My Khoobsurat Moment on a Mountain!


Hey everyone!

Those who follow me on Instagram would remember that my husband and I had taken a climbing trip to Mount Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan at 3776 m) about a month back. I am not the fittest person and to be honest, the trip was really physically challenging for me! Mount Fuji has a gentle slope at the base but gets steep and rocky as you climb. The winds were getting stronger as we climbed, the terrain rockier and the ashy dust flying around didn’t help either!



My Khoobsurat Moment on a Mountain!
My Khoobsurat Moment on a Mountain!





This isn’t a traditional Khoobsurat Moment when you are all dolled up with perfect makeup and hair. I had a layer of dust all over my skin, I wore no makeup except lip balm and I was sweating from the climb. The only part of me that still felt a little glam was my hair! I had just colored them 2 days back with the L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in shade #316 Plum and they looked rich and glossy. The conditioner that comes with the hair color is pretty fabulous! It makes the hair silky, super smooth and has a nice fruity scent. I had to wear a hat most of the time since it was so windy during the climb but every time we took a break and I took off my head gear, I got a whiff of the refreshing fruity scent from the conditioner. I also couldn’t help but notice how glossy and nice my hair looked in the pictures we took while we took a few minutes breather during the climb.

Read all about my hair coloring experience + step wise tutorial on how to color hair at home HERE. You can also check out Get the Look for all the latest trends in hairstyles and color.


I am a big makeup junkie but I felt pretty amazing with just my glossy freshly colored hair, a swipe of lip balm and a sense of achievement! It was a memorable Khoobsurat Moment on a very memorable trip that I will always remember!



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This post is written as part of the Say Yes to Color Campaign sponsored by L’Oreal Paris India. 



  1. Hey ankita ur looks are awesome. ..i think u look beautiful also without any makeup* n my khoobsurat moment was when I successfully completed my degree**

  2. u still look super cute….I just today took all the courage to color my hair with loreal casting creme gloss that i won here in the khoobsoorat contest….the conditioner is really waiting for the sun to shine on my hair tomorrow…lets ss how it looks. Excited as so far i had virgin hair.

    1. Depending on how often you wash and what shampoo/conditioner you use, you'll get 5-8 weeks of color. It does slowly fade with washing. Using a color protect shampoo and conditioner helps keep the color on longer, also gives a nice shine to the hair.

  3. You look soooo gorgeous….Color on hair???? always saw my partner doing that but had several myths, misconceptions in my mind…although i wanna try a plum/purple/red based one.

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