Lakmé Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial : REVIEW


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Lately so many have you been asking about the ‘glow’ on my skin. Well, here’s the secret! Few weeks back I was invited by Lakme Salon to try out their new facial – the Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial. As facials go, it was a lovely relaxing experience and it gave my skin so much clarity and glow! If you’ve seen my looks around the later half of July, you’d see that my skin did look quite nice and glowy!

The service is a 90 minute facial ritual and is priced at Rs 2400.


Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial  REVIEW
Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial REVIEW





This is the brand’s description for this service –


The ritual is executed with the use of superior quality Lakme Youth Infinity products, including Youth Infinity Serum and Youth Infinity Skin Firming Day Crème. It is an intensive treatment that penetrates deeper into the skin giving you bright and tight, younger looking skin. With age the skin loses its elasticity that contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, youth infinity sculpting facial includes ingredients like Retinol that stimulates collagen production, AHAs exfoliates dead cells and Glycerine restores & enhances moisture content. Additionally, the products used in this ritual balances the pH level of the skin and gives it special protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.  

90 mins of this nurturing experience rejuvenates your skin and leaves it feeling young and fresh, with reduced signs of ageing. It sculpts your skin by increasing skin’s luminosity and firmness, hydrating your skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The process involves cleansing, exfoliating it with scrub, and the application of glow mask, serum and face mask. The massage included in the ritual helps the products penetrate deep into your skin ensures the product has maximum impact.  

The Youth Infinity sculpting ritual contours and sculpts your face and helps retain its elasticity. It also smoothens your lines, takes care of blemishes and leaves you with a glowing complexion.

Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial : REVIEW
Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial : REVIEW



 My experience ~


– I went to the Lakme Salon at Hill Road, Bandra and my facial was done by Rupali who was excellent! If you’re headed over there, do ask for her to do your ritual.


–  Once I’d changed into the disposable gown provided by the salon, Rupali started by cleansing my face using a cleanser on a cotton pad. I wasn’t wearing much on my face anyway since I was headed for a facial and its always a good idea to go sans makeup when you’re headed for a skin care ritual.


– On the cleansed face, Rupali applied toner and after giving some steam for a minute, applied a layer of scrub. She then massaged the scrub gently over the face to exfoliate all the dead cells and then gave steam for another 2-3 minutes. She then wiped off the scrub. I liked that the scrub particles weren’t harsh and the base felt creamy but not too heavy.


– After exfoliating and steaming, Rupali used a blackhead extracting tool to remove the whiteheads which I had quite a few on the nose since I have pretty oily skin. Exfoliation and steaming opens up the pores and it becomes easier to dislodge the impurities blocking the pores.


– Next, Rupali applied the Serum from the new Lakme Youth Infinity range which felt quite nice and light on the skin. She then used a small probe on the skin to massage the serum which I believe was a Microcurrent machine. The probe basically sends a small current and you can feel a metallic taste on the tongue when the probe is massaged onto the skin. Before using this machine, Rupali checked that I had no metallic dental fillings or any other metallic implants in my body. This was my first experience with this concept though I’ve also experienced this at Kaya skin clinic recently.

Microcurrents are believed to tone up and firm up the skin and are often used in anti-ageing skin rituals. This technique boosts the production of collagen, elastin and also improves blood circulation. The magnitude of the current is very small so you won’t feel anything apart from the light metallic taste in your mouth. After a couple of minutes of massage, the serum was completely absorbed into my skin.


– The next step was the most enjoyable part of the ritual – the massage! Since I’d mentioned to Rupali that I had oily skin, she used a lighter cream for massaging my skin instead of the cream that is typically recommended for this ritual. For the next 15 minutes, Rupali massaged my face, neck and decolletage and I was ready to drift off to sleep! I liked the fact that she used very light pressure. I am someone who likes very light pressure during massages and most aesthetician’s start with medium pressure and I have to keep asking them to reduce the pressure. I also liked that she wasn’t too talkative but not unfriendly or aloof. I think the attitude of the person performing the massage is quite important.


– Next, she applied a mask called the Floral Molding Mask which she applied all over my face and jawline. This bit was quite interesting because she applied a layer of mask, applied a layer of gauze (regular medical kind) over it (which had cut outs for my eyes/lips) and then sealed it with another layer of the mask. While she left the mask to dry for 15 minutes, the lights were dimmed and she placed 2 cool cotton pads on my eyes so that I could rest. I did fall asleep as the mask dried and I have no idea where the 15 minutes passed. I only wish I had been given a warm blanket because I was beginning to feel a little cold in the thin gown in the air conditioned room. I feel a blanket also adds to the nice, warm, relaxed feeling you want when you go for ritual like this.


– Once the mask dried, it had taken shape along the contours of my face. Using the edges of the gauze that Rupali had basically ‘sandwiched’ between the layers of the mask, she was able to peel off the mask easily. Whatever small bits were left along the edges, I washed off in using warm water. My skin felt really clean, very soft and smooth at this point! I think because of the peel off mask instead of regular wash off one, a lot of remaining dead skin and some fine hair were peeled off as well which gave such a soft feel to my skin.


– To finish off, Rupali applied the Skin Firming Day Crème from the Lakme Youth Infinity range which had SPF so I could head out without having to apply my own sunscreen (which I had carried with me, just in case).



The Results ~


Overall, I really liked the experience and my skin definitely showed signs of the extra pampering it had received. I was told the glow would stay for about a month but I feel it lasts about 2 weeks. I was a little worried that since the ritual was aimed at ageing skin, there were products used that would be too heavy for my oily, acne prone skin. But since Rupali substituted the massage cream for a lighter one, I did not get breakouts or any adverse reactions to the products. My skin felt quite smooth and velvety soft.

I hadn’t realized how much dead skin I had till I got this ritual done! You can definitely see the glow on my skin in the looks I’ve done between 18th July till last week. I do not have any wrinkles or lines on my face yet so I don’t know if the ritual would actually work in diminishing signs of ageing. But it definitely makes the skin softer, smoother and brighter. The only thing is that it doesn’t last beyond 2 weeks. Perhaps done on a regular basis, it would improve the tone and elasticity of the skin but I cannot vouch for that since I’ve only had it done once.


The products used for the ritual are in-house Lakme salon products so I don’t have much details about those except for what was the product was – cleanser, scrub etc. The 2 products incorporated from the Youth Infinity range were the Serum and the Skin Firming Day Creme. I will be trying out the Serum later this month so you can expect a review sometime in September once I’ve used it for sufficient period of time.


[note color=”#FFEECA”]I hope your found this review useful! If your skin has been feeling dull, dry, dehydrated lately, do head over to your nearest Lakme Salon to try the new Youth Infinity Facial! I don’t generally go to a salon for anything for my skin but after this experience, I’m thinking of getting this done every couple of months.

What is your take on facials? Have you tried the new Lakme Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial? Let me know your comments below!  [/note]


Disclaimer : Service provided by the brand free of charge for review. However, opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always. Read full policy HERE.



    1. Hi there! Its difficult to say because I have no idea what you might be sensitive to. Its up to you. I took a chance and thankfully nothing reacted badly with my skin. If you go for it, you should definitely tell the person doing your facial first about your skin type!

  1. Really want to try it out, but have a concern. You mention the microcurrents machine and metallic implants… I have dental braces at the moment.. can i go for this facial with the braces?

  2. The application of the mask with the gauge reminds me of that Orchid pedicure that I used to opt for in Lakme Salon, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. It felt so good.

  3. I have been doing this facial regularly & it’s a must do facial if you are looking for brighter skin. I just love it & would recommend it to everyone.

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