5 Steps to Flawless Nails!


Hey everyone!

I’ve often been asked about how I maintain my nails and how I paint them so well. Well here’s the trick! I follow these 5 steps to get flawless looking nails ~


5 Steps to Flawless Nails!
5 Steps to Flawless Nails!


Step 1: Buff and file your nails A nail buffer generally contains a rougher side (emery) and a polishing side. The rough side should be used first all over the nail surface. This takes care of unsightly uneven ridges and evens out the nail texture and surface. Use the polishing side next to add shine to nails. Don’t leave out this step because creating an even nail surface goes a long way in flawless nail paint application! Then use a nail file to shape your nails in the desired shape.


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    what are your current skin care routine??? what products have you been using??? It’s been a long time na. So plz do share 🙂 🙂 .

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