20 Years of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil!


My journey into the world of makeup and beauty started with skincare. Looking for skin care solutions for blemishes, I stumbled upon beauty blogs for the first time and that’s how it all started. One of the first products that I used to clear up my blemishes was The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.

The products from this range helped clear my breakouts in the subsequent months and since then, I always have a bottle of the iconic Tea Tree Oil in my stash! Here’s a little roundup of some of my favorites from the Tea Tree Range as it celebrates its 20th anniversary ~


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range


The Tea Tree range contains a total of 13 tea tree oil infused products ranging from face wash, toner, lotion to face mask, scrub, BB cream and the little bottle of the Tea Tree Oil, of course. I’ve tried several of these products and the ones I absolutely love are –


1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Rs 695)

This potent purifying oil is an excellent spot treatment for blemishes and helps reduce breakouts from the first application itself. Whenever I get a fresh breakout, I like to dab this over the eruption before bedtime and in 2-3 nights, the pimple dries up. Did you know that a bottle of this is sold worldwide every 8 seconds?!!


2. The Body Shop Skin Clearing Lotion (Rs 995)

This is the perfect gel based moisturizer for day time use. Its light weight on the skin, mattifies the skin and helps shrink breakouts. A little goes a long way and the formula is perfect for people with oily, blemished skin.


3. The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion (Rs 995)

The night lotion is amazing for helping get rid of acne scars while at the same time controlling the outbreak of acne. The formula is really light so I like to wear under a nourishing night cream to get the best results since my skin dehydrates easily. The pump packaging is hygienic and travel friendly!



The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range


My newest favorite from this range is the Tea Tree Face Mask (Rs 995) which is a kaolin based, cooling mask that calms blemished skin and helps shrink breakouts. I find this very soothing in the current Mumbai heat and humidity and my skin feels cleansed after use. It contains Glycerin and doesn’t dry out the skin like several other masks meant for acne prone skin so people with dry/combination skin who have breakouts can use this without issue as well!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range


I’ll be giving some exciting Tea Tree oil hampers on my Instagram next week (entire week!) so make sure you follow me there. My handle is @corallistablog. Have you tried the Tea Tree Oil range from The Body Shop? Share your experience below!




  1. Thats great TBS Tea Tree oil has completed 20 years .. touchwood i dnt have much acne issues as i have dry skin but once i have tried this tea tree oil in the store & i really liked it ..

  2. Well currently m using the Tea tree got through some personal source.. & its a saviour to prevent acne & dandruff also.. green tea combined with tea tree oil working amazingly on my face & scalp…

  3. Hey Ankita ,
    I hope tea tree works well for me as well. I got the tea tree cool and creamy wash yesterday from TBS outlet. I don’t have very stubborn acne now, but I do have marks in my cheeks which is really bad. I hope this blemish special face wash helps me out..!

  4. Hy dear ☺️ And I have used bodyshop products but nothing from tea tree range ☺️ And as you are going to host giveaways from the same range☺️ So I'm definitely going to try my luck !!! 💗

  5. I, personally, don’t have acne prone skin but on those occasional days when a breakout seems to appear (mostly just before an important function!), I rely on Tea Tree Oil to get rid off it asap.
    My sisters have acne-prone skin and get tons of blemishes through the year. They swear by the Tree Tea Oil and we have been loving it for almost 3 years now!
    Its a staple in all our handbags and makeup stashes.

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