Ponds White Beauty All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ : Review, Swatch, FOTD


Hey everyone!

There’s been a new launch in the world of BB creams in India and this one is by Ponds. I’ve been wearing it since the past few days and also did a first impressions post about it HERE few days back. Here’s the full review.

Price : Rs 125 for 18 g, Rs 69 for 9 g


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  ReviewPonds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review





What Ponds says about the White Beauty BB+ Cream :


The first of its kind innovative beauty solutions from the Pond’s white beauty portfolio combines the dual benefit of instant coverage of spots as well as lightening skin within to help reveal perfect natural look. Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream with SPF 30 PA++ and GenWhite TM cover formula provides natural coverage suited for Indian skin that conceals spot instantly while working from deep within epidermis to lighten stubborn spots for all day instant spot-less radiant skin.

With the Pond’s Institute’s dual-acting sophisticated skin lightening GenWhite™ Cover Formula and SPF 30 PA++ advanced sunscreen protection, Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream not only improves skin texture and effectively lightens skin from within but also provides Natural looking instant glow for Indian skin.

Clinically proven to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots, GenWhite™ Formula is enriched with a powerful mix of Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Allantoin and advanced superior sunscreen protection.



My take on the Product


Ponds had a much loved Tinted Moisturizer which was discontinued some time back. I never got to try it though, it was taken off the market before I could make up my mind about it. So unfortunately, I would not be able to compare the new BB cream to the TM.

I love the sleek packaging! You see its a budget product but it doesn’t look cheap! The sleek white tube and the silver cap give it a nice look. Its a simple tube packaging with a screw on cap – the product comes out of the nozzle when the tube is squeezed. The texture of this BB cream is quite thick and it gives excellent coverage. Its more like a medium coverage foundation than a tinted moisturizer. Though the texture is thick, it feels emollient. It needs a bit of work to blend in, especially around imperfections. The coverage is good enough to even out skin tone and cover up a few spots and blemishes. I don’t have heavy under eye pigmentation and I can get away without concealer when I wear this. It brightens up my skin and gives it a nice glow. Combined with its medium coverage, it overall perks up the skin quite well without looking heavy at all.


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


The finish is semi-matte I’d say and looks quite natural. Dry skinned women would not need the feel to powder on top but being pretty oily, I cannot afford to skip powder. Its not quite moisturizing so if you have dry skin, you need a moisturizer underneath. It doesn’t offer much oil control either so if you’re oily, you’d need to touch up your compact every few hours. If I go out during the day time wearing this, my skin gets pretty greasy though its sweat proof so it doesn’t run off the face in the humid Mumbai weather. It fares much better if I stay in air-conditioning. I think its best suited for normal to combination skin and dry/oily skinned women need to make a little extra effort with moisturizer/powder to keep things in control. It wore well throughout the day – for about 9-10 hours (when I stayed in the house during the day) though I had to blot a few times.

I don’t expect any skin care benefits from it even though it claims to help. But my skin did feel nice when I took this off at night. It didn’t look dull or tired. I’m not sure if its this one’s work though!

While I love the coverage, the finish and the soft brightening effect, I don’t think this is the best one for oily skin. Especially for someone who doesn’t stay in an air conditioned environment all the time. It needs a bit of maintenance with blotting/powdering if you head out in this sweltering heat. I feel the Maybelline BB stick fares better in this aspect. But the Ponds shade suits me much better. Which brings us to another downside – the single shade – which is supposed to work for everyone. It’ll work perfectly for medium complexions but very fair and very dusky girls might face problem here. Especially since it has a good coverage so a shade mismatch would show more obviously.


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review


Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream  Review
Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream Review



Despite its few shortcomings, I think its pretty amazing – and super affordable! Unless you have super oily skin and gets uncontrollable in summer, you should give it a try! It has SPF 30 and PA++ protection so if you’re not going to be long in the sun, you don’t need a separate sunscreen. I haven’t seen the 9 g pack in the market yet but the 18 g pack is available in stores and you can purchase it online at Nykaa.com HERE.


I wore it in my Sephora post with no concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte powder –


A Red lip look with Sephora
A Red lip look with Sephora


The GOOD about Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream : 

  1. Sleek, pretty packaging
  2. Gives medium coverage
  3. Blends to give a natural semi-matte finish
  4. Covers up minor spots/blemishes/pigmentation well
  5. Stays well (not best on oily skin)
  6. Can work for most skin types
  7. Sweat proof
  8. Brightens and perks up the skin
  9. Comes with SPF 30 and PA++ protection
  10. Very affordable

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream : 

  1. Needs little work to blend
  2. Not best suited for oily skin especially in the summers
  3. Not very hydrating – dry skin needs a separate moisturizer
  4. Only available in 1 shade



Overall Verdict


The Ponds BB cream is an excellent option if you’ve looking for a little more coverage but something that still looks natural. The texture is slightly on the thicker side and is not effortless to blend as one would like, but it does give a nice soft glow to the skin along with decent sun protection. Not the best thing for the very oily skin in this hot weather but a really good product for its price! Available only in 1 shade though – best suited for medium complexions.

Rating : 4/5 (mainly because it didn’t work amazingly for my oily skin)

Where to buy : Online at Nykaa.com/Beauty or Medical stores


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Have you tried the new Ponds BB cream? Which is your favorite BB cream? Share your comments below! [/note]


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  1. Wow d packaging is really nice n d texture looks like a foundation.srry for one off d topic ques bt I wanted to knw tht is d clarins daily energiser range availble in india if u culd help me out

  2. I was a huge fan of the Maybelline BB cream but since the new BB cream from Ponds launched i thought i will definitely try it. So bought it from nykaa.com ( good to see a newly launched product available so soon online) . Two important things i concluded after using the product – one that it is very affordable and second that it gives a good cover for everyday use with spf as in summers foundations for me are a big no-no. So happy with my overall experience.

    1. The Maybelline BB cream used to melt off my face in the heat but this one stays put 🙂 Glad you’re liking it!

  3. thanks ankita for this kind of detail review . my skin type is combination/dry so hope it will suit me . going to try it very soon.

  4. A very nice and detailed review.
    I have a question,is it better than the Maybelline BB Stick in terms of coverage?

  5. I am getting this now! I was using Maybelline’s BB cream and that one’s almost done.
    So thanks for the review! 😀

  6. Will it suit someone with…say, the skincolor of Nargis Fakhri ? Or would it be dark? it’s very affordable

  7. u r soooo pretty ankita..loved the look!
    i got this bb cream small tube a few days back… its a little dark for my skintone..can u suggest some other use of this? i tried mixing it with my day lotion, still making my face a bit dark..

    1. Then only way left is use it as a contour! Under the cheekbones, along the jawline, sides of the nose and see if it works under the eyes as concealer. Let me know if this works!

  8. Nice review!! I hav oily skin and i cant manage wd t touch ups often 🙁 am using garnier bb cream which lacks in coverage is this better than that? also i hav a doubt can v use foundation beneath bb creams?

    1. Ponds coverage is better than Garnier’s but if you have oily skin, you’d need touch ups for sure because it a little thick in texture.

      Depends on the textures – use the creamier product underneath and the less creamy/more matte/powdery product over it so that everything blends properly. Though why do you want to use a foundation beneath a BB cream? If you want more coverage and the BB is not enough, just use a foundation. Western BB creams anyway are just tinted moisturizers and don’t really have the kind of skin benefits the real BB creams (east asian) have.

  9. Hi Ankita, i m using this product for quite a few days n i liked it.
    i hv normal skin bt i sweat a lot still this cream doesnt get off easily like other sunscreens or bb creams like garnier which i had used earlier…

  10. HI, I hve a little oily skin nd I m using garnier bb cream but I m not much satisfied with the results. It doesn’t last long and gives a oily look when used with moisturiser and doesn’t give a perfect glow without moisturiser….So I want to ask you which bb or cc cream will be best suitable for me.

  11. Your reviews are always true to their words…..I can have absolute faith on your reviews and use products…Thank you for being there !!

  12. hi! i am using ponds bb+ cream and its really g8 ……my skin is oily and really i would say that it gives me awesome texture on my skin it just glows up my skin…………………………..its wonderfull..and i really recommand it for those having oily {less one}…it really worksss

  13. Hi, I have an oily skin. I want to use a fairness cream and i am dusky. I dont want to use foundation or compact powder. Just want to use only fairness cream which would keep my face fresh and bright. Can you suggest a day time fairness cream and also i would like to know the brand?

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