Fun Saturdays Vol. 38 : 5 Random Things


1. What have you been reading recently?


In the past few weeks I’ve read a LOT! Dan Brown’s Inferno, The Time Traveler’s Wife, And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and The Immortals of Meluha by Amish. I loved 2 and 4! Currently reading eat.delete. by Pooja Makhija.


The Time Traveler's Wife
The Time Traveler’s Wife



2. The last beauty product you bought?


A whole bunch of things from Revlon and Lakme which I showed you in my haul video few weeks back. Bought something online yesterday but haven’t got the delivery yet so we’ll talk about that some other time 😛


My Week in Instagram Photos!
Revlon, Lakme Haul



3. If you could break one bad habit, what would it be?


Right now, its my routine. I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day because of the meds I was taking for my cough. And would end up staying up in the night. My meds are over but I’m still stuck in that routine! I’d like to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier.


Night Owl
Night Owl





4. The best dish you had this week?


My home made pasta! I didn’t follow any particular recipe, just added some random things and it turned out amazing!


My home made pasta
My home made pasta



5. A drool-worthy item on your wishlist?


Its a perfume – Givenchy Ange ou Etrange le Secret. I had a sample sachet of it and it smells just so so beautiful! Its a floral-fruity fragrance, I think its the best perfume I’ve ever sniffed!


Givenchy Ange ou Etrange le Secret
Givenchy Ange ou Etrange le Secret



[note color=”#FFEACA”] I tag all of you to answer the questions in this post :


1. What have you been reading recently?

2. The last beauty product you bought?

3. If you could break one bad habit, what would it be?

4. The best dish you had this week?

5. A drool-worthy item on your wishlist?


You need not answer all 5, answer as many as you like! I look forward to reading your replies.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂 [/note]



  1. 1. Finished John Grisham’s The Racketeer n now reading his The Litigators
    2. Bought a Forest Essentials face wash n hair oil today.
    3. I need to control my temper…ive been trying since years 🙁
    4. Made yummy Mexican rice last nite. Im sure I’ll b having sumthin really nice tonite, saturday nite.
    5. Loads n loads!!! Lol

  2. Ans1 Cosmopolitan magazine
    Ans2 Maybelline Hi shine gloss electric shock
    ans3 down with fever and cold so cant study and work
    ans4 some butter chicken and ice cream 4 days back wen i dint have fever 🙁
    ans 5 some estee lauder products and lakme kohl ultimate 🙂 Waiting for my 1st Vellvette Box Too ………… 🙂 Get Well soon ankita di Same i hope for myself <3 Shrutika 😀

      1. Aww Thanks so much I picked Up under eye cream and sumptuous mascara 2nd time first one was gifted i wanna shop more but everything is too pricey i’ll better tell my aunt who lives in us to send some blushes

  3. 1. Tinkle comics! My cousin has a collection and they’re so cool. 😀
    2.Haven’t bought anything in the past one month,but I’m thinking of getting the Deborah BB Cream coz I think it’s good for oily skin.
    3. Same as yours! Nocturnal animal I am. And since college starts in a week,must get used to it from now itself. 🙁
    4. I had the dominos choco lava cake. It had been a month since I ate chocolate and this one is out of the world!
    5. I really want to try EOS lip balms coz I hardly use makeup so just told my sister in the US to get me atleast two of those! 😀

  4. 1. I have bin readin men are from mars women arw from venus.
    2. I bot l’or de cannes nailpaint n lakme 9 to 5 nailpaint.
    3. To not get ds addictd to candy crush saga game on my phobe!
    4. I had yumm pan fried noodles!!
    5. And I want to buy a classic keepall!!!

  5. Reading ‘the creative family’
    Last beauty product- Chanel les beiges powder and guerlain rouge g lipstick in grenade
    Biting my nails…ahh I so want to stop
    Best dish- Bombay masala pizza at not just pizza by the bay
    Drool worthy item- Dior fall 2013 collection es palette in bonne etoile and guerra in terra ora bronzer.

  6. 1. Reading Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose ur Weight by Rujuta.
    2. I got Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
    3. Looking at myself in mirror constantly
    4. Best dish I had is home made pani puri .
    5. I want Dior Airflash Spray Foundation.

    1. I love Rujuta’s books Shreya! She’s launching a video book too! Heard so much about the Dior Airflash Spray foundation, any idea how much it retails for in India?

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