Cleansing Oil, Cream Remover, Cleansing Water, Wipes : The best makeup removers?


As much as I love putting on makeup, it can be a pain to remove at the end of a long, tiring day! However, if you skimp on this process, you can easily end up with breakouts or worse – eye infections! I’ve experimented with loads of makeup removers in the past ranging from budget finds to high end removers. I always like to have a few different types of removers with me – one for heavy duty cleansing and one for the lazy light makeup days. However currently, I have ended up with 4 different kinds of removers thanks to a Duty free haul few months back and I thought a post on makeup removal would be apt!


Types of makeup removers
Types of makeup removers


Bourjois Cream cleanser
Bourjois Cream cleanser



Here’s my take on different kinds of makeup removers –


Cleansing Wipes :

The easiest and laziest kind of makeup removal! I don’t generally trust the regular wet wipes for my face (too much alcohol) and the only wipes I’ve tried are the Bourjois Express Cleansing Wipes (pictured above)  which do a pretty good job except with very stubborn waterproof mascara. I’m reserving these for my lazy days and for traveling. Neutrogena and MAC also make good cleansing wipes but the Neutrogena ones aren’t available in India sadly. I’ve also heard good stuff about the Ole Henriksen cleansing wipes.



Cream Cleansers/Cleansing Milk :

Cream cleansers basically have a lotion or cream like consistency and I’m not a big fan of these – simply because the ones I’ve tried haven’t been that great. Either they are ineffective against waterproof makeup or too heavy for the skin. I particularly remember using the Revlon one few years back that used to sting my eyes and make them cloudy! However the Bourjois one (pictured above) I picked up Delhi Duty Free is surprisingly nice! Its light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, removes water-resistant makeup well (not waterproof though) and has a refreshing cucumber+aloe scent! I’m curious to try out the Colorbar cleansers in the future – they have different ones for different skin types and I’d love to give them a go. Have any of you tried them out?



LOreal Paris gentle eye makeup remover
LOreal Paris gentle eye makeup remover


DHC deep cleansing oil
DHC deep cleansing oil



Cleansing Waters/Bi-phase removers :

These are the most commonly available variety of makeup removers especially for the eyes/lips. Maybelline, Lakme and L’Oreal make excellent affordable bi-phase removers and my favorite budget one is the Lakme one. Another much raved about bi-phase remover is the one by Lancome which is quite nice but heavy on the pocket! Currently, I’m using the L’Oreal Gentle makeup remover (pictured above, another Duty free find) which is quite like Bioderma. No mention of cleansing waters is complete without Bioderma – a cleansing water that is gentle, skin friendly and great for light makeup! If you’re someone who doesn’t wear waterproof makeup on a regular basis, Bioderma is great! I have also tried the one by Caudalie but I felt it left a residue on my skin unlike Bioderma which feels just like water!



Cleansing Oils and Balms :

I’m relatively new to this category but I absolute love oil cleansing! It removes every bit of makeup including stubborn waterproof mascara and emulsifies with water leaving the skin clean, supple, nourished! I know a lot of people use oils like coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil for removing makeup but I greatly dislike the oil residue left on the skin. I much prefer products that emulsify with water. I recently finished up the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm and am now using the DHC Cleansing Oil (pictured above) which is amazing! There are loads of great cleansing oils and balms in the market – Balms from Emma Hardie and Eve Lom, Cleanse off oils by Shu Uemura, MAC and Bobbi Brown to name a few.



What is your preferred method of cleansing? I prefer a cleansing oil most days but if you’re traveling or not at home, a cleansing wipe or cleansing water comes in handy as well!



  1. I use castor oil mixed with olive oil to remove my eye makeup… every week I do oil cleansing. And with the perfect combination of oils, my skin is left oil free after that

  2. nice post! i like cleansing milk & bi-phased makeup removers..currently using maybelline bi-phased makeup remover &happy with it.:)

  3. I have dry skin and depend on oils a lot for my skin care routine. I use virgin coconut oil to remove my make up along with baby wet wipes. J&J baby wipes do a good job of removing make up and pretty cheap too! I also love the tbs chamomile cleansing balm and its good too!

  4. I sometimes use the Lakme bi phased one and love it….I had tried the Revlon one you mentioned and it’s really bad.
    However I use cleansing milks on a daily basis because my skin is normal,on the drier side and I absolutely love the nivea cleansing milk.
    As for waterproof eye makeup,I use bi phased one.

    I have never tried these high end ones but then again I have not tried high end makeup aswell,but I am sure these must be really great. I believe it is better to invest in quality removers if you use expensive makeup, removing makeup is much more important than applying and it will really harm skin if waterproof makeup residue is left everyday even after cleansing, you know the after- kohl- next day- racoon eyes, haha.
    Nia recently posted..Lakme Launches 9 to 5 Super Sunscreen SPF 50+++My Profile

  5. Clinique’s take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips is a wonderful product, I am yet to come across any other product of this standard!

  6. well my favorite make removers are inglot makeup removing wipes & Forest essentials protein soya cleanser can be used as a cleanser & removing makeup too..

  7. Well taking abt cleansing milk/lotion I hv smthng to tell u… Last weekend I bought Organic Harvest cleansing milk bcz my FE face wash over & went to buy FE cleansing milk but they said it has discontinued .. So moved on to Organic Harvest counter .. The products were looking really fine tested the cleansing milk before purchase that performed well in removing makeup bcz my hand was full with lipstick swatches…

    But today morning I applied that on my face left it for 2-3 mins to work on my face but when I washed off with water , my complete face was having redness & it was burning … Even after an hour I don't hv much burning sensation on my skin .

    The organic harvest also don't hv parabens & all but what was wrong I really don't know… I ll discontinue the usage ..

    1. Hi Joo, I have the same product. It contains Essential Oils which can cause irritation to some people. I didn’t experience redness but mild stinging.

      1. That's good ,,may be dry skin & continuous usage of mild ayurvedic cleansers have made my skin sensitive,,, that would be reason for redness… well touchwood m nt allergic to anything as such essentials oils could be the reason..

  8. Hey Ankita, i was not aware of all these products..thanx for this post
    i personally love makeup Bt hv been doin it i just use cleansing milk to remove if i apply any…also its a part of my CTM routine so yeah i follow it quite religiously too 🙂

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