L’Occitane Rose Originelle Shower Gel, Body Lotion, EDT – Review


Hi everyone! Now that we’ve said goodbye to the winters, I’m bringing back fresh spring florals into my bath and body routine. L’Occitane recently launched their Rose Originelle collection which consists of a shower gel, a body lotion, a hand cream and an EDT. Today I will be reviewing a few of the products from this lovely floral collection. I love rose scents in my beauty products and L’Occitane always does fragrances very well so I was looking forward to trying this out.


L'Occitane Rose Originelle Collection

L'Occitane Rose Originelle Body Lotion


L’Occitane Rose Originelle Shower Gel (Rs 1510, 250 ml)

The shower gel comes in a beautiful packaging. The bottle, with its golden cap and honey colored shower gel, looks decadent and charming. The gel itself has a slightly runny consistency, lathers well without foaming too much and doesn’t strip the skin dry. I love the rose scent which is delicately balanced with a soft fruity note, making this a feminine and refreshing shower wash. The scent is not overpowering and doesn’t linger much after rinsing. If you like roses or florals in general, you would definitely like this!

This range contains extracts from three varieties of roses –

  • Rose absolute from Turkey
  • Rose from Grasse (Rosa Centifolia Extract)
  • Rose centifolia absolute from Grasse

Its also free from the following – BHA, BHT, formol or formaldehyde, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, silicone & triclosan.


L'Occitane Rose Originelle Shower Gel, Body Lotion

L'Occitane Rose Originelle Shower Gel


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Elie Saab Rose Couture Le Parfum | Review


Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the new Rose Couture fragrance from Elie Saab. Inspired by the Lebanese designer’s work with floral themes, this perfume comes in a blush pink glass bottle with a crystal-like look. Since its a rose scent, I was naturally quite drawn to it and overall description sounded like something I would really enjoy. Let’s see how it fared on me.


Elie Saab Rose Couture Fragrance


About Elie Saab Rose Couture : From couture to perfume, a new floral poetry. Directly inspired from Elie Saab’s exceptional work with floral themes, the signature floral bouquet of white flowers gets a new rosy inflection. The result is a delicious floral fragrance with notes of rose nectar. Notes: Peony, Rose, Jasmine, Rose Nectar, Sandalwood, Patchouli. Style: Floral. Fresh. Elegant.


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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance | Review


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing one of my current favorite fragrances – Good Girl by Carolina Herrara. This launched in India a few weeks ago and I was lucky to be able to attend the launch lunch and experience this beautiful fragrance prior to its launch. Since then, I’ve been wearing it very often and I’m quite surprised by how much I like this, particularly for evenings. This is now available in Parcos stores, priced at Rs 6800 for 80 ml. Also available in 50 ml packaging.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


About the fragrance : Good Girl promises an innovative and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted tonka bean, which represents the duality of a woman’s character. A floral wave of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose is placed in contrast with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa.

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Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Fragrance | Review


Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Fragrance Review


Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the Omnia Paraiba fragrance from the house of Bvlgari, which launched in India earlier this year. This fresh, fruity fragrance, inspired by the beautiful Brazilian gemstone, is the ideal choice for women who like their fragrances light and clean. Before we move on the review, let’s have a look at how the brand describes this latest addition to the Omnia family.

Price : Rs 3300 for 40 ml, Rs 4250 for 65 ml. Pictured here is the 40 ml variant.


Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Fragrance Review


BVLGARI, the master of colorful gemstones, reveals Omnia Paraiba, a new jewel perfume inspired by the extravagant radiance of a rare, colorful, and fascinating Brazilian gemstone, the Paraiba tourmaline. The fragrance is an olfactive fusion intertwining fruits and flowers in a lively rhythm, a fragrance dedicated to a woman whose exuberant spirit overflows into pure, seductive sensuality. 

Notes : Bigarade Orange, Passion Fruit, Passion Flower, Brazilian Gardenia, Cocoa Beans, Vetiver Essence. 

Style : Joyful. Captivating. Feminine.


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NEW! Clinique launches Aromatics in White


Press Release  : Introducing NEW Clinique Aromatics in White, a scent specifically created for the woman that seeks a signature scent to boldly set her apart. Aromatics in White is a confident interplay of serene woods, transparent petals and warm amber notes. The selection of raw and pure ingredients creates a sophisticated fragrance that is both modern and complex.



Clinique launches Aromatics in White
Clinique launches Aromatics in White




Clinique Aromatics in White opens with a bold and invigorating rush of crisp Violet Leaf accord along with ambery Citrus and Sichuan Pepper, which instantly draw you deeply into the scent.

The middle notes of the fragrance center around the translucent rose petals of Rose Water Essential combined with lush Orange Flower and rich Patchouli Heart for a harmonious blend of colours, scents and textures. The bottom notes enhance the mysterious and seductive layer of this scent with Amber Gris and Skin Musk, and the alluring power of Benzoin. This combination provides a sensual and addictive trail of undeniable magnetism for the woman who wants a timeless yet signature scent.


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