The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!


Lip Crayons are EVERYWHERE! I did a research and found these in 18 brands (very few of those available in India though!)!  From stains to glossy balms, creamy colors to velvety mattes – lip products in just about every texture are now being packaged in crayons ! Here’s a little collage for you!


The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!
The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!


The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!
The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!





The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!
The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!


The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!
The IT thing in Makeup : Lip Crayons!


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]So far I’ve tried the Clinique Chubby Sticks, Revlon Balm Stains, Lakme Pop tints and the Colorbar Take me as I am lip colors! I really want to try the Bourjois and Bobbi Brown ones!

Which of these have you tried? What do you think of Lip crayons?[/note]


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p.s – And as I published this post, I remembered I’d forgotten Tarte!!


  1. Hi..rare commenter yet frequent reader here..
    Thats a good eyecandy to look at..
    May i add milani makes them as well..they are called ‘Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencil’

    1. I haven’t tried all of these Kunjan! But I do like the Clinique Chubby sticks for how effortless they are and Revlon for its longevity! When my lips are feeling little dry and I still want good color, I reach out for the Lakme one!

  2. I have tried Seventeen’s products when I was in Cyprus..Its a Greek brand and I must say that the quality of the products are excellent and they are very affordable. Its unfortunate that these are not available in India.

    1. There are so many great drugstore brands in Europe like Kiko, Catrice, Essence and Seventeen as you mentioned. I wish some of these come to India!

  3. So true…these are quite popular these days…I have tried Colorbar Take Me As I am, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, Lakme Poptints 🙂

  4. Drools!! Definitely a much-loved lip range I can tell! The collage looks scrumptious Ankita 🙂 I have been craving those babies from Revlon, like forever! I have tried the Clinique chubby sticks and do find they don’t last that long. Regardless, I think it is time to splurge on these cuties – which do you recommend Ankita, the Revlon ones or the new releases from Lakme??

    Oh, and BTW I think even Milani makes some of these, and if I remember correct Sephora does too as part of their in-house brand. Mmmm decisions decisions ;))

    1. The Lakme ones are more moisturizing but don’t last as long as the Revlon ones. They are more pigmented than Clinique though (but not all shades). If you’re looking for long wear, go for Revlon but make sure your lips are not chapped before you apply those! Do check out my reviews of these products, links at the end of the post!

      1. Thanks Ankita. I have been eyeing the Sweetheart shade from Revlon so I will probably go for that. As for Lakme I think apart from being moisturizing, which is definitely a good thing, the shade range is pretty limited and yes price is a factor too.

        Oh and belated wishes to you on getting engaged! So when is the D-day or is it going to be a long courtship 🙂 Enjoy dear!

  5. great would be very considerate if you just add their prices too, since most of them are costly & i’m planning to buy some soon.

  6. Neutrogena ones are not available in India, right?

    My fave is clinique chunky cherry for moisturising and revlon for how long it lasts…but not yet found the perfect shade in revlon

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