Dermalogica IonActive Treatment : Review


Dermalogica Ion Active Treatment


Hi everyone! About a month back, I visited the Dermalogica offices here in Mumbai to try out their IonActive Power Treatment. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Dermalogica is a US based brand that offers targeted and effective skin care, free from common irritants and breakout causing ingredients. The brand focusses on skin health, which is why a lot of their products are recommended by dermatologists and used by professional skin therapists.

The IonActive Power Treatment is a 45-minute service that is designed to address predominant skin conditions such as acne, dehydration, sensitivity and skin ageing. It is offered exclusively at approved Dermalogica Partnered Salons/Clinics by licensed professional skin therapists. If you have serious skin concerns that your neighbourhood salon doesn’t have the expertise to address, I would recommend this treatment. 


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Add oomph to your favorite products with Dermalogica skin boosters

Boosters are basically skin care products meant to renew and revive dull, dehydrated/ ageing skin or for specific skin concerns like pigmentation and acne. They are meant to be used either alone before moisturizing or mixed with moisturizer in a small amounts.

Dermalogica is a privately owned company started by Jane Wurwand in 1986 who believed in the concept of skin fitness and decided to start her own company that focussed on skin health and not on beauty.Read more about the company and its history HERE.

The following information about the Skin Renewal Booster was sent to me by PR-

dermalogica skin boosters
Dermalogica skin boosters




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