NEW All-Natural Beauty Brand : Hedonista


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be talking about a new brand in the market, Hedonista, and a few of their all-natural beauty products. This is an Indian brand and all their products are created to deliver an indulgent, luxurious experience to the user. Hence the name, hedonista. The products are formulated without parabens, sulphates and silicones. They use only food-grade preservatives and no artificial colours or fragrance. I was sent 3 of their products to try out – the Hair Perfume, the Face Souffle and the Oudh Frozen Ittar.


Hedonista Beauty




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2 Easy Hairstyles for Medium-length Hair


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing 2 super easy hairstyles for medium-length hair. These are quick to create but still look like you’ve put some effort in! I’ve used BBLUNT products which make styling your hair at home super easy, as they are designed especially for Indian hair and weather.




Look 1

The first look is Braided style for beginners which looks really pretty with open hair as well as ponytails.

  • I shampooed my hair using the BBLUNT Perfect Balance Shampoo and followed it up with the BBLUNT Perfect Balance Conditioner. This restores the moisture balance and re-energises dull hair.
  • I then used the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray on my damp hair. This is meant to be used on the roots and it helps in adding volume and bounce to the hair.
  • I then quickly dried my hair using a blow-dryer. You can do a salon style blow-dry, section by section, to get amazing volume and smooth hair. Or do a quick dry like I did to retain some natural wave and bounce in your hair, but with added volume due to the spray used in the previous step.
  • Next, I did my usual left side-parting and picked up a section of hair as shown. I split these 3 sections and proceeded to create a braid. Every time I crossed the front section under the middle section, I added a few new strands to the front section. This will create a slightly different look as compared to a plain braid.




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2 Easy Hairstyles You Can Wear to Work


Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing 2 easy hairstyles for work that you can recreate quickly before you rush out of the door in the mornings. These hairstyles are effortlessly chic and neat, and look like you put in a lot of time and effort into them. I’ve used BBLUNT products which make styling your hair at home super easy. The first one is a Sleek Double-Pony that is ideal for day-to-day wear and really quick to create. The second one is a Textured Low-Bun that works perfectly for an office party.




Look 1 : Double Pony

  • I’m going to use the BBLUNT Back-To-Life Dry Shampoo on the roots to soak up the excess oil. I avoid shampooing my hair as much as possible, but two days post shampoo the roots tend to get a greasy and fall flat. The dry shampoo helps freshen up the roots and adds a little texture to the hair.
  • Shake the bottle well and spray the Dry Shampoo from a distance of roughly six inches from the roots. Part the hair in different areas to spray the roots evenly. Use your fingertips to gently work the dry shampoo into the roots.




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NEW Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner | Review


Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner
Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner


Hair fall has always been a big problem for me and its only after years of trying out different products that I realised that fall from the roots aside, hair breakage contributes majorly to hair loss. Having hair that is dry, frizzy and wavy in nature, breakage happens easily with everyday activities like brushing and styling. Some time ago, I switched to high end brands, hoping they’d keep my hair in its best form. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried out the new Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Conditioner as part of the Pantene India #14DayChallenge.

The shampoo is priced at Rs 110 for 180 ml while the conditioner retails for Rs 55 for 75ml.




The BlogAdda team sent me a sample of the new shampoo and conditioner along with a mystery, competitor product. For the sake of comparison, I tried out both the products and the Pantene one was a winner for me. While the mystery shampoo and conditioner left my hair a bit tangled, the Pantene worked much better at smoothing my unruly tresses.


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5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial | Video


Hi everyone! I love doing quick and easy hairstyles and one of  my go-to looks for when I want to wear my hair open is my 5-minute blowdry! A salon style blow dry can take 20-30 minutes and isn’t as easy to do at home by yourself. But a basic quick blowdry, like the one I’ve shown in this tutorial will give a more polished look to your hair and help take down the frizz! Hope you find this simple tutorial helpful!


5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial
5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial


p.s – My YouTube channel crossed 100k subscribers yesterday! Thank you for your support!!


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