My June 2013 Beauty Favorites!


Hey everyone!

End of another month brings another Favorites post! I’ve begun to really enjoy doing these posts because I get to cover a lot of products in a single post. It also forces encourages me to use more products from my stash!


June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!







June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!


1. Clinique Super Balanced foundation

I LOVE this foundation! It has about medium coverage and it gives the loveliest natural dewy finish to the skin. Its meant for normal to oily skin. It just makes the skin look so beautiful. Full review will be come soon. Price : Rs 1900.


2. Clinique Even Better concealer – Orange brightener

This is great for neutralizing the darker shadows/pigmentation under the eyes. Its not TOO orange like the MAC orange corrector so its pretty wearable even for someone with not too bad dark circles. I tried this on my Mum as well and it really made a difference! A corrector is not a substitute for concealer, it is used in addition to a concealer. So you need to top this with a concealer. Price : not listed on my pack. (will find out and update)


3. Clarins Illuminating Cheek Color – 02 Soft Peach

This is a gorgeous peach blush! It has some fine gold shimmer that is very understated, doesn’t emphasize the pores at all! The color is quite soft but shows up well on fair to medium skin tones. On deeper skin tones, it would work better as a subtle highlighter. The gold packaging and the red velvet pouch adds a luxurious touch though the metal tends to retain fingerprints which I’m not too happy about! Price : Rs 1700.


4. MAC Lipstick – Brick-o-la

This was my first lipstick from MAC and I love this shade! It works on so many skin tones and across so many age groups. Its an earthy pinky brick shade and a gorgeous neutral for medium to dusky complexions! I LOVE it! Reviewed HEREPrice : Rs 990.


5.  Estee Lauder Pure Color Quick Thick eyeliner

Ever since I’ve discovered pen liners, I rarely use gel or pencil or liquid liners! This one is quite expensive but its different because of its thicker tip. I prefer slightly thick liner and its very easy to do thick lines and flicks with this one! Reviewed HERE. Price : Rs 1870.


June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!


6. Ben Nye cream blush palette

This is an old favorite and has been shown in this feature before I think. It contains 6 shades, they are not greasy and quite pigmented. I love this palette! If you’re visiting Mumbai, do pick this up from NBC (New Beauty Center, Khar). Price : Rs 1050


7. Maxfactor Spicy Plum lip gloss

There was a time in college when I used to wear this everyday for my classes! Its a sheer balm-like gloss, not too shiny and very moisturizing. I love it! Wore it a lot on ‘no-makeup’ days last month. Price : Rs 475.


8.  MAC Fleur Power blush

My first blush from MAC – gorgeous coral pink color with a satin finish. Its the perfect color for me, it always looks good, goes with all cool toned lip colors. Will work for all skin tones in my opinion. MUST-HAVE! Price : Rs 1350.  


9. Inglot Eyeshadow Rainbow refill – 107R

This is such a versatile product. I’ve used it in nearly every video lately. I love using it for blending out eye shadows in the crease and for my brows as well! Price : Rs 450. 


June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!


11. MUA Eye shadow Palette – Heaven and Earth

Gorgeous neutral palette and ridiculously inexpensive! (4 GBP). I’ve used it quite a bit last month. Reviews and swatches will be up soon.





June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!



11. Moroccan Oil 

My much loved Kerastase Elixir Ultime is almost over and I’ve now started using Moroccan Oil. I’m not sure if I like it more than the Kerastase one yet but its definitely good! It really softens the hair, tames frizz to an extent and is excellent to ease out *friction* when you iron your hair. More on this later once I’ve had a chance to use it a bit more. Price : to be updated.


12. Clarins Lotus Oil Treatment for Oily Skin

This is great for oily, acne prone skin and I use this in the night time as a treatment. It has definitely helped with my breakouts and also balanced out the oiliness of my skin. And it lasts forever! Price : Rs 2400, also shown HERE.


13. I love…Strawberry and Milkshakes

Got this shower gel in my June Vellvette Box, it has the most amazing strawberry scent. I love it! I think it smells better than the TBS Strawberry range! :O Price : Rs 250 for 100 ml.



June 2013 Beauty Favorites!
June 2013 Beauty Favorites!


14. Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Super Rich Body Cream

Nice rich body cream with a fruity scent. Comes in a huge tub and lasts a long time. I bought it from, see full review HERE. Price : Rs 1400.


15. Adidas EDT Natural Vitality

Lastly, I’ve been loving this fragrance from Adidas lately, its a nice fruity scent – smells like lychee and watermelon and is not sickeningly sweet but quite refreshing and nice! Doesn’t stay too long on the skin but lingers on clothing for a few days. Its quite affordable, Price – Rs 350 for 30 ml.


[note color=”#FFEACA”]These were my June favorites! What products did you love last month? Let me know in the comments below! [/note]



  1. Hey Ankita, could you please tell me from where you bought Addidas perfume, I am so wanting a fruity fragrance.
    Also please suggest any other you know which is fruity and nice daily wear.

    1. hey vich u can try addidas fruity rythm it is available in deo as well as perfume u can find them at any mall or a store i have tried it … hope u find it useful 🙂

    2. I got it from Pantaloons I think, it was a set with an Adidas deo (green one, smells horrible to me!). You could try the other variants, the pink one is Fruity Rhythm, suggested by Shrutika below. I also like the Blue variant, its more aquatic than fruity but smells very fresh!

  2. Lovely compilation Ankita..

    Well, to begin with, I so need that orange corrector…Going to get it soon..

    My favorites were M.A.C Ruby Woo and Crosswires, evry time I open my lipstick drawer, I just can’t see beyond these two…Another fav has been the Naked palette and a customised Freedon System 10 square palette that I’ve filled up with only with colors that I need for doing dark smokey eyes..And I must not forget the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, wearing every single day for past two weeks 🙂

  3. Hi Ankita..I am excited about all your favourites. Really amazing products. could you tell me where to get the moroccan oil in India?

  4. ‘smells better than the TBS strawberry range’ whoa! gotta see what that’s like! 😀
    I’m liking the sound of the max factor gloss, I like my glosses to not be too shiny.. thanks for the post! 🙂

  5. Guerlain meteorites primer, kiehls skin are products, lush lip scrub, ysl temps Majeur eye cream, ysl eyeliner brush, Moroccan oil, guerlain gigolo lipstick,

  6. me waiting for “MUA Eye shadow Palette – Heaven and Earth” review 🙂 🙂
    if possible do a eye makeup using that palette alone 🙂

  7. I love your product reviews a lot. Clear and precise.
    To begin with i am not a blogger but as a layman i can say these are a few of my June favs (maybe for a long time to come)

    1. Organic Surge Cleansing Gel (can’t afford a cleansing balm…costs a bomb 🙂 )
    2. Tiana coconut oil (for double cleansing)
    3. Love my microfiber cloth. (cannot afford a Clarisonic Mia ..dont think i would want one that i have my microfiber cloth. Used to use a face flannel but takes a hell lot of time to dry)
    4. Hyaluronic Acid based face mask.
    5. TBS Strawberry Body butter
    6. Naked Body Care -Bounce Curl Defining Shampoo. (want to try avalon or any natural curl enhancing shampoo…would love to hear some suggestions from you.
    7. Ayurvedic hair oil (just loving this routine on Sundays) OR i love my Avocado Oil massage.
    8. Fish oil capsules , Zinc (love them because it changed my skin during the months of June.)
    I have seen so much of your reviews on Urban Decay palllete. but for the love of God i do not know where to start with the eye makeup (I have the pallette..but dont know what to do with it)
    9. Korres pomogranate lip butter …..(Love the tint)
    10. Fig and Rouge lip balm (ooh …love the way it is branded and the cute tin)
    11. And my ultimate fav ….Fresh Sugar lip treatment ….love it… But i dont know what to do once it gets over.

    Anyhow , after all this bragging …a final note of appreciation. Love your blog!

    1. Wow! Thats quite a list! I’m quite tempted to try the Organic Surge Cleansing Gel, is it the same concept as cleansing oil/balm? I have heard so much about the Korres Lip butters! I’d love to try the Pomegranate and Wild Rose variants. Where do you stay btw? I see a lot of products in your list that aren’t available in India 😛

      1. oooh Ankita , i do wish i was in India right now. The beauty scene is so hot with bloggers talking about their fav beauty products / skincare left, right and centre. Well i live in the UK and hence the mention of so many unheard products 🙂 But i guess i chose a lot of them because i am trying my best to be paraben , sulfate free.
        If i was in India right now , I would have loved to try Forest Essential products, Soultree etc etc.
        The Organic surge cleanser is just a gel based cleanser. I do not like the idea of a foaming cleanser because it just strips my combination skin of its oils. Organic surge is just mild. It doesnt make my skin dry.
        This cleanser combined with a cold-pressed, hexane free Coconut oil gives it a balm like effect if you know what i mean…. (That is why i am not buying a cleansing balm. Beside an emma hardie balm costs around £35 pounnds. And my cleanser and coconut oil doesnt come anywhere near it)
        But i do think a cleansing balm like the Clinique one would be easier to carry on travels.

        I am more inclined towards Korres because it is a natural product. (By the way you get this on FeelUnique)
        The feeling of applying the balm is ofcourse different than a lipstick (In fact i stopped using my Estee Lauder)
        The tint lasts for a long time during the day.

        1. woww….i also have combination skin and also really concerned about the paraben and sulphate free* products. i use forest essential, the body shop and lush cosmetics. as only these are easily available to me.would really try organic surge cleanser.

          1. I have Waver y hair and i use LUSH handmade cosmetics RETREAT range. i works fab for me.( my hair are dry and sometimes gets frizzy.)

          2. Thanks Divya will try your Lush Retreat suggestion. It too have wavy – not- so curly hair- sometimes frizzy hair.
            You should try Organic Surge. It is mild and doesnt dry up the skin.

  8. Favourites post help me use up more products too! Especially lipsticks and blushes! 😉

    Will be waiting for the MUA review! I might want to buy a different palette from them.

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