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Hey everyone!

Its been a while since I wrote about a weight loss update. Health took a backseat because August was a little hectic and I wasn’t being very particular with my diet and exercise routines. But since Lakme Fashion Week ended, I’ve been trying to eat clean and healthy. I’ve been instagramming my meals and I thought of doing a quick recipe breakdown of 5 dishes I’ve been loving lately!


1. Banana Cinnamon Smoothie


I love fruit milk shades and smoothies and a banana smoothie makes an excellent breakfast! Banana is quite calorie rich and has potassium apart from Vitamins C and B-6. Its also rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants. A large glass of this smoothie is very filling and keeps me full for 2-3 hours!


Banana Cinnamon Smoothie
Banana Cinnamon Smoothie


Recipe : 1 banana + ½ cup milk + 2 large tbsp fresh curd + 2 teaspoon sugar (optional) + 1 cardamom + sprinkle of cinnamon+ ice (optional) = blend for a few minutes.

Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top


2. Veggie Poha


I love love LOVE poha, have loved it ever since I was a kid but now I’ve got a healthier style of cooking it. I don’t always feel like making roti/sabzi and this makes  a quick, wholesome lunch.

The point of having veggie poha is : 1 – to get some veggies into the body, 2 – to reduce the carb intake by increasing the proportion of veggies in the dish. I add veggies to any kind of poha or upma or pulao I make – its a great way to reduce the calories in the same serving of the dish.


Veggie Poha
Veggie Poha


Recipe : Chop finely – cabbage, carrots, tomatoes. You can also add french beans. Keep ready – boiled peas, groundnuts, curry leaves (kadipatta)

If your total veggies are one cupful, soak 1/3rd cup of dry poha in water (not too much water, just enough to wet the poha) and add in salt, turmeric and a pinch of sugar. Keep this aside. The poha will absorb the water and become about ½ cup. So the ratio of veggies : poha is 2:1 in your dish.

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan and add a pinch of hing. Add mustard seeds (rai) and wait for a few seconds till it splutters. Now add chopped kadipatta, stir for a few seconds and add groundnuts, beans and carrots to the pan. Stir fry for 2-3 minutes and add the cabbage and peas. Stir for 1 minute (dont want the cabbage to get cooked and soggy) and add the soaked poha to the pan. Mix well. Add the tomatoes in the end. Mix well and cover the pan for 2-3 minutes. It should be done by then. Serve hot garnished with lemon juice, fresh cut coriander and a sprinkling of dry coconut powder!


3. Scrambled egg whites with tomato, served with salad


I started eating eggs more than a year ago and its one of the best things I’ve done for my health! Egg whites are pure protein and the best thing is that its all available protein i.e all of it gets absorbed by the body. Moreover, it doesn’t have any bad taste or smell so if you’re switching to it from a vegetarian diet (like me), its not a problem. My dinners and mostly low card, high protein, high fibre and I try to eat at least 3 egg whites every day. This is my current favorite dish –


Scrambled eggs with tomato and salad
Scrambled eggs with tomato and salad


Recipe : 3 egg whites – whisked with salt and pepper

Heat 1 tbsp oil in  pan,  pour in egg white mix. Add 1 whole chopped medium sized tomato. Add oregano and chilli flakes + 2 tbsp for ketchup (for a hint of sweetness). I put 2 sachets of oregano and chilli flakes each (saved up from Dominos). Add chopped coriander to this as well. Cook for 6-8 minutes, stir frying the mixture.

How to serve : Create a bed of shredded cabbage with a hole in the centre in a flat dish. Put the scrambled eggs in the center and garnish with a few shreds of cheese and finely chopped coriander!



4. Cabbage Mayo Toast


This is a nice dish to have as lunch or as an evening meal. I never have toasted bread alone – always try to include some protein in the form of cooked chole/rajma or fibre in the form of salad with the bread. This is what I had today for lunch –


Cabbage Mayo Toast
Cabbage Mayo Toast 


Recipe : Shred some cabbage (about a bowl full) and add a small spoonful of mayo. Add salt, pepper to taste with a tiny bit of ketchup for a hint of sweetness. Add chopped coriander and mix well.

Toast multigrain bread with a little Amul lite butter till one side is crisp (use v little butter). Put the cabbage-mayo mix on the toasted bread and garnish with a little ketchup (optional). Serve the remaining cabbage-mayo mix on the side as salad!

If you want to skip mayo, you can use thick fresh curd as well.



5. Easy tasty chole


I love chole and I love it cooked a certain way – with v little gravy, with lots of masala but a hint of sweet/tangy taste of jaggery (gur) and tamarind (imli). When made this way, you don’t have to rely on having it with a carb/fat rich item like bhatura/puri etc. You can have a bowl full of it alone and it makes a very healthy and tasty snack!


Easy tasty chole
Easy tasty chole


Recipe : Soak 1 cup chole overnight and cook in pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles with some salt.

Heat 1 tablespoon refined oil in a pan, add a pinch of asafoetida (hing), 1 teaspoon jeera, ½ teaspoon turmeric (haldi), 2 teaspoons dry dhaniya powder, 3 teaspoons chole masala (use 2 if u like it with less masala) and ½ teaspoon lal mirchi powder. Cook for 40-50 seconds (make sure the masalas don’t get burnt, keep the gas low), add some tomato puree or ketchup (according to your preference, I like the sweet tomato taste so I added about 4 large spoonfuls of ketchup), grate some ginger and cook for another 20-30 seconds. Now add the boiled chole along with half cup of water to the pan and put in ½ teaspoon tamarind (imli) paste and 1-2 spoonfuls of jaggery (gur) (depending on your preference). I put in 2.

Let is simmer for 5-8 minutes till the water evaporates a little forming a thick gravy. I like my chole with little gravy so I don’t put in too much water. You can change that according to your taste. Add 1 teaspoon of amchoor powder (dry mango powder) and ½ teaspoon garam masala (I was out of it so I didnt) when its nearly cooked. Mix well. Add some chopped coriander on top.

Serve with : Serve hot with roti or stuffed low oil parantha or a small bowl of rice. If its the weekend and its your cheat meal, you can have puris or a bhatura as well. I just like having chole as it is with some chopped salad on the side. Makes for a great low carb, high protein and more importantly, tasty dinner!!

**Please note these recipes are meant for serving 1 person. When you’re cooking for more people, scale up the ingredients accordingly!


[note color=”#FFEECA”]If you’re watching your weight or just trying to eat healthier, I hope you found this post useful! If you have any recipes to share, do share them in the comments below! [/note]



  1. I have to try the omlette soon! thanks for the recipe..i too started eating eggs after marriage..love mix veg omlette with rice and little ghee 🙂

  2. I also love eating poha and chole is my favourite dish..I have one query regarding poha…is ready to cook poha available in the market bad for health than how do we make it at home..

    1. Hi Arzoo, just use the normal white poha you get in any grocery shop, the kind that needs to be soaked a bit before cooking. Thats good for health.

  3. Recipes look nice. The banana if eaten at night increases the cal.intake of day. I live in US & have seen many more healthy recipes here tofu stir fry/steamed veggies/greek food etc. Plus rigorous workout works like magic !! I keep getting compliments since I have reduced weight 🙂

    PS:- I saw your recent pics (LFW). I wish Lakme was here too 🙁

  4. i always come to ur blog mainly to see the yummy dishes u make.they look so delicious.and thanks for posting the way u make it 🙂 🙂

  5. Hey… Thanks a lot for sharing the veggie poha recipe, its looks very delicious, i will definitely try this recipe…;)

  6. Wow this was so helpful!!!
    I stay in hostel and it is quite difficult to exercise there as there are no equipments there.
    Could u suggest any tips for us girls who stay in hstl and want to lose weight? Also are u reading any book for ir weight loss journey??
    I wish u well for ur weightloss journey!!

  7. It seems,, you are quite allrounder girl,,, you know how to look pretty simultaneously you are too good at cooking as well.. do upload some more recipes..

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