What is the least favorite part of your beauty routine?


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I love doing makeup and I don’t mind doing a little extra for my skin as well. Its styling my hair that drives me crazy! I’m not very good at it and the only thing I can do with a little expertise is ironing it. I don’t iron it flat but just want a smooth look which you see in some of my FOTDs. And ever since I’ve got bangs, its become even more tedious! If I don’t style the bangs, they look really bad. My aunt called me ‘Kishore Kumar’ the other day 😐

What is the most tedious part of your beauty routine? Share in the comments below! [/note]




  1. Same here. I barely give attention to hair styling because of being inexpert in it. I somehow couldn’t manage to style them as they always slips down (also I am skeptical to try any new hairstyle :P) When I have to go out, I can devote hours to my makeup and the last few minutes left is for hairs which is spent either on ironing them or I let them loose as it is. πŸ™

  2. Same here the hairstyle….though i always note down what hairstyle will go good with me but i always forget to do anything good on my hair when it actually needed….poor me and my hair πŸ™

  3. Hair just like you. I have very thin and frizzy hair and it always calls for some styling which I am not an expert at. Also I experiment less with my eye makeup and instead go for brighter lips.

  4. it has to be applying eyeliner… it is a little tedious as one has to be perfect while applying it..But any makeup is incomplete without it… πŸ˜‰

  5. Definitely hair.. I have serious problems with my hair and I have very few options.. Infact I have only one option with my hair..
    It never looks neat πŸ™

  6. kishore kumar? lol! sweet.. πŸ™‚
    i shampoo every alternate day, but i really need a shampoo everyday. so the second day hair is really pathetic. oily hairline, flat and dented hair.. grrr…
    also i struggle to remove mascara even the washable ones. coz my lashes break and fall out very quickly no matter how gently i try. also, even the gentlest makeup remover irritates my eyes and clouds inside my eyes.
    so it has to be the two – hairstyling the second day hair, and removing the mascara.
    oh one more.. applying nail polish on toe nails. i have never got it right.. need a lot of practice.

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