lipstick ¬†in my post on natural day time makeup HERE.

Final Verdict : The lipstick has a very attractive and sturdy packaging that will appeal to most women. The texture is quite soft, moisturization and semi-glossy finish is excellent but it loses points for its lesser staying power. The shades are limited though individually each of them are lovely. I would expect more quantity and perhaps better staying power at this price. Despite its limitations, its one of the lipsticks I reach for the most- for its beautiful color, finish and lastly the pretty transparent pink packaging! ūüėõ

Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase this ? If under discount or clubbed with an offer, most definitely YES! The shades are beautiful for everyday looks or to pair with dramatic eyes.

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Chambor Silver Shadow compact 'RR2 Rose Pale' REVIEW

hi everyone!

Today I am reviewing a product that has become a must-have for me – Chambor Silver shadow powder compact in shade #RR2 Rose Pale.

Price : Rs 725 for compact + refill pan

Quantity: 16 g x 2 = 32 g

Chambor silver shadow compact :Image from website

Info from the Chambor website:

“A compact is a must have for all women of today & Chambor Brings to you Silver Shadow – a magical compact which will give you the flawless finish required in a jiffy.

Chambor Silver Shadow is made up of Translucent Loose Powder which has excellent blending ability, smooth application & gives a silky feel; it also gives a healthy, flawless look.

Ingredients: Vitamin A & E

  • Gives a matte finish
  • Allows make up to stay longer
  • Fresh look in 2 minutes
  • Hides minor skin blemishes
  • Convenient to carry
  • Water resistant ‚Äď Long Lasting
  • Non-Comodogenic
  • No animal ingredients
  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested”

Ingredients : List of ingredients is printed on the backside of the cardboard box it comes is –

Chambor silver shadow compact :ingredient list

Packaging:  The compact comes in a dark blue and white cardboard box which contains a refill pan as well. The casing of the compact itself is very beautiful and classy. It is navy blue/silver  triangular shaped with the trademark chambor rose on the top side and the name, shade and quantity on the underside.  It has a tiny hole at its underside. By inserting a pin through this hole, the used pan can be removed and replaced by the refill pan. the refill pan comes in a transparent polythene cover, further wrapped in a card sheet envelope and a foam-like sheet. It comes with a good quality mirror and a round  puff type applicator. Application is easy and typical of any other compact powder.

Chambor silver shadow compact : Outer cardboard cover
Chambor silver shadow compact
Chambor silver shadow compact with refill pan
Chambor silver shadow compact with refill pan

Texture : It is a compact pressed powder and feels silky and smooth to touch. It it not chalky or loose compressed. It blends very well when applied on the face and gives a smooth, matte look.  The powder has a mild fragrance which  disappears when applied the face.

Chambor silver shadow compact with puff

Coverage: Being a compact, it gives sheer coverage and hides my blemishes and pigmentation to some extent. Can be used alone or over foundation. Very little quantity is required to cover the whole face and neck. On a daily basis, I just use this over my moisturizer and I’m good to go. However, in winters, if I do not moisturize well, it tends to highlight the dry patches on my face but that is something any powder would do.

Chambor silver shadow compact : swatch- swiped and blended

Staying power:¬†I have a very oily T-zone and inner cheeks and it controls oil effectively upto 4-5 ¬†hours ¬†and even after travelling and being out in the sun, my face retains a fresh look. It is oil free and non-comodogenic and hasn’t broken out my sensitive/acne prone/combination skin at all.¬†It does not contain SPF though.

Shade selection : It comes in 4 shades : from lightest- RR1 Ivoire , RR2 Rose Pale , RR3 Sable , RR5 Noisette. I feel the shade selection is quite limited especially for duskier skin tones. I am NC 37/40 in MAC and I was matched with RR5 by one SA and RR2 by another. RR2 and RR3 shades are almost similar except that RR2 has a pinkish undertone whereas RR3 has a yellowish undertone. My mum is NC41 and uses the RR5 shade.

Though the SA was convinced RR2 is the shade for me, I applied RR2 and RR3 on one half of my face each at the counter and 4 hours later when I came home, my skin still looked quite fresh and though the shades looked very similar on my face, I went ahead with the RR2 because of the pinkish undertone.

The GOOD about Chambor Silver Shadow compact powder :

1. Smooth silky texture, is not chalky or too powdery

2. Blends beautifully on the skin with minimal effort

3. Controls oil and gives fresh look to face for 4-5 hours

4. Non comodogenic and oil free- hasn’t broken me out at all.

5.  Little quantity is required- comes with a refill pan and thus will last a long time. 32 g quantity and quality at this price is justified

6. Sturdy and classy packaging. ¬†Comes with a mirror and good quality puff for application. It is something I would like to carry in my purse and like to do touch ups with when I’m in company ūüėõ

7. Can be worn alone over moisturizer or with foundation- works perfectly well either way

8. Water resistant- this claim is true, even after being out in the sun and sweating a little, my face still looked fresh and matte.

9. No animal ingredients and complete list of ingredients given.

10. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Chambor Silver Shadow compact powder:

1. No SPF

2. Limited shade selection especially for duskier skin tones.

3. Contains parabens.

4. The mild fragrance might not be liked by some people.

Final verdict : It is great compact for daily wear especially for oily/combination skinned ladies who don’t wear foundation everyday but need something for slight coverage and smooth matte look. It is oil free, does not clog pores and controls oil upto 4-5 hours. The packaging is sturdy, easy to carry and classy looking.

One package (Compact +refill pan) will last a long time as very little is required for entire face and neck. The price might ‘feel’ steep if compared to Maybelline white stay and Lakme perfect radiance compacts but I’d rate this compact better than the others in terms of value for money- at least in case of ¬†Maybelline whitestay UV (which I have used and hit pan).Moreover, it contains a lot of product 16 g x 2 i.e 32 g whereas the other ones contain about 8 g of product.

Will I repurchase this? This pack will last me 4-5 months easily but when it gets over, I will !

Rating : 4.25/5 (for reasons listed above)

Have you tried the Chambor silver shadow compact? Which is your favorite compact powder?

Let me know your comments by replying below.

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Lakme True Wear nail color #D416 Review + NOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing ‘Lakme True wear nail color’ in shade ‘Freespirit #D416 Manish Malhotra‘.

Price : Rs 90

Quantity: 9 ml

Packaging: It comes in a square bottom bottle with rounded edges with a square type cap – the standard Lakme nail paint packaging. The brush if of good quality and application is easy.

Lakme true wear nail color #D416 Manish Malhotra

Consistency :  The consistency is very good. Single coat gives even glossy color on the nails.  Application of 2 coats further deepens the color.

The only problem I had with this nail paint was that in the bottle it appeared  like a deep reddish pink but on the nails it turned out to be a maroon color- more red than how it appeared in the bottle. Since a tester was not available when I had purchased it, I could not see the shade on my nails.

Lakme has recently launched another range of nail paints – ‘Nine to Five’ long wear nail color which are priced at Rs 180. These must have amazing staying power because the regular range of Lakme itself stays on without chipping for 4-6 days depending on the handling.

Staying Power: I had applied 2 coats of this nail paint without a top coat and it has barely chipped except a little bit at the tips after 5 days.

Lakme true wear nail color #D416 Manish Malhotra (with FLASH)

Lakme true wear nail color #D416 Manish Malhotra (without FLASH)

The GOOD about Lakme true wear nail color #D416

1. Sturdy packaging with good quality brush

2. Doesn’t chip upto 5-6 days even without top coat

3. Good consistency, single coat sufficient to give glossy color to nails

4. Reasonable drying time ( doesn’t dry super fast like Lotus nail enamels but not very slow like Maybelline either )

5. Decent pricing for the quality

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Lakme true wear nail color #D416

1. The color didn’t turn out the same on the nails ¬†as in the bottle in case of this shade.

Will I repurchase it? Yes, even though the shade didn’t turn out as expected but I still like it. I like Lakme nail paints and will continue to use them.

Final Verdict: It is a good quality nail paint with even consistency, good quality brush and very good staying power. It dries reasonably fast and single coating required to get desired shade. This particular shade is very flattering to the nails and anyone who likes red, maroon nail paints should give this a try.

Rating: 4.5/5 (for difference in color on the nails and in the bottle)

Have you tried Lakme True wear nail color? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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