Marks & Spencer Midnight Butterfly EDT


Marks & Spencer currently has this perfume on sale (Rs 1395 840), along with some clothing and other bath/body products as well.  Midnight Butterfly is supposed to be a “magical scent of floral notes of mimosa, tuberose, orange blossoms enhanced with flavors of pomelo, plum and peach blossom. Mystical and elegant base contains notes of heliotrope and vanilla orchid.”


Marks and Spencer Midnight Butterfly EDT
Marks and Spencer Midnight Butterfly EDT





Oddly though, to me what comes across most strongly is the warmth of the perfume balanced by the soft floral. I won’t call this a very sweet perfume. I distinctly smell the vanilla and something slightly spicy but its softened beautifully by the floral notes. For some reason I thought it had a bit of jasmine in it but I don’t see it listed in the notes. If you like soft florals with a hint of warmth, do check it out! I think the sale might get over by this weekend.

[note color=”#FFE4C4″]My mum was in town for a few hours on way to a work trip and we paid a quick impromptu visit to the M & S Store at Inorbit, Malad. She picked up one of the hand creams and the Rose perfume (which was beautiful!). We also picked up a mini set of body butters on sale (Rs 999 600). I hadn’t really paid a lot of attention to the Bath and Body range at M & S before but they have really nice products! Especially if you’re into floral scents. I loved the smaller sized perfumes (Rs 600) which are so great for travel.

Have you tried the Bath and Body range from Marks and Spencer? [/note]



  1. oh i have tried their water lily moisturiser shower gel..its great!not drying at all n plus packaging is cool.

  2. butterflies are looking so cute… on the perfume bottle.. well my personal favorite bottle is Orifllame Muse EDT.. the bottle looks like a crystal flower,, even when the bottle is empty we can place it even in our drawing room

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