Fun Saturdays Vol.95 : 5 Random Things

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1. Are you wearing any makeup today?

No makeup today, just a face mask for my blemishes at the moment. I do have plans for doing a gold-bronze look later on today.


2. The last movie you watched in the theatre?

We went for Logan last weekend. It was a good movie!


3. What is on your nails right now?

I have a red shade on my nails right now. I got a manicure done 2 days back and the beautician only had brands I’d never heard of before. I chose this red since its been some time I wore something colorful!


4. Share your favorite Holi memory.

The Holi celebration after my 10th board exams was really fun. My brother and I went to our maternal grandparents place and the whole extended family joined in to play Holi. It took daysss to get all the color off!


5. Have you ever been to the circus?

Not yet, but I would love to sometime!



I tag all of you to answer the questions in this post :

1. How was your week?

2. The last movie you watched in the theatre?

3. What is on your nails right now?

4. Share your favorite Holi memory.

5. Have you ever been to the circus?

You need not answer all 5, answer as many as you like! I look forward to reading your replies.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂



  1. Hey Ankita,
    My week was fine.
    I watched badrinath ki dulhania last day.
    I have black nail paint on my nails 💅.
    I have never been to circus.

  2. Hey dear…Even I have watched Logan last week..It’s a good movie…And right now iam wearing pink nail polish on my nails ..And yes I have been to circus many times in my childhood..

  3. hey Ankita.
    My week was okay.
    I watched Logan too
    i have no nail paint right now as i nail broke 🙁
    I have never been to circus

  4. Hey Ankita, I love your videos and believe me I’ve spent so much on make up after watching your videos 🙂
    My week was great as I did lots of shopping. MAC had 20% off where I stay So me and my girl friends shopped a lot of and filled our stock
    I watched badrinath ki dulhania on Thursday evening
    No nail paint on my hands. My toddler keeps chewing my fingers so I prefer to keep them bare
    Yes, I’ve been to a circus and did not like it
    Have a great week!

  5. Hey how r u…? happy holi dear What did u do somthing special on this holi??
    1 My week was fine
    2 we went for bkd yesterday.
    3 i have pestal pink on my nail right now
    4 the holi celebration before my marrige .my sis’s and whole family join to play holi…I really miss ths day…
    5 No nd never

  6. Happy Holi.
    1. My week was hectic as always
    2.I watched Logan too and liked it
    3. I have a grey nail paint by nykaa
    4. I’m a South Indian so haven’t celebrated Holi
    5.Lol yeah 😛 when I was in my 4th std

    And on a request can you please do an updated skincare routine ?

  7. My week is good with my hubby and kid…I don’t wear nail paintsnin my hands usually I wear in my toes only…now I’m wearing black one.I m a south Indian so i don’t celebrate holi….Very rare only I’m gng to movies…

    Ur nail paint is too good…It ll enhance Ur complexion….

  8. Hi, beuties,
    My week was full of tension that released yesterday.
    Last movei I watched in theater was a bengali movie,Asamapta.
    I have pearl color on my nails right now.
    My favourite holi memory is all those years when I drenched my brother with lots of colours, who is very unwilling to play holi.
    I have been to circus many times in childhood and lastly 3 years back.

  9. Hi ankita, holi was gud.. Last movie watched was dangal. Please let me know best foundation for dry skin with fair complexion.

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