My First Vlog + New Youtube Channel!


Hey everyone!

I’ve wanted to start a new Youtube Channel for a while now for all the non-beauty related stuff – recipes, vlogs and little snippets of my life in Tokyo! I’ve uploaded my first Vlog on the new channel today – just a little rambly introduction to the new channel. My apologies for all the wind noise, Tokyo is usually windy especially where I filmed this video while taking a walk. I hope you’ll enjoy my more *casual* style videos on this channel. Please show some love and Subscribe by clicking HERE!



My First Vlog
My First Vlog




  1. He he cool..subscribed already..all the best and waiting for the recipes, even I got my hair chopped before a wedding I had to attend last week! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the new channel Ankita!! I think i am gonna enjoy seeing the casual side of u. I always look forward to ur videos, n the new channel sounds even more exciting! All the best to u dear!! I agree that a bad haircut always messes up ur look, but u look as lovely as always.. 🙂 Cheers! :)

  3. Feelings bad for u that u had a bad haircut experience,, even 2 years I also faced a batmeez haircut… Even very rare I go to salons bcz I always feel scared that what will they do with my hairs & in case of makeup they create a disaster… I prefer to go spa… That's a very relaxing thing after a tired week.

  4. Congrats Ankita. Please try to show us the beauty of Japan also. Including streets.. and the lifestyle of japan. Shopping malls, markets etc..and more

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