5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial | Video


Hi everyone! I love doing quick and easy hairstyles and one of  my go-to looks for when I want to wear my hair open is my 5-minute blowdry! A salon style blow dry can take 20-30 minutes and isn’t as easy to do at home by yourself. But a basic quick blowdry, like the one I’ve shown in this tutorial will give a more polished look to your hair and help take down the frizz! Hope you find this simple tutorial helpful!


5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial
5 Minute Blow Dry Tutorial


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  1. Hi Ankita, I love your videos and blogs.. watch them whenever I get time. I remembered from one of the videos, you sometimes suffer from acne issues. I have a serious oil issues, specially during the summer months. And if I don’t take proper care for a day or two, my face breaks out with acne. Can you please make a video of the product (recommended by you) and procedure to take care of the skin during acne break outs.

    Thank you! love you. 🙂

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