Weight Loss Diaries Vol.22 : Update and Motivation!


Hey everyone!

Those who have been reading my blog for a long time would remember a series called the Weight Loss Diaries. I used to talk about my struggles with weight, what I was doing to lose weight and my progress. Somewhere down the line due to lack of results and motivation, this series as well my weight loss dreams were forgotten. Even though I was aware of my weight and how I looked every single day and in my mind, I knew what I should be doing – very little of it translated into what I was actually doing. The result was as you’d expect – nothing changed.


Weight Loss Diaries Vol.22 : Update and Motivation!
Weight Loss Diaries Vol.22 : Update and Motivation!



When I turned 25 this year in June, I started evaluating my life and the fact that I had been so unhappy for so many years because of my weight and health situation really struck me. I do not want to turn 26 and waste another year of my life hating my size, my weight and reminiscing about how much fitter and leaner I had been a few years back. I know losing weight is hard but I realized that not putting in full effort because something was difficult wasn’t getting me anywhere. It was time for change.


I found this quote on Instagram the other day and I had to share it- “Weight Loss is not a Physical challenge, its a Mental one“. People who’ve never been overweight or never been on a weight loss journey will never understand the significance of this statement. But people who have been in the same boat know what an emotionally taxing journey it is. You need every bit of mental strength you have to make the long-term lifestyle changes you need to make to successfully lose and maintain weight. And I’ve decided to revive this series on the blog in the hope that it will inspire and help those who are also on the same journey. I will be sharing my diet and exercise routine here but more importantly, I will be sharing my progress, my struggles and everything else that comes along. I am hoping that we can discuss our progress here each week and motivate each other to keep going.



What I’ve been doing this week :


TRACKING PROGRESS : The first thing I did was put everything down in a Spreadsheet. I took my weight and my measurements (its very important to keep track of your inch loss) and tabulated everything. Every weekend I have started weighing and measuring myself to track my progress. Having that table in front of your eyes with even 0.25 inch loss gives you a positive feeling.


WRITING DOWN EVERYTHING : I wrote down a Diet plan for myself. Because I have consulted a nutritionist in the past, I have a fair idea of what I should be having. I have gone back to basics and put in simple balanced meals like 1 roti + sabzi  + 2 egg whites for lunch and such (more on the full diet plan later). Its important to have it written down to make things concrete. I would also recommend writing down the exact details of everything you ate and did that day in a journal to keep track of what meal you missed or which meal you ended up cheating.


MEAL PLANNING : I cannot emphasize how important it is to plan your meals especially if you cook yourself. When I was in college and on a weight loss program it was easier because I had to plan only my smaller meals like dry fruits, fruits etc. The main meals were cooked in the mess. But now that I am the one responsible for grocery shopping, cooking etc, a lot more planning is required.

I realized that I was eating a lot of unhealthy meals simply because I wasn’t planning for healthier meals beforehand. So I spent a few hours on Sunday buying lots of fruits, veggies, milk, eggs etc. and doing some preparatory work so that I could fix up healthier meals quickly throughout the week. For example – I pre-cooked dalia and oats and stored it in an airtight container. I also boiled a big batch of eggs and kept it in the fridge so that I could have boiled egg whites (best source of protein!) with lunch and dinner. With meal prep you would not get absolutely freshly cooked food everyday but you would at least avoid unhealthy quick fix meals.

– I ate very well almost everyday (except for a homemade laddoo that Mum sent from India last week). I feel very proud of myself that I was able to control my portions which has been very VERY hard for me. But this week I did it and I am feeling so good about it.


EXERCISING : I had only been doing walking earlier and it wasn’t really helping. But this week I started jogging for 45-50 minutes in the evening along with a brisk 30 min walk in the morning. The jogging was EXTREMELY hard. I could barely run for 2 minutes and because I have a lot of weight on my hips, thighs and legs, running feels very difficult. But I willed myself to not stop and continue running as slowly as I could – as long as I was jogging and not walking. After the first 2 days, I had really bad cramps in my legs and back. I did take a 1 day break and then continued. By Day 5, my legs hurt less and it didn’t feel as hard as it had been on Day 1 and 2. Running has definitely helped (inch loss) and I intend to continue that. The morning walk also helped me feel more active and less lethargic throughout the day.


DRINKING WATER : You must have at least 3 litres of water when you’re trying to lose weight. I hadn’t been keeping track of my water intake before but last week, I filled up 3 litres of water in bottles right in the morning and kept it next to my table. And throughout the day, I made sure I was constantly drinking water so that I could finish up the 3L by evening.


SUPPLEMENTS : I’ve started taking my supplements regularly. I’m taking the same supplements that my nutritionist had put me on earlier – Multivitamin, Omega 3, Biotin, Vitamin C and Calcium.


ELIMINATING TEMPTATION : I’ve tried to eliminate sources of temptation. I don’t read food blogs or watch shows like Masterchef anymore. I’ve basically stopped thinking so much about food and am just trying to concentrate on eating simple, clean and controlled and not think too much about food in general.



Weight Loss, Fitness Inspiration
Weight Loss, Fitness Inspiration



My Progress last 1 week :


Weight : I lost 1 kg weight.

Inches : Overall I lost 5.25 inches which I feel super stoked about! The most significant loss was 1.5 inches off my thighs which feels great – definitely due to the jogging!

Overall : I feel more active and energetic and less lethargic. I find waking up much easier and the temptation to laze around in bed has gone away. I tackle chores more easily without feeling as tired or lazy. I’m definitely feeling better and my skin has improved too.



My strategy from hereon is to take it 1 week at a time. Prepare and plan everything for the coming week on Sunday and then take it 1 day at a time. Every morning I just tell myself to be good that day and not worry about the next day, the next week. Make a checklist of everything that you need to do and just do everything – without thinking whether you like it/enjoy it or not. Because in the initial stages, its not fun but it just needs to be done.

Exercise would not be fun if you’ve been unfit for a while but you have to just power through it. You will begin to enjoy it once your body gets fitter! Trying to incorporate things into a routine goes a long way in making sure you don’t forget or skip things. Motivation is temporary – we don’t always feel motivated every minute of every day but if we learn to be disciplined and organized, it becomes easier.



Weight Loss, Fitness Inspiration
Weight Loss, Fitness Inspiration



[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I still have loads to say on this subject but we’ll keep that for the next weekend. If you are on a weight loss journey or having issues with your health/weight, please share your comments below. I had a little chat with some of you last night on Instagram and we all felt the positive influence of just knowing that there are other people out there in the same boat. This is not an easy journey and we all need every bit of support and motivation that we can get through this! [/note]



  1. this article is so so motivating..even i struggle with weight around my hips and thighs….but it is really difficult to diet and exercise with a full time job but i still manage to exercise for an hour everyday…

  2. I have been ignoring my weight issue since quite sometime now..the problem with me is that i easily give into temptation, sometimes i get mood swings if I dont have that piece of cake! But now i have decided to avoid going to places like the sweet shop or bakery where I tend to give in easily! Please share your weekly diet plan in detail, would love to join hands and walk with u on this journey!

  3. That's good ankita claps for you that you lost 1kg in 1st week… Carry on .. But its quite difficult to maintain after u become slimmer…
    During my board classes 10,, I used to study full day.. I used to forget my meals too & as a result I lost abt 20kgs in an year, I was 43 kg that time.. But later on during graduation & pg studies I forgot all that & again I HV put on that same weight…
    Thanks for sharing this post… I am planning to become slimmer by year end… I don't want to look little fat in coming occasions…

      1. thanks for telling,, the main thing is to eat protein supplements .. ok ok,, well m on diet i like to have fresh cow milk if its available or double toned milk..

  4. I agree with that first quote. It’s not just valid for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to gain, like me! For me gaining and maintaining weight is difficult due to my high metabolism rate.

  5. Hi Ankita,
    I was not aware you were having health issues. Regarding weight issues, I don’t think any woman do not have it, whether thin, thick or even just right.

    In addition to being a mental one, I do think health starts in your head – the brain controls the body and health starts there.

    Best of luck to us!

  6. Its very motivating and thanks for bringing this up again. I am actually 4 kgs overweight now but I started from a month and lost only one kg. I am a s/w professional so I can only spend around 45 min in the morning. Right now I am using that time to walk and run in between for 30 mins and do some stretching after that. I want to reduce my inches. I also made some changes to my diet like reducing intake of salt,sugar,rice etc.. and processed foods. I think I have put more effort. Please share some tips.


  7. Thanx for the article Ankita. I am really feeling motivated now. My birthday is in 20 days and I was feeling really sad and demotivated coz of all the extra weight that’s keeping me away from my dream birthday dress. But, you have now really inspired me to try once more 🙂

  8. Hi Ankita,

    Love your blog! Way to go girl!

    Totally understand abt weight loss being a mental change.
    I just wanted to also let you know to google jason vale. He is the juice master and his plans work. Its not conventional but if u read up, it makes a lot of sense. So even if u cannot follow it to the dot, even substituting one meal with a juice will help you.
    I have had 3 kids in 5 yrs.. and I juice a lot. I feel it has really helped me maintain my body… I am not super slim, but ppl tell me I dont look like I have popped 3 :).
    In fact its come to a point where my body craves juice… feels soooo good!
    And another good website for excercises for women is See Jane Sweat.
    I wish you good luck in your weight loss journey.
    Looking forward to see a svelte Ankita by next year 🙂

    PS – U definitely do not look fat in your pics.. and ur skin is to die for!

  9. Hi Ankita, I am also following a diet plan under supervision of a highly acclaimed Doctor .my biggest roadblock was/is controlling my sweet tooth. I have lost 5 kgs since march 2014.i could have done much better but I cheated a lot. Having read lot of stuff online and various weight loss books, what I was prescribed by my doctor (he is a doctor cum nutritionist) was quite off beat or tabooed food .I ate lot of maggi, pasta , subway , south indian , bread , aloo parathas with generous coating of desi ghee ,icecream and gulab jamun as sweet dish at "night" to keep my sweet tooth urges down. All this is apart from dal roti sabzi. I have gone out to eat more often than my past dieting phase. It is not what we eat , it is how we eat is important. This diet has completely changed how I saw dieting and weight loss before. I have not done any exercises during this period.i keep telling my self to start now and then but avoid and neither recommend by my doc. Bottom line is we can eat anything and everything as long as we eat in moderation. I am somebody who used to eat just one chapati in a day , and would gorge on lot of junk food afterwards.now with my current diet plan I have started eating almost three chapatis in a day and still managed to lose weight. All the best. I silently read and enjoy your blog. Would love to follow your progress.:)

  10. I loved reading this post ankita, you are absolutely right that a person who has never been into something like this just wouldn’t understand what the whole experience entails. All the best and keep us posted with your journey to a healthier self, that would keep us motivated too. 🙂

  11. I am really touched by your frankness; it takes a lot of courage to accept the flaws in our body especially for someone like you who otherwise has a very pretty face!!!! (Most girls are so vain)
    I am a yoga, pilates and cardio practitioner and trainer and there are certain things which worked for me and others maybe you can try them:
    • Every morning on empty stomach have a glass of warm water with lemon and honey
    • Have two cups of green tea daily not more
    • While jogging alternate with brisk walk and super fast running then back to mild jogging this way your heart will work extra hard and get rest simultaneously also you burn more calories
    • There are a lot of yoga postures specifically for thighs and hips (lot of useful videos on YouTube) try those to work on focus area
    • Doing household job like cleaning, sweeping, mopping are very effective ways of losing weight
    • Once in 15 days have a high calorie food to exercise your stomach
    • To get super fast result WATCH WHAT YOU EAT…I don’t even remember when was the last time I had oily or cheesy stuff. Make sure you know how much calories you are eating during every meal, it should be less than what you burn everyday

    All the best!!! Never back down!!!

  12. Hi Ankita,

    First of all.. All the very best for your journey. 🙂

    You’ve mentioned that one should have 3 liters of water everyday to lost weight. Does it mean, 3 liters of water causes weight loss? Because I am on a weight gain diet now (due to my underweight problem) and doctor advised me to drink 3-4 litres of water everyday. I am afraid it would make me more thin.

    Do you have any suggestions on this?

    Thank you in advance!

  13. am on the same boat dear , and now am on my fitness journey since last one month and have lost 3 kgs in one month.
    and seriously i needed sum motivation, so count me in .

  14. Hi ankita
    am a regular reader of your blog.
    am on same mission but no luck !
    i started taking amla juice+aloe vera juice twice in a day . i start my day with it n ends with the same.
    this article motivated me again…and there are few point i should keep in mind . will implement that for sure.
    btw, am veggi n love your recipes .
    thank you so much
    waiting for more..

  15. Your so consistent and sincere with your blog and all this time you were going through so much mental duress! I would have never guessed it. Best of luck with your efforts Ankita, hope you achieve the weight your aiming for.

  16. i needed it! Feeling motivated..last year i lost 8 kgs with lots of exercise & proper diet plan (for my brothers marriage) but i gained all i lost &more now.. 🙁
    I have to restart my routine that i followed last year..
    i found http://www.healthstatus.com very useful.. 🙂

  17. This post has come at the right time and I can’t thank you enough for this. In the past one year, I’ve put on a lot courtesy these competitive exams and coming from a family of weight conscious people,it’s not quite the best feeling in the world.
    I’m totally going to work on this one week at a time challenge,makes a lot more sense than all those unattainable goals we create for ourselves. 🙂

  18. hi ankita …… u post this article at the time when in am so depressed about my weight …. i have 3 yrs old baby and during prgnancy i gained 10 Kgs nd after his birth, i gained more 10 Kgs .. now i have 20 Kgs more than my actuall weight .. i am so disturbed for my weidht not only for my look its also matter of health … if i will not loose …i am very near to any major health problem .. and this is really mental challange ankita .. whenever i think about to loss weight … i ate more sweets … more food like samosa , pakoda n all ….. but from today onwards i will follow you and even if i cheat myself ..i will tell u … but honeslty i will follow you… even u know when was in gradutaion i loss 7 kgs in 3 months due to my stromg will power but now a days where it gone … i dont know … but i have to recollect it … thanks dear … i will also tell u about my weight journey in ur next article … it motivates me …… love u dear ….

  19. Ankita,
    I am having issues in reducing my weight.. i Have never been lean since my teenage. I am trying to lose weight . My marriage is fixed around November wanna reduce 10kgs. you post is totally motivating. Thanks for coming back with this weight loss diaries post again.

  20. Oh God..this post came at JUST the RIGHT time. Im in the same boat you are….i really felt like you are the god’s angel who’s words motivated me to get back to my struggle again. (to tell you the fact i really got emotional bcos it hardly happens that somebody understands this kind of concerns)….TONS of THANKS. Love u.

  21. Last year, I went to the gym every alternate day and lost 8 kgs over 6 months and went from 56 kgs to 48 kgs. I also cut down a lot on grains and lentils and this helped a lot. I am petite, so that weight is just about right. But now that I have a full time job, and am preparing for higher studies, my weight loss has gone for a toss, and now I weigh 58 kgs already. I feel so guilty, but can’t simply manage time. 🙁 Looking forward to your updated, hope I can takeaway at least something… be it motivation or diet tips!

  22. Hi,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite a bit now. I had to comment on this post as soon as I saw it.

    I’m a fitness enthusiast myself, and I’ve always struggled with weight issues (always been underweight) and I’ve been going at this for the past 2 years now.

    I strongly recommend you enquire about Zumba classes or CrossFit classes in Japan. They are both group exercise activities and after doing a lot of hit and misses I’ve realized that group activity is such a great way to go. Its a very effective way to keep yourself motivated; not just to turn up and make sure you work out, but also to make sure that you put in a 100% effort into what you’re doing. Needless to say, it also makes sure you stick to your workouts and they’re incredibly fun 🙂

    You could also be on the lookout for some Les Mills classes in Japan. They are really good too.

    I really hope this helps.

  23. Hello Ma’am,

    My name is Vidhi Parmar, i am 22 years old . I am struggling for wight loss since some many year . Initially i used to do all the house old work but the moment i started working my schedule changed now since last 4 years i am struggling for the weight loss , have tried almost everything. Recently i have started walking in the night for 45 Minutes but did not work very well i have also kept control on my food .

    Request you to kindly guide me . It will be very helpful for me.

    Thank & Regards

    Vidhi Parmar.

  24. Well said Ankita, Weight isn’t a physical challenge but a mental one. Best of luck Sweetie…may you achieve your goal healthily!

    Who else can understand this better than me who has spoiled some of the most precious years of life suffering from an eating disorder! You can read about my weight loss story here: http://road2beauty.com/2013/08/my-battle-with-anorexia-my-struggle-for-health-and-freedom/

    Sakshi loved your tip to eat high calorie food once in 15 days to exercise your stomach. Never heard of such a thing before.

  25. Hi Ankita,
    I can totally relate to you as I am a phd student with a full time work in my lab. I mean I can’t get much busier than this. But I tried to find the time to take care of myself and transform my body beside this hectic schedule. On this journey I tried looking for some workout videos online and then I came across this channel truly my life changer “BLOGILATES”by cassey ho.
    She is a certified fitness instructor. She basically puts a work out plan for each month on her blog which consist of different sets of videos for each day targeting each body part. What I use to do is I get a print out of the work out plan and do respective workout as per her plan on each day and cross the day after doing it….It just make me feel accomplished and motivate me for the next day….You never get bored doing her workout….Getting bored is the main reason I quit working out after some time but this never happened after I started following her blog .We human need new things to experiment upon….I guess….She is very fun loving, full of energy and inspiring girl. She just keep on motivating you along the videos…She has also made meal plan and have videos on clean eating that too easy to make and are healthy…She is like my personal trainer that too with in my comfort zone I need not to go out for jym etc and that too free of cost.
    Her blog channel: http://www.blogilates.com/
    You tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates
    What, I just realized here I have written a sort of thesis on her……lolzz….phd keeda will surely bugs somewhere I guess…..But on the serious note she is a life changer for me…..Do check out her blog once ….
    I am just telling you about this because you have helped me lot in my makeup skills n more..Before I have been living under the rock….all thanks to you…..to show me the new world of makeup…..I have been reading your blog since the time you have started this n I was also doing my engineering at that time…..So wishing you lots of good luck on this journey along with many of us out here…

  26. “Weight Loss is not a Physical challenge, its a Mental one“.. so true.. actually all laziness is in brain only..I have started so many times and got lazy to continue it.. Now again planning to start a healthy lifestyle…

  27. Hi Ankita!

    Having a strong resolve like yours is the best motivation to lose weight/get fit. I am not thin by any means but I’ve been active for the last few years with the goal of just being fit. I don’t want to be THIN so much as I want to be healthy, fit and toned. Thus, I do mostly strength training exercises and believe me, the results are more long-lasting – you will replace the fat with muscle and tone that will stay for longer. Additionally, you will feel stronger and less achy (like you said you did after jogging for 45 minutes).

    Indian women tend to have more weight on the bottom part of their bodies (as do I) – you should do squats and lunges and when you feel comfortable, squats with weights. Running will probably be great for you to burn all the extra calories, but I’d add some strength training to that if you want to sustain the weight loss.

    Good luck to you! There are a lot of great articles in the NYTimes health section on eating, lifestyle and exercises if you are interested!

  28. Hi ankita, I don’t know if this helps but I lost 7 kgs by just making few changes ..every Monday only liquid diet and every Saturday only fruits diet …included lot of brown rice and brown bread no fried food parstries and biscuits and 30 mins walk morning and evening …in 2 months I lost more than 5 kgs ..and yes poster of priyanka chopra in bikini does help ..

  29. going through ur suggested cleanse diet 🙂 …..started 2day with watermelons and watermelons…….tmrwo vegyys …yuck…..m 10kg ovrwght at 21……..no else wayout…hv to go thru…….else no HD foundation no rubyy woo lipstck wd trn me into a glam diva on cousin’s weding 🙂

  30. i am so happy that you have revived this column ankita! honestly it was your weight loss diaries which influenced and inspired me last year when i decided to lose weight! i remember when i had first read about your journey from having the right weight to helplessly watching while you put on weight, and lost your self confidence in the whole process, it seemed as if i was reading my own story! in 2011 i was 47 kgs. but now i weigh around 60! half of my wardrobe doesn’t fit me any more! and would you believe it, i didn’t buy a single clothing item last year! not one! i was just so embarrassed!i kept wearing all these lose kurtis and tees as a camouflage! i am still on my way to lose weight and it feels so good to have someone who is so honest about their progress and their endeavours! please continue sharing your story and inspiring me.

  31. I cannot run because I have a bad knee, but I do exercise at home. I use a thigh exerciser and I do sit ups. I also go for walks.

    I am not as slim as I want to be just yet, but I have noticed that I am not getting chubbier, which is good.

  32. Gee, this is such a motivational post! And I really like your grit here, it sounds like you can really control yourself, I can learn a thing or two about that.

    Could you please share the names of the multivitamin, vitamin c, biotin and omega 3 tablets you are taking? I really want to start on them but am unsure about the brands.

  33. watermelons n watermelons………ate almost a whole watermelon n appls mangoes :)……………craving for salt badly 🙁

  34. I've had issues with cravings, but I've noticed that drinking tea helps me control my cravings, and it can also help your metabolism fasten which is a plus for me! 🙂

  35. never knew that i can eat carrots,beans :p never knew that i can cntrl hunger that much :p
    GM diet is working great fr me………..m barking on DAY 5

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