My October Vellvette Box


Last month, I expressed my disappointment with Vellvette box and this month again, I’m not too happy with the box. Thankfully this was my last box and my subscription ends here. I received the following products in this month’s box –

Vantiv moisturizing shampoo + Refreshing Lemon Shower Gel

Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion

Florelle Wet & Dry Blush – Marmorized


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box





My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box


My October Vellvette Box
My October Vellvette Box



I was annoyed to see that the shower gel had leaked out when I first opened the package. It smells exactly like dishwashing soap to me though to be fair I’m not big on plain lemon scents. The shampoo is huge and described as ‘affordable luxury’ (its price otherwise is Rs 187). It has SLS so I don’t plan on using it. I’ve been using SLS-free shampoos for a while now. VANTIV is an Indian brand and I’ve never heard of it before.  The combined value of these 2 is Rs 400 approx. This seems like one of the worst products they’ve ever sent out. And the huge quantity of the products makes me naturally distrust the quality of the product.  I would rather have a 30 ml shower gel/shampoo from a brand like Forest Essentials or The Nature’s Co instead of this.


The second product is the only saving grace of this box in my opinion. Origins is a luxury skin care brand part of the Estee Lauder group and this is the only product I’m looking forward to try out. Don’t be confused by the fancy name, its a toner basically.

The Florelle blush is worth Rs 750 but  I don’t particularly love the shade. I don’t see it working with the average Indian complexion either. And the frost will only highlight my pores and give a greasier look to my oily skin. I’ve never heard of this brand either. Why would you send out a frosty pink blush with blue veining to an audience who doesn’t wear such a shade well?? A coral with soft gold or bronze veining would have been so much better and would have actually worked well with the general Indian complexion.


Lastly, the bag. The ugly blue bag. Beauty boxes are supposed to be pretty!  Even if the contents are crappy inside, a pretty and feminine looking packaging makes a good impact. They should either stick to a classic theme – I liked the black bag and travel edition fuchsia bag too but this blue is just an eye sore and a little masculine in my opinion.


[note color=”#FFEECA”]Overall, the inclusion of the Origins toner sample saves this box from being a complete fail for me. I signed up for the Vellvette box because I wanted to try more luxury products but they keep churning out one box after another containing full sized samples of completely random, cheap products. I now have a horde of unused products that I’ve received over the past few months from Vellvette. My subscription has now ended and I don’t intend to renew it. Its really a shame because I really liked the initial few boxes they’d sent out!

How has your experience with Vellvette box been? Share your comments below! [/note]



  1. Hee hee hee….u got the blue blush!!! Omg I saw so many people saying tht they loved the color!!! I was like seriously?!? I got 2 saving graces in my bag – Origins and Clarins. I liked the shower gel and I got a Cool Water version which smells nice.

    Lucky for you that it has ended…i have to bear the torture till April :P…Thank god another box is here to make up for them.

    1. @shikha- what other subscription box is here to make up for them? ive only heard of vellvette and enchantess and enchantess was not worth a try at all

  2. I totally agree with u on packaging point. It looks pathetic. Looks like a toiletry bag rather than a beauty box.
    I have stopped subscribing to them as they continuously send me crappy stuff. when other used to get something better.
    And I dont believe that I wrongly filled the questionnaire while subscribing. Anyways I dont miss it at all …

  3. I felt the same. The shampoo and shower gel brand are manufactured in Dehradun. Ugh!!! I am done with Vellvette box. It is a waste of money. And their customer service has become worse. They don't reply to mails and only wake up when people complain on facebook.

  4. I have had horrible experiences with vellvette, i ordered the august box and got it in this super ugly black bag, and there were only 2 products in it, also, the lip plumper was an epic fail. Then after several e-mails and facebook messages, they shipped me the flormar lipstick which gave good pigmentation but was really dry.
    I had some points accumulated, which i wanted to use, so recently i ordered a Toni & Guy conditioner. I had given separate shipping and billing addresses, since i travel for work and the products were shipped to Hyderabad (billing address) instead of Bangalore.
    I only found out about this when i got a call from the delivery boy because order status is never updated correctly on their website.
    Again, i had to inform them of this, and now the shipment is being redirected.
    Vellvette – Never Again. 😐

  5. i was really tempted to subscribe but refrained back seeing previous reviews..glad i did…Really awful..worst products

    ha ha loved reading this atleast…

    I agree blue bag is damn ugly ** head bang **

  6. Hi Ankita,

    Almost the same products, the only difference being is I got Brocato Hair Infusion Serum.
    With Diwali around I was expecting something good, but the contents have highly disappointed me.
    Me too not extending the subscription

  7. I completely agree with u Ankita.. Last months bag was worst n trust me I don’t Hv any hope for further ones too.. I dint receive my October box yet but seeing the posts by de ppl who received m convinced dat dis month is also disappointing.. I even complained them about dis n the cheap brands dey r supplying but in vain.. My subscription ends next month n I don’t Hv any intentions of renewal..

  8. Ankita
    I stopped subscribing it few months back….because even i felt i wasnt getting anything good products…I rather save the same money for 2-3 months n buy the product what i really like from good brands …than some cheap products they send it to us randomly 🙂
    that is my opinion

  9. Same opinion Ankita! last october, they use to send small but luxurious products like clinique,clarins,the body shop

    and in a year they have turn into this! Have not subscribed since May after getting that crappy pallette which had no pigmentation.

    The blue bag is yuck!

  10. and agree about the blush. WHY would you send such pinks to Indian women who are mostly medium ? Only people like Kareena Kapoor or maybe Katrina can wear those shades ! and where is the personalization based on skin tone? they sent same one to every one!

  11. I subscribed to the box for three months subscription and was eagerly waiting to receive my first box . I am too much disappointed..shower gel and shampoo from some unheard brand.

    Thanks Ankita for review, I was waiting for your review before using the products being a follower of your reviwes.

    I am not going to use shampoo on my hair, but definitely can use for pedicure 😛

    I got small H2O Ultra hydreator looking fwd to use it..

  12. I was wondering how in the world r these bloggers posting good reviews bat the bag.. But it clicked me just now dat dey mailed us asking to post our velvet the pix on social sites n blogs n the best wud win the free 1month subscription.. N I think all r giving der fake views for dat.. M glad Ua honest in dis case n so m I..

    1. Sorry for the spell checks..* my iPad don’t let me use my short cuts like I do on my phn.. It corrects everything n messes up wat m typing..

  13. I haven’t signed with these beauty boxes because of their utter failure in the market. I’d rather spend good amount of my money on products that I trust. I haven’t seen any steady companies sending out good samples in recent times. If there ever was one, I would sign up first for it IF they allowed us to choose from the samples they send out periodically. That saves the customer from being disappointed.

  14. I am so disappointed with Velvette, I got the Vantiv Shampoo and body wash, the body wash smells disgusting and was leaking (thr was an actual human hair stuck to my tube..YUCKKKK!) I just wanted to chuck the body products my foot!!

  15. I am also disappointed Ankita, you are lucky as this was your last month but have two more moths to go 🙁
    I find smell of shower gel very strong. I got this in my office and you wont believe its two days and my drawer is smelling only lemon!! 🙁

  16. I actually am going to use this bag as a travel toiletries bag, because it’s the right size. (I use last month’s polka dotted bag as a daily cosmetics bag when I go out.)

    I’ve been lucky so far since each time I have got at least one fantastic (from my point of view) and one decent (again my point of view) product.

    each month I’ve got a Broccato product (for curly hair) and I love them, truly love them. I’m going to purchase them when I run out.

    (The beauty UK eyeshadow is perfect for me, by the way.)

    I actually rather like the blush – it can be layered gently to be either blush or highlighter (I have what feels like six thousand anti-oil and pores routines premakeup, and after those this doesn’t make anything worse).

    (Tried the shampoo today, like it so far, decent shampoo if you’re desperate. The body wash is nice – I’m one of the few who likes the smell.)

    I think I got lucky these few months since my demands of makeup are just that they be affordable and useable – so everytime I see these reviews I go, phew, lucky me.

    (I’ve also had great experiences with their customer service. I’m their one in a million pleased customer!)

  17. God Ankita, You’re totally right about the shower gel, the lemony fragrance is just too strong. My bag still smells like the shower gel.
    The shampoo smells like baby talc, which was surprisingly soft and moisturizing for the first 2-3 washes, but now my hair and scalp has visibly dried out and gotten itchy.

    I was slightly luckier with the other products, I got a Broccato serum and a florelle khaki green eyepencil which has absolutely no pigmentation at all.
    I’m so glad I have just one more bag to go. Definitely not renewing atm.

  18. Uff! I unsubscribed from Vellvette almost 9 months ago and I don’t even miss it! They started off on a fab note and somewhere down the line got a bit haughty and refused to listen to what the subscribers even wanted.

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