Colorbar Perfect Match Primer : Review


Hey everyone!

Today I’m reviewing the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer which I’ve been loving lately!

Price : Rs 750 for 30 ml


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review 





My take on the Product


The primer comes in a clear tube with a silver twist open cap. I like the transparent, sleek packaging, its quite handy for travel as well. The only issue is that the cap is slightly flimsy – the outer silver cover can slip out revealing the inner white part which actually keeps the tube closed. Apart from this minor issue, I really like the simple packaging. Because its transparent, you can easily see how much product is left in the tube.

The primer has a thick, gel texture and it feels very smooth and slippery on the skin – an indication that it contains silicones. It is transparent in color. It spreads and blends very easily into the skin and gives a soft satin finish. What I love about it is that it gives a smoother appearance to my skin – minimizing the look of open pores mainly. I don’t have fine lines so I can’t tell if it minimizes those as well. It also controls oil and my foundation/base stays fresh and shine-free much longer when I use this underneath. It prevents the breakdown of the base due to the natural oils of the skin and you require fewer touch ups with compact etc. to keep the face looking fresh. I think it does everything you expect a primer to do – minimize imperfections, give smoother base for foundation, control oil and keep foundation/base fresh for a longer time. If you’re looking for a good face primer, do give this a try. Definitely recommended for oily skinned women!

Function wise, this is very similar to the L’Oreal Base Magique Primer and the price points are similar too (L’Oreal one is Rs 800). I find the Colorbar one little easier to use because its a tube while the L’Oreal one comes in a tub. Secondly, the Colorbar is more liquid-y compared to the semi-solid texture of the L’Oreal one so I find it easier to apply.


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review



The GOOD about Colorbar Perfect Match Primer :

  1. Sleek, compact, convenient packaging
  2. Blends easily
  3. Gives a soft satin finish to the skin
  4. Makes foundation go on smoother
  5. Minimizes look of open pores
  6. Controls oils
  7. Keeps foundation looking fresh longer
  8. Prevents breakdown of base on oily skin

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Colorbar Perfect Match Primer :

  1. The cap is *slightly* flimsy on the outside (mine has come out only once but I feel its worth noting)


Overall Verdict


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is a silicone based primer that gives a satiny smooth finish to the skin. It does everything on my primer checklist – gives a smooth base for foundation, minimizes open pores, extends wear time of foundation and controls oil. If you’re looking for a face primer – do give this a try!

Rating : 4.75/5


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  1. Once an SA had made me try this, and I was pretty amazed by the results. Yet being not much of a makeup person, I skipped it. Now thinking the other way.

  2. My first comment but I had to make it!
    Me and my sister have been using this product since a few months (two different tubes) both the tubes have the same problem with the silver part coming off and revealing the white part of the cap and this problem started since day 1. Apart from this, good product.

  3. Hi, Can u please conduct a tutorial on makeup basics like application of primer, foundation.. and most importantly the best product/method to hide cover/hide pimple scars/marks

  4. I hv been using this primer fr last 2 months…i hv acne prone oily skin…and this primer perfectly suits my skin…great review😊

  5. Hey Ankita,

    I bought this primer sometime back and have used it only on special occasions..
    I use Maybelline BB Cream on daily basis..can I use this primer before before BB cream?

    1. Hi Rafia, you can use it if you want to prolong the wear time. But most BB creams (At least high end ones, not sure about Maybelline) contain skin care benefits so a layer of primer between the skin and the cream might prevent the good skin ingredients from absorbing into the skin.

  6. hey ankita..nice i am confused whether it dud be the l’oreal or the color bar one. .which one do you think you would prefer to use?

  7. by the way my skin type is really oily skin..just like yours..and in summers it is terrible..plz help me out

  8. Hi ankita.. Well colorbar primer s better for oily skin people,, so could u plz suggest a primer for extreme dry skin ,,, well in winters in Delhi I can't even use non foaming face washes ,, I go for a FE cleanser or use milk for cleansing my face…

    1. Hi Sonam, it depends on what you need. The loreal one will smooth out the skin, slightly blur out the pores and helps a little with oil control too. But maybe not the best thing for very dry skin. The colorbar one is primarily a smoothing primer – its very heavy in silicone content so it feels slippery but it makes the skin look quite smooth and almost poreless. If you have a lot of pores and lines, then the colorbar one would be better. But it has very poor oil control so if you have oilier skin, I think the loreal one is better. If you have very oily skin and your primary concern is getting the foundation to stay well, then go for the revlon photoready one – its my go-to primer in the summers.

  9. Hello Ankita Mam I want to try primer for first time on my face but I’m confused which one should I take among these 3 primers loreal base magique, lakme blur perfect and colorbar primer. I’m oily to combination skin with pores. I want my makeup to be last long and oil free. What would you suggest among these 3 primers plzz help me out

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