What I wore to Lakmé Fashion Week (Day 5)!


Hey everyone!

Lakmé  Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 ended yesterday with a royal grand finale by Sabyasachi! Here’s my outfit and makeup on the last day. I was so so tired by the last day that I couldn’t be bothered with wearing anything but super comfortable clothes! I once again wore my Black Maxi skirt, this time paired with a floral vest and a black linen jacket. It wasn’t a very sharp outfit but I was comfortable and that’s all I needed. To accessorize, I wore a statement white neckpiece which you’ve seen on me HERE and a simple black bracelet.


What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!
What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!


What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!
What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!





Once again I ended up doing most of my makeup in the car on the way 😛 I did a soft bluish smokey eye and paired it with a dusty rose colored lip (Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick – Sheer Berry). For the cheeks, I stuck to the same warm dusty pink blush+ contoured/highlighted look I wore all the other days. The star of my look was my hair which was styled by Ritu from TIGI. She gave me big curly hair with she then pinned to one side. I’ve never had such a glam hair-do!


What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!
What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!


What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!
What I wore to Lakme Fashion Week (Day 5)!


Top : Hill Road, Bandra

Skirt : Koovs.com

Linen Jacket : Try me, Hill Road, Bandra

Neck piece : Hill Road, Bandra


[note color=”#FFEECA”]While I loved this hair-do, I like myself more with sleek, straight neat hair! What do you think? Which of my Lakme Fashion Week looks did you like the most? Share your comments below! [/note]


** Sorry some of the pictures aren’t very sharp, I was just too tired! 



  1. heyy ankita.. m ur new follower 😉 n u luk superb… i like u with curls too… sooooo loving n smooth n shiny 😀
    plus an excellent blog 😀

  2. You totally rock this look Ankita.. teh hair is just amzaingg.. it is totally compliemnting ur look.. :-*
    Printed shirt and yesterday all black were my fav but todays one is also very prettyy espeically bcz of ur hairdo.. loved it!! 🙂

  3. And one thing really like about you is you didnt try too hard to get that perfect look for the event and still looked so fab.. I couldnt belive that u wore the same maxi skirt three times..:-o but u paired it superbly dear.. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I had to be in those clothes from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm everyday and most of the time I was on my feet – moving around all the time while carrying my heavy camera. So it gets reallly tiring and at that point, I just wanted to be comfortable! Maxi skirts are just so so easy to carry- this is the only one I own and the only time I wore it 🙂

  4. Oh no ths hairdo just looks splendid on you… Much better thn the straight or blow dried jane…you should probably do this ofte..even if u cannot pin it up at side atleast a curl will look so glam..this hairdo is just fab and makes you look uber cool..

  5. You are very beautiful so no matter what you wear or how you do ur makeup/hair, you look fab! I liked your leopard print top with the red lips look the best of all.

  6. Loved all your outfits ankita. What has truly amazed me was how ‘simple’ you went for the event 🙂 Even though u did go bit experimental with ur hair, but nothin with ur outfits 🙂 Really appreciating ! Mostly everyone try to get all glam’d up for events like this..but you went quite normal and classy, comfortable too.

  7. wow…u luk fab as usual :)…n i really liked your makeup…n the hairstlye is jus to die for…i loved the fact that u kept it simple yet managed to look so stunning :)..kudos to you 🙂 :)…

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