Basic Tutorial : How to apply and blend Eyeshadow (VIDEO)


Hey everyone!

Continuing my series of basic makeup tutorials, today I’m sharing a simple single-eye shadow tutorial. This video is for beginners who are looking for an easy guideline to apply and blend eye shadow properly. Once you get the hang of the blending, you can easily extend that to more than one eye shadow. Hope you find this useful!

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Basic Tutorial  How to apply and blend Eyeshadow (VIDEO)
Basic Tutorial – How to apply and blend Eyeshadow (VIDEO)





Some tips for Easy eye shadow application/blending


1. Apply the eye shadow all over the lid evenly. Do not go beyond the crease/socket line.

2. Using a soft fluffy brush, use gentle wind wiper motion (back and forth motion) to diffuse the edges of the eye shadow.

3. Keep the blended area reserved to the socket line. Do not go all the way up to the brow bone!



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  1. Hey! Happy wit this video! Would you please suggest ways abt facial hair removing/lightening. Will be of great help to at least some of us! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi ankita…really nice blending…I have 3requests…plz do a review on best budget brushes for foundation,concelwr and blending.
    Also plz do review of 2eyeshadows blending.
    Plz also do a review on best concelars…lined one to ten!!!

    Reading ur blogs for over 2 years…n I must admit I love uer real honest review s….need uer reviews for buying brushes and concelars..

  3. Thanx for the tips Ankita. I always feel some of the dark shades don’t show up properly because of my dark eyelids. I even concealing them or using white base but don’t work perfectly.

  4. Very helpful tutorial. From where can i get coastal scents brushes?
    Suggest me some gud budget friendly makeup brushes foe face and eyes?

  5. D vid is really hlpfl ankita thnx:)
    I hv a reqst plz accpt it..
    Thrs a new mkeup brnd nmly "Makeup Revolution" whch hs been launchd in india sum time bck..nd jabong ws d plc whr i saw it frst.
    Dis brnd has an exact dupes of naked eyeshdw it wll b really grtful if u do a review of it
    Hope u do accpt d reqst #fingrscrssd

  6. Hi, I really like your review of products and I am just venturing into make up and your blog really helps me choose what to buy and what to stay clear off.
    I am a beauticians utter nightmare because I am as not girly as it is possible to be while being one. My make up comprises of wearing kohl on my lower water-line and lip gloss. That’s it.
    That being said, I tried wearing wearing eye shadow (MaxFactor) but it turned to be a disaster. I have hooded eyes and the shadow creased and transferred near the brow bone. Do you have any suggestions about the type of eye shadow I can use (cream or powder/company), primer, etc?
    I will be eternally grateful to you!!!
    PS: I have highly creamy skin.

    1. Hi Konali, I'd suggest you use a powder eye shadow with a base like the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow (it will act as primer). Avoid cream eye shadow that don't dry down as they will crease. Also just use regular compact powder/loose powder lightly on the lids before applying eye shadow. It will help absorb the excess oils.

  7. After watching this video now I can easily & efficiently blend my eye shadows… Proved very helpful to me… Thanks alot

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