Freedom Brow Pomade : Ash Brown | Review


Freedom Brow Pomade - Ash Brown
Freedom Brow Pomade – Ash Brown


Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the brow pomade from the brand Freedom. This reminded me of the Anastasia Brow Pomade and I picked this up during the Nykaa Freedom Sale few weeks back. Price : Rs 900.

The brow pomade comes in a small jar packaging. Freedom belongs to the same group of companies as Makeup Revolution and Make Up Academy which are known for creating affordable dupes of high end products and that got me really interested in this brow pomade. I’ve not tried the Anastasia one so I won’t be able to compare the two. The Freedom brow pomade has a gel consistency, much like a gel liner but a little thicker, denser and stiffer. Its not as pigmented as a liner, which is a good thing because overly pigmented brow products lead to disastrous looking brows if not used with caution.

Because of the gel consistency, this applies easily enough and dries down (takes about 2-3 minutes to dry completely) to a long lasting finish. It doesn’t wear off with sweat, doesn’t wipe off if you accidentally swipe your brow area and stays put the whole day. I like to use this with an angled brush, to fill in the gaps in my brows and it works quite well. I have absolutely no complaints about the formula and if you’re looking for a brow pomade, I would recommend this.

Freedom Brow Pomade - Ash Brown, Swatch
Freedom Brow Pomade – Ash Brown, Swatch
What didn’t work too well for me was the color. I looked up some swatches online and ended up going for Ash Brown instead of Dark Brown. But the swatches were a touch misleading and Ash Brown turned out a lot greyer than I’d expected. I can still make it work by using it sparingly and it doesn’t look jarring in pictures but I’m used to a warmer palette for brows and I feel like this doesn’t look as natural as a slightly warmer brown would. I was worried about Dark Brown being too dark/blackish so I ended up choosing Ash Brown instead. Because I haven’t seem Dark Brown in person, I’m not sure how it would compare but if you’re going to buy this, do look up the swatches on a few different blogs before choosing the color.

Freedom is available online at

Rating : 4/5


Freedom Brow Pomade - Ash Brown
Freedom Brow Pomade – Ash Brown



  1. Hey Ankita! I recently picked up this shade from Nykaa too. I’m loving the formula and this shade does match exactly to my natural brow hair, however I still think I would’ve preferred a slightly warmer tone.

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