Weight Loss Diaries Vol.20 : Update | 7 Day Dinner Challenge | 5/2 Diet


Hey everyone!

Its been about 4 months since my last update and I thought the time was right to revive my Weight Loss feature. I stopped posting sometime in February as I was feeling a little low on inspiration and my body was not really showing any change. In March, I went back to  my dietician who had helped me lose weight 2 years back as I felt I needed some expert guidance.


Weight Loss Diaries Vol.20
Weight Loss Diaries Vol.20





3 months with  my dietician, I’ve made some progress, most of it in the last month. I’ve lost some weight and more than that, I dropped sizes and lost quite a few inches. People who met me after a few months have noticed the change and that always feels good 🙂 Working with my dietitian this time I realized where I was going wrong before when my body had stopped showing results –


I wasn’t eating as frequently as I should have. I was skipping a lot of the smaller meals and my timings were also not regular. Having to report my daily meals to the dietician made me conscious and I ate every 2-3 hours as directed.


I was not regular with my exercise. Some days I would exercise a lot and then do nothing for the next 2-3 days. 2 months into the program, I hadn’t shown much results, I started working out everyday – nothing very intensive just a 40 minute walk at least 6 times a week and that really helped!


I did not need as many calories as I thought. My lifestyle is sedentary and since I work from home, I don’t even spend those calories commuting etc. to work. 2 months with the dietician, I’d barely shown results and thats when my dietician cut out a major portion of my evening carbs. For about a week, I felt miserable but after that my body adjusted to the new diet and I didn’t feel that low in the evenings anymore. It was more of a mental thing than physical. Now, my body has adjusted to a low carb diet and I feel more active and healthy.


Portion control!! I’ve realized that moderation is way more important than abstinence. And it is hard! Right now I’m still losing so I don’t indulge more than once a week but when I do, its really difficult to control the portions of the cheat meal. Indulgence is a MUST because if you don’t indulge at all, you feel constantly deprived and then one day, you just lose all restraint! I haven’t been perfectly good with my cheat meals but I’m getting better at controlling my portions.



I’m about 4 kgs down and back to wearing a size M. I’ve lost plenty of inches around my torso and I feel more in shape and healthier! And this time I would continue working on my diet+exercise routine whether I’m consulting a dietician or not! Monsoon has started and put an end to my daily walks unfortunately. So I’ll probably be going back to Jillian Michaels home workouts.




The Dinner Challenge


As for the next section of Weight Loss Diaries, I’ll be posting 7 Days of Healthy Dinners like I did for the breakfast challenge. It would mostly be salads/soups/sprouts etc. The challenge would inspire me to make something new everyday and hope you’ll also find the compilation useful in the end!




The 5:2 Diet


I recently read about the 5:2 diet in a magazine and it totally piqued my curiosity! In this diet or lifestyle so to speak, you fast 2 days a week (500 calorie restriction) and eat normally the remaining 5 days of the week. Its intermittent fasting and it supposed to not just promote weight loss but has health benefits as well. Not all experts think that it is beneficial but several do. You can find a lot of literature on the web about this diet. I also found some amazing blogs with recipes for the fasting days. What attracts me to this diet is that I won’t have to deprive myself so much! I’m not talking about eating pastries everyday but just simpler things, like a little butter on my toast or a little cheese in my sandwich (which my current diet does not allow!).

I’m not sure if this works which is why I’m posting it here, have any of you tried it? If you have, I’d love to know about your experience!


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I hope you’re looking forward to the Dinner Challenge! You can do it with me if you like! I’ll be posting my meals on Twitter everyday so make sure you follow me [@corallista]. If you’re working on your weight, do let me know how its going, what you’ve been eating and what form of exercise you’ve been doing. If you have any recipes to share, you can leave a comment or a mail too!

I hope you find the revival of this series helpful! If you’re a new to my blog, you can go through some of my older posts linked below.[/note]


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  1. I am glad ur doing this series again! 🙂 Ur so right about moderation being more important than abstaining from food. I too am on mission ‘no carbs’ for the month. Its not exactly moderation….but maybe its good for a kickstart weightloss. I have been working out 6 days a week but not seeing any drastic results yet. Inch wise yes…but the scale still wouldn’t budge.

  2. hey ankita..i ve asked you about my problem but you didnt answer yet.so so i hope and request to get it now..actually my hands and arm complexion is getting darker as compare to my my body n face colour..it makes me worried because its getting worse day by day.i only use sun screen regularly,i’ve tried yogurt and turmeric also.so please suggest me some product or home remedy.
    your suggestion means alot to me.

    1. Hi Zaymal, I’d replied to your mail with a homemade Yogurt mask tip. Try a mix of Lemon and Yogurt, it lightens and detans over regular use. I think you should see a dermatologist because it seems like home remedies are not working.

      1. really thanks for replying so soon.yes you are right.home remedies arnt working that way.i’d consulted to a dermatologist one month ago,she suggested me sunblock of solaris of SPF 60.
        any other recommended product??

  3. I am the same Ankita.. I had lost almost 10kg by doing everything right for one year..and i gained it back..and is 4kg away from my starting weight again…!!! 🙁 So.. I am glad that you have posted this..I am trying hard..but struggling to find balance in things..and i do the same thing that you do with exercising by not being consistent with it..!!

  4. I was going through this post n found it quite interesting especially the 5:2 diet. Bt exercise n diet control both compliment each othr. I find yoga very beneficial especially the ‘suraya namaskar’ which is super easy as well. I hd lost weight doing tht within 8 days. It used to keep me energetic all day too.

  5. – i have been doing surya namaskar daily for quite a few months now and seen tremendous changes in my body as well as spiritual, mental and physical well-being. I feel stronger, more active, feel hungry, crave lots of fruits, refraon from lots of bad eating/drinking habits I had earlier & am more in control of myself. Stats reveal 24 suryanamaskar asana=500 push-ups and I’m constantly pushing limits slowly. It’s tiring I must say but correct breathing helps. I feel more pumped up.

  6. Also, pranayam and brahstika and shavsana help me cool down, which is important for any sort of exercise. I am eating better, including portions of fruits & veggies, rely on smoothies & since, I am at home now vacationing I am cutting down on calories I don’t need. Portion control has helped me lose 17kgs in the psst 1-1/2 years. Oh and I do indulge. I can’t do without desserts so a li’l post dinnee keeps me content. I stop just before getting full. That helps lose weight.

  7. hey… can you please suggest what to include in low carb diet.. n im really happy you started this series back…please do reply.

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