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Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the new Rose Couture fragrance from Elie Saab. Inspired by the Lebanese designer’s work with floral themes, this perfume comes in a blush pink glass bottle with a crystal-like look. Since its a rose scent, I was naturally quite drawn to it and overall description sounded like something I would really enjoy. Let’s see how it fared on me.


Elie Saab Rose Couture Fragrance


About Elie Saab Rose Couture : From couture to perfume, a new floral poetry. Directly inspired from Elie Saab’s exceptional work with floral themes, the signature floral bouquet of white flowers gets a new rosy inflection. The result is a delicious floral fragrance with notes of rose nectar. Notes: Peony, Rose, Jasmine, Rose Nectar, Sandalwood, Patchouli. Style: Floral. Fresh. Elegant.


Elie Saab Rose Couture Fragrance


Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture – Review

I love the look of the pale pink glass bottle with its multi-faceted, crystal-like look. The packaging looks elegant, feminine and the blush color invokes a sense of delicate roses. When I first read the description and notes of this scent, I had expected a fresh floral with an earthy undertone. But this is one of those scents that is a far departure from its description. The perfume opens up with a floral note, the rose is detectable but not the strongest note to me. It quickly warms up on my skin and I get a sweet, candy-like woody-vanilla note which stays strong throughout its wear time. I don’t detect sandalwood and patchouli at all, unfortunately. It stays quite sweet and floral throughout its 4-5 hour wear on my skin. On clothes, it lasts a lot longer and you can still detect it at the end of the day. I would rate is medium on the intensity scale so while it may not surround you in a cloud of perfume, anyone standing close would be able to detect it.

For me, this is a nice, special-occasion scent for winter time. Anyone who enjoys vanilla, caramel and sweet scents in general, would like this very much. I personally would have loved it more if the rose note came out fresher and stronger. But scents are very personal and subjective so this might smell completely different to other people. I would describe this is a sweet, honeyed floral that is still quite grown-up and elegant. If that’s your style, do give this a try! This is available in 30 ml (Rs 2580), 50 ml (Rs 4400) and 100 ml (Rs 6200) variants across Parcos stores in India.


Elie Saab Rose Couture Fragrance


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