The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Shower Gel, Body Lotion: Review


When The Body Shop announced their new Blueberry range, I was really excited to try it out! I love berry scents and having tried the Strawberry range from the brand, I was expecting great things from this one too. And once it hit the shelves and garnered great reviews, I had to check it out myself! Here are my thoughts on the shower gel and body lotion from this range –

Price : Shower Gel Rs 425 (USD $8) | Body lotion Rs 695



The Body Shop Blueberry Range - Shower Gel, Body Lotion
The Body Shop Blueberry Range – Shower Gel, Body Lotion





My take on the Product


The Blueberry range is modeled along the natural blueberry color – a deep blue with hints of purple. The shower gel is a clear blue gel housed in the regular The Body Shop bottle packaging with a flip cap. The consistency of the gel is exactly like the Strawberry  shower gel – slightly on the thicker side. It is a soap-free cleanser that lathers gently but enough to cleanse the skin well. I doesn’t dry my skin out and I don’t feel the need to moisturize post bath (I have normal to mildly dry skin on my body). The scent is quite nice and refreshing although a little sweeter than what I would like. The scent doesn’t stay on the skin but does linger around in the bathroom for an hour or two! When I first sniffed it in the store, it smelled lovely – tartness of the berry with a hint of fruity sweetness. On the skin however, it comes out slightly sweeter and less tart – I would have preferred the other way around. Nevertheless, it still feels quite refreshing and fellow berry lovers would like this!


The Blueberry Lotion is a pale blue lotion that comes in a lockable pump bottle packaging. I am a big fan of The Body Shop body lotions – they are neither too greasy nor too light and hydrate the skin quite well. The pale blue lotion reminds me of a blueberry smoothie and it smells lovely too. Once again, its sweeter than a natural berry – more like a blueberry dessert than plain blueberries but I do like it on my skin. It spreads easily, absorbs with light massage and doesn’t leave an oily after-feel on the skin. It makes the skin softer, smoother and the best part is that the fragrance lingers for a few hours. I also find that my skin is supple and moisturized throughout the day when I use this. If you have very dry skin, you might want to go for the Blueberry Body Butter instead but for normal to slightly dry skin, the lotion would suffice!



The Body Shop Blueberry Range - Shower Gel, Body Lotion (2)
The Body Shop Blueberry Range – Shower Gel, Body Lotion



 Overall Thoughts


Overall, I find the scent of the Blueberry range from The Body Shop quite refreshing and delicious! The formulations are great – the shower gel is gentle, non-drying yet effective and the body lotion hydrates very well without leaving any greasiness behind. The scents are not overpowering and when used together, give a yummy blueberry scent to the skin that lingers for a few hours. If there is one thing I could change about this – I’d like the scent to have more of the tartness of the berry rather than the sweetness. While I do enjoy using these a lot, I don’t see this in the same league as the Strawberry range which has an evergreen appeal (to me at least!).

These are Limited Edition products so if you like blueberries or fruity scents in general, do check this out!

Rating : 4/5



  1. Its already on my list but maybe i will sniff the scent before buying as I dont want to go for something smelling too sweet!
    I am using “Honeymania” showel gel…luv it, but then sometimes feel that its too sweet smelling and have to switch to my FabIndia’s citrus lemon bodywash..for that extra punch!

  2. I picked the blueberry shower gel last winter and absolutely loved it..the lotion was not available then, will look for it now 🙂

  3. I have got shower gel and love its blue color . u rightly said that scent could have been bit more tarte but I still l like it.. 🙂

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