NEW Forest Essentials Silken Soaps!


Hi everyone! Forest Essentials has just launched a range of new soaps and today I’ll be sharing with you the details of this new launch. Like everything else the brand creates, these look beautiful, smell lovely and are created using a curing process of 12 weeks to give them a luxurious feel and texture. The making of the soap incorporates unique processes including a ghee wash and a pure silk infusion. 100% Natural silk is dissolved into the soaps to give them a silken texture & consistency. Pure natural spring water, herbal infusions and essential oils are also added to further enrich the concoction.

The soaps are individually packed in beautiful cardboard boxes with the ingredient list inside the box. These are priced at Rs 750 each. Let’s have a closer look at the 4 variants.


Forest Essentials Silken Soaps


Forest Essentials Silken Soaps


Forest Essentials Illuminating Silk Soap - Soundarya 1



Forest Essentials Nourishing Silk Soap - Pachamrit


The Panchamrit Nourishing soap contains a host of natural oils and butters for a truly indulgent, moisturizing experience. This smells like milk, honey and khus, all of which are listed in the ingredients as well. If you have really dry skin or just like the milky scents, you could give this one a try. This unique soap contains 25% of Panch Amrit, also known as Ambrosia in the Vedas. Punch Amrit consists of pure Desi ghee whole cream milk, fresh yoghurt, raw Organic Honey and Cane sugar.


Forest Essentials Nourishing Silk Soap - Panchamrit


The Gulab Jal Hydrating Silk Soap brings the wonderful scent of pure indian roses in a bathing bar. Formulated with the freshest, deeply scented desi rose petals, layered with cane sugar and kept in the sunfor over 60 days. The moisturizing properties of the rose, its scent and delicacy is captured in the resulting mass. The base of the bar is virgin coconut oil, palm oil, black sesame oil and kokum butter, which gives it a luxurious buttery feel on the skin. The rich aroma of indian roses is lovely and reminds of their Rose mist.


Forest Essentials Hydrating Silk Soap - Gulab Jal


The Lakshadi Clarifying Silk Soap is my favorite from this collection, not only because of its wonderful scent but also for its clarifying properties. The combination of cinnamon, cardamom, tea tree oil, nagkesar, geranium and clove gives it an earthy, spicy freshness which I love! The finest Lac derived from Kusum trees along with fresh and Sandalwood paste is infused in Sesame Oil which balances oil production and helps to minimise open pores. The healing properties of Multani Mitti andKasturi Manjal clarify, refresh and protect the skin. Tea tree oil and Nagkesar treat pigmentation and evens out skin tone.


Forest Essentials Clarifying Silk Soap - Lakshadi


The Soundarya Illuminating Silk Soap is perhaps the most luxurious of them all. This is infused with the Soundarya Serum and the Soundarya Ubtan, both of which are effective for achieving a smooth, radiant and brilliant complexion. It contains 52 herbs including Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise Fruit, Sandalwood, Fenugreek, Manjistha, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Marjoram, Poppy Seeds, Camphor and Saffron which leave the complexion soft, glowing and gently polished. This also includes 24 K Gold Bhasm that is an excellent anti-oxidant and has the property of penetrating to the deepest layer of skin thereby providing radiance and increasing elasticity.


Forest Essentials Illuminating Silk Soap - Soundarya 1


Forest Essentials Silken Soaps


What do you think of the new Silken Soaps?

Which one would you like to try out?



  1. The packaging is so beautiful and luxurious,Wow! Not sure if I would spend so much on a soap though. Did it make a difference to your skin or is it more of a pamper thing?

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