How much does the packaging of a beauty product matter to you?


[note color=”#FFEECA”]I’m not someone who normally falls for pretty packaging. But I do like my beauty products to look nice – especially if its a luxury brand product! If my budget allows, I’d love to splurge on a luxurious looking Clarins/Dior powder. For low and mid-range brands, I don’t mind un-glamorous packaging as long as it doesn’t look too cheap and is sturdy. Flimsy packaging really puts me off! When I review a product, I do give weightage  to sturdy, convenient, easy to use packaging!


What about you?



Clarins Holiday 2012
Clarins Holiday 2012






  1. I do like the classy packaging of high-end products and that is something I do look at on the rare occasions when I splurge. However, for everyday/budget products, I care more about the functionality of the packaging than the look of it.

  2. For me its all abt packaging offcorse quality too falls apart bt a good packaging always got my eyes on , this is d reason why i dont invest in chanel lipsticks coz they are simple & formula is great bt packaging discourages me to buy it . I jst love ysl , guerlian , givenchy , max factor , lipsticks jst becoz of packaging , for foundation or concealers i dont go for pckging but for blushers n powders packaging matters equal to d quatity .

  3. I keep telling myself it is what is inside that counts – despite which I’m a sucker for retro and whimsy packaging, such as Soap & Glory, TheBalm, Glamourflage, Dirty Works and so on!

  4. Well, basically I Love the higher end brands packaging like YSL , Dior and Clarins because I think ”if you invest in good make-up you get better results” and Life is too short so why compromise the luxuries you can get?

  5. Same Point As Yours,

    Even If Makeup Quality n Price is There in India Like That of ELF n NYX Abroad, I can easily ignore the plain packaging.

    Btw, Loving your new pic on contact tab 😀

  6. I love using products with luxurious packaging but I find those brands dont really agree with my skin and I am only paying for the packaging. Maybelline, Lakme, Himalaya, Nivea work much better for me and I dont care about the packaging so much.

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