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Earlier this month, I was invited by Kaya Skin Clinic to try one of their facial treatment services. Throughout the month of August, Kaya has 50% discount on certain services – Aqua Fairness Luxe and Acne Free with Aqua-therapy packages, Clear Fresh Oil Control, Kaya’s Photo Facial Service package and Underarms, Chin, Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package.

Since I have quite oily skin, I tried out the Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy service which is priced at Rs 3000 per session.  3-6 Sessions are ideally recommended and one can purchase the entire package at 50% off this month.


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu

Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu


Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review

Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review





This is what Kaya says about the Clear Fresh Oil Control treatment :


Soothes your skin and saps out the oil to leave your skin looking matt fresh.

Clear fresh oil control service is especially designed for oily, acne prone skin. It uses Botanical extracts like Kudze, Chamomile Flower Extract and Burdock Root extract to reduce sebum and remove impurities. To suit oily and acne prone skin, this service uses gentle manual exfoliation, infusion of Kaya Comedone control serum and a new purifying mask. 

The exfoliant Vanilla Exfoliating Jelly, contains Alginate, extracted from brown seaweeds, with refreshing and hydrating properties. Dextrose has antioxidant properties and improves the softness of the skin. The conker tree seeds softly exfoliate the skin by gentle massage, clearing out the dead skin cells. 

The Purifying Peel off mask is a special formulation with seaweeds- Algin and Clay to seal the moisture. The skin is cleansed and purified dead cells and impurities are removed. It breathes better and is nourished with the seawater nutrients provided by the seaweed. The skin also becomes more supple and soft. Its pores are tightened, it feels fresh and glows again.



My take on the Product


I was greeted at Kaya Skin Clinic, Juhu by the lovely staff and offered the Kaya drink which I absolutely love! I think its apple cinnamon tea (with honey?) and its the most delicious drink I’ve ever had! I was then directed to the one of the service rooms at the clinic where the Aesthetician Reena securely kept my belongings in the lockers provided and asked me to lie down. Unlike most facial services which include working till the neck and decolletage, this service is only for the face and hence I wasn’t asked to change out of clothes.


– Once settled comfortably on the bed, Reena tied a hair band to keep my hair away from my face. To start the treatment, Reena applied a gentle cleanser (designed for sensitive skin) all over my face, massaging for a minute and wiped it off with a wet wipe. Post cleansing, Reena used an alcohol-free toner on my face.

– She next exfoliated my skin with Kaya’s Vanilla Exfoliating Jelly. The texture of this exfoliant was exactly like a gel and the exfoliating particles were very small, gentle and non-abrasive. After a gentle massage with that for a few minutes, Reema wiped my face clean once again using a wipe.

– Post exfoliation, Reena used a blackhead removing tool to extract the whiteheads on my nose and chin. This process is always painful but gives clean, smooth looking pores once done.


– She next applied the Kaya Comedone control serum all over face and using a micro-current machine, massaged it into the skin. I spoke about the micro-currents in facials in my previous service review (Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial). Microcurrents are believed to tone up and firm up the skin and are often used in skin rituals. This technique boosts the production of collagen, elastin and also improves blood circulation. The magnitude of the current is generally very small so you won’t feel anything apart from the light metallic taste in your mouth. The one thing I did not like here was that Reena did not ask me about dental fillings etc. Though the magnitude of current used was quite small as I didn’t feel the metallic taste in my mouth like I’d done at Lakme Salon. After few minutes of massage with the probe, the serum was completely absorbed into my skin.


– In the next step, Reena used the Aqua Therapy machine to give a lymphatic drainage massage to my skin. This wasn’t like a traditional massage that is part of facials as this is considered more of a treatment than a beauty facial. The machine sends a powerful jet of moist air through a nozzle and Reena moved the nozzle along the passage of lymph on the face. Lymph is a fluid that circulates through the lymphatic system in the body and is responsible for getting rid of toxins and infectious materials from the body. Because the lymphatic system has no pump of its own, lymph can collect in the nodes (located in the neck among other places in the body) and a little external massage can go a long way in helping drain that fluid.

The jet felt quite cool on my skin (being a mix of air and water) and Reena moved it over my skin for about 10 minutes, moving only along one direction as is required for lymph drainage. I found this part of the service quite soothing and refreshing.


Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review

Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review


Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review

Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Face Therapy Review



– As the last step to the service, Reena applied the Purifying Peel off mask all over my face. It was a thick gel mask that felt cool against my skin. As she left the mask to dry, she tucked me securely with a blanket and dimmed the lights so that I could get some shut eye. Once the mask had dried after about 15 minutes, Reena removed the mask by pulling it from under the chin and peeling it off. Being gel mask, it was very quick and easy to remove it and it didn’t pull or tug on my skin in the process.

– To finish off the treatment, Reena applied some sunscreen to my face so that I could head out.



Overall Thoughts


My skin did feel clean and and it looked brighter too but not the kind of brightness you get after a glow facial. My pores felt smaller and the overall appearance was better, more fresh looking. It felt softer too as all the dead cells were removed. The effects lasted for about 10-12 days. It didn’t however do anything for the oiliness of my skin. I guess you need to have regular sessions of this to see some difference as far as oil balance goes. Because I didn’t have any breakouts at the time I got this done, I can’t say if it helps in soothing breakouts. I think this service is best suited for women with oily skin who don’t get a lot of time to do regular clean ups etc. and as a result get a dull looking skin and the look of clogged enlarged pores. The one thing that I liked was that the service though designed for oily skin wasn’t harsh and didn’t make my skin dry. The texture of all the products used in this treatment was excellent for oily skin type.

I liked the experiential but I did miss the traditional cream massage part which is not part of this treatment. There is no steam involved as well. Because my skin is generally well taken care of,  I would personally not go for this service again. A more radiance boosting service would be more suited for me. But if you have oily skin that tends to get really dull and you don’t get the time to do weekly clean ups etc., I’d definitely recommend Clear Fresh Oil Control to you!

Disclaimer : Service provided by the brand free of charge for review. However, opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always. Read full policy HERE.



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    Well I HV only dryness issues… No oilness

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