MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0 : Review


Hi everyone! If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you would know that the MAC Matchmaster Foundation is one of my favorites (the only foundation I’ve repurchased, ever!). Naturally, expectations were high when it came to the Matchmaster Concealer. Its a stick concealer and claims to offer a moisturizing, medium coverage that is meant for humid climates and all skin types. Let’s see how it worked out for me.

Price : $21 (approx. Rs 1400) for 3.5 g


MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0
MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0


This twist-up concealer comes in a slim tube packaging which is a little longer than a lipstick tube. The compact and easy-to-carry packaging makes this the perfect makeup companion that one can easily carry in a purse. The whole idea of having a stick concealer or foundation is that you could just throw it in a bag and use it easily and without fuss with your fingers when you’re on the go.In my previous experience with stick concealers, I’ve found them a little too dry (L’Oreal and Lakme) or too creamy (Shiseido) making them a little difficult to use. The Matchmaster concealer however has just the right amount of creaminess and slip and can be easily used with fingers, which is my preferred medium of application. I picked the shade 5.0 which matches my under eye area perfectly. I use the shade 3.0 in foundation which matches the rest of my face but is light for my under eyes. So for this reason, I only use the 5.0 concealer for my under eyes as it looks a touch dark on other parts of my face. The shade 4.0 is strangely, lighter than 3.0 and doesn’t have the yellow-ochre undertone that I prefer. For your reference, I use MAC Pro Longwear concealer in shade NC42 for my under eye area.

The formula of this concealer is just creamy enough to blend well and feels lightly moisturizing in the under eye area. MAC describes this as a ‘satin’ finish which is quite correct. It blends nicely as you dab it onto the skin and gives a very natural looking finish. It has medium coverage which is sufficient to cover up the dark inner corner and veining around my eyes. As is the case with all concealers, this does have a tendency to crease a little bit but it can be easily fixed with some powder and the creasing is minimal.


MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0
MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0


Overall, I find the formula quite ideal for the under eye area – it feels moisturizing but not too creamy, doesn’t emphasize dryness, doesn’t crease heavily and looks very natural and skin-like with its medium coverage and satin finish. The staying power is good as well and it stays put for 7-8 hours when set with powder. It holds up well in hot, humid conditions as well (though not as heavy duty as the Pro longwear). The formula is a little too creamy for covering up blemishes, which need something drier, but for the under eye and any other non-oily areas of the face, this is an excellent concealer. I don’t see this replacing my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, which I love for photographs and more dramatic looks but for day-to-day wear and touchup emergencies, I would be reaching for the Matchmaster Concealer!

Rating : 4.5/5


MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0
MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0


MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0 Swatch
MAC Matchmaster Concealer 5.0 Swatch




  1. This is a good concealor…Right now I am using Mac Studio Fix and I am quite content with it…I don’t think I would be reaching for this one…because mainly I have to cover blemishes..

  2. Hi Ankita,
    I was wondering how come you are using a darker shade for concealer than your foundation shade? Shouldn’t the concealer be brightening and hence a shade or two lighter than your foundation?

    1. Hi, that doesn’t always work for medium to deep complexions. The lighter concealer looks ashy if you’ve not worn a darker concealer or corrector underneath. I only wear lighter concealer as a brightener on top of a darker concealer/corrector.

  3. Hi Ankita, i am using mac pro long wear concealer right now but its dry on me and it is little dark on me so can i use it as a corrector and pls suggest me a rich moisturizer which i can use under estee lauder double wear foundation and mac pro long wear concealor . i want rich moisturizer which is easily available and in budget . i have very dry skin even olay total effects anti aging moisturizer is not working .

  4. Its a very good travel freindly and I have a acne problem as well so I want to know that is this MAC Matchmaster Concealer works on me

  5. My favourite for the undereyes is the MAC Select Moisturecover. This one seems really good and travel-friendly. I think the shade 5.0 would be perfect for me too!

  6. i use the mac studio finish concealer – the one that comes in a little pot – and i quite like that. i’ve used it quite a bit and there’s hardly any dent in it haha.. but this would be easier to apply so im curious to try it out. x

  7. I think I love mac prolongwear then any of the concealers i have tried of mac.. It stays entire day. I dont think a creamy concealer would work for me as it slips off from my oily skin

  8. I appreciate the detailed review! I’m not sure how it would work out on my oily skin, but it still sounds like a nice option for touchup emergencies. I also like the travel-friendly tube.

  9. Hi ankita, i just to know that i have light dark circles but using a concealer stills makes my under area bit darker .. any solution for this.. do i need to use color corrector

  10. Hi. I have this concealer with shade 3.0 . Its very creamy . When apply underneath my undereye area and top over this i apply mac compac power . It looks very pachy and it crease little bit. Kindly suggest what will do. @ankita srivastava

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