Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day


Dear Mum,

Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. For carrying me for 9 months and bearing hours of excruciating pain to bring me into this world. And more than that, for raising me to be a strong, independent and dignified woman. I cherish all I’ve inherited from you -my cool head, my love for books, my creativity (and my love for makeup!). I feel blessed to have such a lovely relationship with you, that grows stronger as I grow older. You are and always will be, a huge part of my life, and the most remarkable woman I know. Happy Mother’s Day.


*Picture taken on 10th June 2011, when my Mum and grandmother came to Mumbai for my 22nd birthday.



  1. superlike!
    happy mothers day all!!!!!
    hey can you do a makeup tutorial specially for our mom”s (as in mature skin) ?

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