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Hi everyone! I love good skin care and I was very excited when I first saw the Bobbi Brown REMEDIES doing the rounds on social media. They’ve launched in India this month and I thought I’ll share a quick update with you. This is not a review, this is just a little information about the range and what each remedy is supposed to help with. This is a range of 5 targeted skin treatments and a skin salve. These can be used individually or together to work on specific skin concerns like dehydration, pores/blemishes, redness etc. These are priced at Rs 3500 each. You can now get these at Bobbi Brown stores across India. I will be doing a review after 4-6 weeks of testing. Till then, have a look at the product information below!


Bobbi Brown REMEDIES



A powerful yet non-stripping treatment that helps balance oil levels and increase cell turnover to unclog and clarify pores. Cleans out pores. Controls sebum. Normalizes cell turnover. Gently exfoliates, refines and balances skin. Creates a healthy skin environment. Contains –

  • MANUKA OIL – Known to be a strong skin-purifier, this oil comes from a shrub native to New Zealand.
  • SEA BUCKTHORN OIL – Derived from a shrub found in Asia & Europe, low on the comedogenic scale.
  • ROSEHIP OIL – Extracted from seeds of the Chilean rose bushes, this oil is known to be rich in nutrients.
  • SAW PALMETTO OIL – Found in the berries of palmetto, this oil helps to control sebum levels.


This supercharged, antioxidant-rich ferment energizes skin with essential nutrients. Supports skin’s natural function for overall health. Energizes skin. Helps replenish vital skin nutrients. Helps protect skin from environmental aggressors. Contains –

  • POWER GREENS FERMENT – Extracted from fresh kale, spinach and brussels sprouts, this ferment is rich in antioxidants to help soothe and repair.
  • CHLORELLA EXTRACT – Found in green algae, this extract delivers essential nutrients to skin.
  • ENERGEN COMPLEX – Fights signs of aging, dull skin by bolstering skin’s natural repair process. Over time skin looks brighter, more refreshed and plumper.


Bobbi Brown REMEDIES


A concentrated infusion of moisture, featuring a Hyaluronic Acid Complex that pulls moisture into the skin and supports skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Helps increase skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Helps restore skin’s optimal moisture levels. Minimizes skin tautness. Contains –

  • SODIUM HYALURONATE – This naturally-derived moisture magnet can absorb up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water. It promotes natural hyaluronic acid production and helps draw moisture to skin.


Rebuilds and strengthens skin’s structure, making it more resilient and better equipped to fend off future damage. Helps repair and replenish skin’s barrier. Helps restore skin’s ability to protect itself. Helps moisture in and toxins out. Contains –

  • MURU MURU BUTTER – Extracted from a plant native to the Amazonian rainforest, this supplements skin’s Ceramides— molecules essential to supple, youthful skin.
  • MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL – A cold pressed oil that supplements skin’s Fatty Acid.
  • OLIVE OIL – With a long history as a home remedy for skin, this oil supplements skin’s Fatty Acids.
  • RASPBERRY LEAF WAX – Natural soft green wax that supplements skin’s Cholestrol, an essential lipid that gives skin structure.
  • SOYBEAN STEROLS – A natural emollient derived from soybeans that bolsters skin’s Cholestrol.


An intensive solution formulated with powerful skin calmers that instantly helps quiet reactivity and keeps irritation at bay. Reduces the impact of stress on skin. Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of redness. Immediately reduces irritation and helps keep future irritation at bay. Reduces skin damage due to irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin. Contains –

  • NATURAL POLYSACCHARIDES IN RED ALGAE – Extracted from Israeli Red Algae, undiluted polysaccharides help calm skin irritation that causes redness.
  • ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM EXTRACT – Derived from Knotted Kelp harvested in France, this extract is rich in minerals that help soothe and calm skin.
  • ASPARAGOPSIS ARMATA EXTRACT – Found in nutrient-rich red algae, this ingredient is prized for its soothing properties.


Bobbi Brown REMEDIES


Acts as a “skin bandage,” enhancing skin’s own protective barrier and supporting its natural restorative process. Helps repair dry, damaged skin. Moisturizes severely dry, cracked skin. Contains –

  • SHEA BUTTER – This African she tree nut extract helps bind moisture to skin and soothe roughness.
  • BEESWAX – Natural wax known to bolster skin’s natural barrier.
  • CARROT & LICORICE – Natural root extracts chosen for their moisturizing properties.


What do you think? Would you like to try the Bobbi Brown REMEDIES?

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