Products I’ve used up! (Vol.2)


Hey everyone!

I’ve used a few products in the past month and I thought I’d do an empties post to just share mini reviews of the products I used up. I’m very bad at using up skin care/body care products as I tend to always have more than 1 product at a time but I’m now on a mission to use up all products before I buy anything new. So you can expect more empties in the coming months!


Products I've used up
Products I’ve used up


Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)
Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)





Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)
Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)



1. Adidas Natural Vitality EDT (Rs 599)


I picked up this perfume spray on a complete whim but ended up really loving it. Its a very simple fruity scent with predominantly lychee and watermelon notes. The staying power is okay and I didn’t expect it to last long. Its a lovely, refreshing scent and if you like fruity scents, do check it out! I featured this in my favorites post.



2. The Body Shop Shower gel : Watermelon and Eucalyptus (Rs 495)


Keeping up with the fruity theme, this is another lovely product. Its not excessively sweet fruity, in fact the watermelon scent is very subtle and refreshing. The formula is good – its gentle but cleanses well but the scent doesn’t really linger. The Eucalyptus is very understated and complements the watermelon really well.



3. Himalaya Aloe and Cucumber Body Lotion** (Rs 140)


I used this through the summer and it was really refreshing. It doesn’t do anything miraculous – its a decent body lotion, fairly light and absorbs well into the skin without a greasy after-feel. I won’t recommend it to people with very dry skin because its quite light but for someone with normal skin, this is quite a nice, fuss-free, light body lotion. It has a faint refreshing aloe and cucumber scent and is quite easy on the pocket as well.



Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)
Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)



4. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water (Rs 390)


I’ve actually had this for a long time and didn’t use it for a while till I remembered I had this lying around somewhere. I’ve mostly used this when I’ve gone through periods of very sensitive, breakout prone skin. It calms and hydrates irritated skin and doesn’t make it greasy. Its a bit cheaper than Vichy and Avene thermal spring water so if you’ve never tried thermal waters, you can give this one a try.



5. Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water (Rs 550)


I’ve actually reviewed this in detail, you can see my review HERE. I personally find this product a little overhyped because it doesn’t actually remove my eye makeup effectively. I do however like that it feels just like water and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin (unlike the Caudalie cleansing water). Its perfect for lazy days when I don’t wear much long wear makeup and don’t need to do a heavy duty cleansing routine!



Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)
Product Empties #2 (Oct 2013)



6. Kerastase Elixir Ultime** (Rs 2300)


This was the superhero of my hair care routine for quite a while! I finally managed to finish it up, its expensive but a single bottle lasts you a long long time (almost a year – used 2-3 times a week). It softens and smoothens the hair, reduces frizz and adds shine as well. In my book this is very similar to the Moroccan Oil treatment though a little lighter in consistency. Though I feel Moroccan Oil makes my hair a little bit softer. But they are very similar. Full review HERE.



7. Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo** (Rs 1260)


I was expecting a little more from this shampoo. While its gentle and cleans well, hydrates hair and makes the hair fairly soft and smooth, it wasn’t hydrating enough for my dry, parched hair! I loved the scent and I may revisit this in the future if my hair is less frizzy and dry. But I wouldn’t recommend this to people with very dry hair. It did help a little bit with my hair fall but I felt the Organic Surge one was more effective at controlling my hair fall.



Products I've used up! (Vol.2)
Products I’ve used up! (Vol.2)


Now I have 3 products that I’ve sneaked in that aren’t fully empty 😛


8. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel** (Rs 1500)


I’ve tried the gel and I’ve tried the lotion and the gel works much better for my combination/oily skin because its much lighter. It has a very fresh, cooling sensation on the skin and quickly absorbs without any greasiness. It worked quite well for me in the hotter months and I’d definitely recommend it to women with oily skin.



9. Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protectant Spray (Rs 400)


This was the first heat protectant I tried and I really liked it. I’ve moved on to other products now but I think this is a nice budget option for those who don’t want to shell out on professional brands. I think its sold out everywhere (online) at the moment. I’ve reviewed it HERE.



10. The Body Shop Chocomania Body Lotion (Rs 595)


I’ve always been attracted by the body butters from The Body Shop but they are just too heavy for my skin (in the Mumbai humidity!). Luckily for me, TBS has a body lotion too in the Chocomania range. Its quite hydrating, makes my skin very smooth and I LOVE the fragrance. Its a warm nutty chocolate scent and I almost detect a hint of coconut as well – very warm, very comforting and absolutely delicious. It also lingers for a while on my night clothes (I generally use this after my bed time shower). Highly recommended!



[note color=”#FFEECA”]What products have you used up recently? Share in the comments section below! [/note]


**Press samples sent by the brand for consideration. Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always. Read full policy HERE.



  1. go you! finishing up the skin care products is the most difficult task for me because i have so many going on at the same time, or the seasons change and then u need a different set of products all together!
    Been using the natural vitality deo for a while now and its great. Ive noticed it lingers on throughout the day and trust me ive noticed its fragrance even while travelling in the delhi metro after a full day at work……it definitely works.

  2. Good. Even I am trying to finish up products before buying more as everything has an expiry date. This encourages me more to do so especially hair oils. Seen some new ones in the market and promised myself to get them only after finishing 4 of the ones lying at home. hehe

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