Winter Skin Care Routine Tips

A change in the season not only warrants a change in the wardrobe, but in the skin care routine as well. As soon as winter sets in, the skin starts feeling a little dry and when not attended to, becomes scaly and flaky. Indoor heating, low temperatures, and dry air affects the skin and makes it vulnerable to dehydration and peeling. This is why it is important to switch to a dedicated winter skin care routine. Here are some winter skin care tips to survive the cold winter months and maintain healthy, happy skin –




Change the cleanser – In summer, foaming cleansers are great, but in winters when the skin is dry switch to a creamy cleanser. In case, your skin is on the dry side, opt for creams with fatty acids and barrier-repairing ceramides that are good at preventing water loss. Remember, to preserve and maintain a youthful glow and soft skin, hydration is the key.

Try a facial oil – One of the essential parts of winter skin care routine is to invest in good quality facial oil. During the winters, mix a couple of drops of facial oil in your day cream to lock the moisture in the skin.

Exfoliate – To fight dullness and uneven pigmentation, it is very important to invest in a good exfoliator. Exfoliating helps shed dead cells and boosts the natural repair process, promoting the production of collagen. Remember to exfoliate gently, using natural and gentle exfoliators to avoid excessive dryness.

Moisturize – Moisturizing is an important part of any winter skin care routine. After your bath, pat the skin dry and apply a body lotion to protect the skin from moisture loss. Moisturizer help the skin retain moisture throughout the day. Use a lip balm to prevent drying and cracking of the lips.


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Less shower time – During winters, long hot showers are quite tempting, but the key to healthy and glowing skin is short showers. A hot water bath robs the skin of its moisture, so limit your shower time to a maximum of ten minutes. For bathing, only use cleansers that do not contain alcohol, as they make the skin dry and remove the protective lipid layer that helps retain moisture.

Apply sunscreen – Sunscreen is a year-round essential and must be a part of your winter skin care routine. It not only protects the skin from UV radiation, but also prevent it from drying out. Nowadays you can easily find moisturizing sunscreens in the form of gels, creams, and ointments.

Apart from these skin care tips in winter, make it a point to stay hydrated, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoid spending time in areas with artificial heating. With these simple steps you can keep your skin glowing and health this winter. You can also give your skin natural therapy during the colder season with these 5 amazing winter face packs by RewardMe. Hope you found these tips helpful!


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  1. Hi Ankara.. I’m zumeera.. I’m quite long time reader of ur blog.. I have sensitive skin with lots of acne 😑Suggest me to products to use as daily base

  2. Great tips! I agree that it is very important to tweak one’s skin care routine during the winter. It can be easy to forget just how drying the change in seasonal temperatures and humidity can be.

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    First of all this is the first time I am participating in the give away.
    Really excited and products are so tempting couldn’t have asked for better in the first participation.

    You are very convincing when you talk about products and I follow you religiously.
    You need to please put more importance on acne and post acne marks on daily regime.
    And have more of foundation and base checklist.


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