My Top 10 Spring-Summer Beauty Essentials



Spring-Summer Beauty Essentials


As spring slowly eases into summer, its time to update our beauty routines if you’ve not done that already! Its time to switch the lush oils and creams for lighter, non-greasy textures, ditch the vampy lip colors and smokey eyes for pop liners and cheery bright lip colors.

I’ve picked out my top 10 spring-summer beauty essentials below!


1. Face Cleanser | It’s very important to change up your skin care as the seasons change. Skin tends to get a little oily as the weather starts to warm up. This seasonal change can cause clogged pores and pimples. I absolutely love using Forest Essentials Mysore Sandalwood & Nagkesar Masque when my skin needs a deep, non-stripping cleanse. This also tightens and brightens skin slightly, drawing out unwanted impurities and excess oil. In fact, it’s one of my favorite picks and I recommend using this once or twice weekly.


2. Hydrating Face Cream | This is also the time to change your moisturizer, especially your night cream. While I love using facial oils in winter, I prefer something a little lighter in Spring-Summer, without compromising on hydration and anti-ageing benefits. The Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream is the perfect option for ladies in their late 20s-early 30s as it provides ample hydration in a gel-cream formula and addresses early ageing concerns as well!


3. Dry Shampoo | I think a dry shampoo is a must for sweaty Indian summers! It’s the time of year when scalps experience increased oiliness, leading to limp, greasy looking second day hair. A dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and adds lift and texture to the roots. The Batiste Dry shampoo in Blush has a lovely mild floral scent. Plus, it doesn’t leave white traces and the small travel size is perfect for carrying in one’s handbag!


Spring-Summer Beauty Essentials


To see the rest of my picks, head over to Nykaa Beauty Book and check out the full article.

Don’t forget to share your spring-summer essentials in the comments section below!



  1. Hiiii ankita how r u??
    I m asking this question third or four time…any way recently I m start using kama ayurveda face cleanser this is really work good on my dry skin but can u plz suggest me day cream sunscreen and foundation. For hair I have oily scalp with dandruff. i not using shampoo in regular basis however my hair is dry nd completely unmanageable? ?

    1. Hi Nishi, for day cream you can try the Olay Total effects day cream. For summers, its better to use a high SPF sunscreen over your regular moisturizer/day cream. I would recommend the Sun Protection Essence from The Body Shop. For foundation, you could try The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation. For hair, its best to consult with a hair stylist at a reputed salon, they could help you out with the right products for your conditions. For dryness though, here are some good options – Loreal Mythic oil shampoo and conditioner, Moroccanoil Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Try using a medicated shampoo for the dandruff before using the hydrating shampoo. Ducray has a good one which dermatologists recommend.

  2. Hi ankita,how r u?
    Please suggest me something for my mild acne as i am getting acne on my nose and cheeks these days,till then i have clear skin i dont know why i am getting these pimples.I have combination,sensitive skin.Thank you

    1. Hi, you can try products from Avene Cleanance range, La Roche Posay Effaclar range or The Body Shop Tea Tree range.

  3. Hello there!
    My name is Mandira Das, 21yrs. Am not into much makeup though, i only use lakme absolute mousse foundation. I have too much oily and highly acne prone skin and highly sensitive to evrything!
    I have two questions, answers of which am seeking from lomg time. I wish to get helped by you.
    Firstly, as my skin breaks out to almost to evrything, mousse also causes me to break out so i only wear occassionally.mostly i prefer keeping skin nude for this reason.
    Is there any makeup that i can use everyday and will not cause me no break out or least break out and control least oil on my face(please suggest something in budget like 6-800)??

    Secondly, i am planning to buy Colorbar perfect match primer (i never used any before, not even moisturizer as it again causes me breakout), thinking that it will increase wear time of my mousse and will not cause me any more break out.. Should i buy or choose any other option?

    Please help me out. 🙏

    1. Hi Mandira, since I don’t have a medical background I don’t really know why you’re breaking out and what you may be reacting to. Since you have very sensitive skin, I’d recommend going with a brand like Clinique which makes makeup for sensitive skin.
      I would not suggest the Colorbar primer under the Lakme mousse. Both products have a lot of silicone and that would just cause the makeup to slip off your face. Try Revlon Photoready makeup or Loreal Base Magique Primer for oil control instead.

  4. Hi Ankita
    I am regular follower of your blog and you are too good.
    Would you please suggest me any cream as I am getting small bumps all over my face due to heat.

    1. If its heat then try to drink lots of water and incorporate cooling foods in your diet. Cool face mists stored in the fridge and aloe vera gel would help as well.

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