Sephora Nano Lip pencil Real Red : Review, Swatch, FOTD


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In my previous post, I reviewed the Sephora Nano eye pencils which didn’t turn out that impressive. Along with these eye pencils, I’d also picked up a lip pencil from this range. Did that disappoint as well? Read on to find out!

Price : Rs 360


A Red lip look with Sephora
A Red lip look with Sephora





My take on the Product


These are wooden pencils that are pretty easy to sharpen – not like some of the old Bourjois ones that break and are difficult to sharpen in a clean manner. The ends of the pencil are colored so if you store them upside down, they are pretty easy to locate. The texture of the pencil felt fairly soft and smooth, it glided without tugging on my lips but using a lip balm first is recommended. The pigmentation is pretty good and you need single swipe to get true color. You could use this underneath your red lipsticks and it would extend wear time, prevent bleeding and feathering of the lip color. You could use it as a lip color too like I’ve done here by filling your entire lips with it.

It has a matte finish and it feels very light weight on the lips. I am pretty happy that it didn’t dry out my lips. The pigment clings on to the lips pretty well through over 6 hours of wear time with minimal fading during meals and even till then, my lips aren’t craving moisture. Even after a whole day of wear, it leaves a pretty strong coral-red stain behind which comes off when removed with a makeup remover. I don’t have very dry lips but I always use a lip balm before lipsticks, especially matte ones. To prevent the lip balm from cutting short the wear time of the lipstick, apply a thick layer of balm on the lips while you do your eyes and face and blot it off on a tissue before applying the lipstick.


Sephora nano pencils
Sephora nano pencils


Sephora nano pencils
Sephora nano pencils


Sephora nano pencils
Sephora nano pencils


The shade Real Red is a nice warm red – not leaning too orange but definitely on the warmer side. I’m not too fond of warm reds but I like this shade. Its not too loud so its pretty wearable.  Worn with bronzer and some peach blush, it makes a lovely lip color for the summers! Recommended!

Overall, I really like this lip liner. I don’t generally use liners under lipsticks, preferring to use them along as full lip colors. And its always nice to come across liners that aren’t drying or unforgiving on the lips. They are matte though so always use the lip balm trick mentioned earlier.


Sephora nano lip pencil real red swatch
Sephora nano lip pencil real red swatch


A Red lip look with Sephora
A Red lip look with Sephora



The GOOD about Sephora Nano Lip pencil Real Red : 

  1. Easy to sharpen wooden packaging with colored ends
  2. Soft, smooth texture
  3. Good pigmentation
  4. Doesn’t dry out the lips
  5. Long wearing
  6. Can be used under lipsticks to extend wear time
  7. Doesn’t feather or bleed

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Sephora Nano Lip pencil Real Red : 

  1. Needs lip balm underneath
  2. Only available in Delhi in India


Overall Verdict


Sephora Nano Lip pencil Real Red is a wearable warm red shade that has a soft, smooth texture, good pigmentation and excellent wear time. It feels very light weight on the lips when worn all over the lips and is not too drying if worn over a lip balm. You can use this under a red lipstick – especially a very creamy one to prevent bleeding and to extend wear time. If you’re looking to experiment with reds, this could be a nice (and affordable!) option to try out.

Rating : 4.5/5

Where to buy : Sephora, Select City Walk, Saket (New Delhi)


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Have you tried Sephora makeup products? Do you like red lips? Share your comments below! [/note]


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