Hair Color : The New Style Statement


Trends change every season but when a trend stays around for a while, you know its more than just a passing fad. Hair Color is one example of a trend that has transcended time is now a multi-billion dollar industry! Gone are the days when home-made hair dyes were used for the sole purpose of covering grey hair to appear more youthful. Coloring Hair is now a style statement that helps express one individuality just like clothing or makeup!



Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth

Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth with her signature auburn hair



Throughout history, hair color has been given much importance because of the meanings attached to certain hair colors. But perceptions around a certain hair color have changed with time and era. For example, red hair was considered a sign of witchcraft in the Dark Ages but later, Queen Elizabeth‘s auburn hair became a symbol of her royal status and rank. Following her example, countless women across Europe tinted their hair red or wore a red wig! Such trends can also be seen in today’s times though celebrities have replaced royals as the trendsetters. Marilyn Monroe gave new meaning to the term blonde bombshell and her signature blonde hair do has inspired generations across Hollywood and the world.



Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Blonde hair, Rihanna with fiery red hair

Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Blonde hair, Rihanna with fiery red hair



Fast forward to today, Rihanna’s fiery red hair color, Jennifer Aniston’s highlighted blonde locks, Jennifer Lopez’s honey highlights, Julia Roberts’s dark auburn hair, Kim Kardashian’s glossy black waves – these are a just a few examples of iconic celebrity hair colors that have become trends. So many of the biggest divas of our time are seen sporting these trends on Get The Look (read more here). With these examples one thing is clear – there may be a different color in vogue in a given season but coloring hair is forever trendy!



Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez



[note color=”#FFE4C4″]For me, changing hair color is a great way to stay fashionable and try out new looks. We try out new styles in clothing and makeup, why not experiment with hair too? With the evolution of hair coloring ingredients and techniques, hair coloring has become less damaging to the hair fiber than it used to be. With several options available today in the form of permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair colors, this is the best time to Say Yes to Color!

Have you tried coloring your hair? Share your hair color experiences in the comments below! [/note]


This post is written as part of the Say Yes to Color Campaign sponsored by L’Oreal Paris India. Visit Get The Look to know all about new hair trends and hairstyles. 



  1. August 7, 2014 / 3:03 pm

    loved the post..i am just too scared to colour my hair but does sound nice 😀

  2. August 7, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    Yes to hair color, I have grey hair and regularly go for hair touch up. And always rely on L’OREAL Inoa which is expensive than Matrix or wella but I don’t want to take chances. I have tried few fashion shades from L’OREAL Inoa as well and really like them.

  3. August 7, 2014 / 5:47 pm

    I’m really scared of coloring my hair, but I’d like to try those hair chalks that TBS and L’Oreal have introduced

  4. August 7, 2014 / 7:34 pm

    For the trendy look…I would prefer hair chalk.

  5. Joo
    August 7, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    i hv never tried hair colours bcz my hairs are very dry even after oiling also,,, i am scared to play with them

  6. August 7, 2014 / 11:09 pm

    never tried coloring..i have seen people using the most expensive hair colors, but there hair quality deteorates!

  7. August 7, 2014 / 11:11 pm

    too quality goes down no matter how expensive the hair color is!

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