My April 2013 Beauty Favorites!


Hi everyone!

The month of April was a little low key for me as far as beauty products go. In the first 2 weeks, I traveled home for a few days so carried only basic stuff and natural shades with me. After coming back to Mumbai, I fell ill with viral fever and it was a period of no makeup and just face wash-moisturizer routine. So this month’s favorites mostly have the products I took with me on my trip, some summer skin care products and a lovely perfume!


Makeup ~


My April 2013 Beauty Favorites
My April 2013 Beauty Favorites


1.  Maybelline BB Stick (Rs 250)

I love this product! It is very quick and easy to apply, blends seamlessly and gives amazing coverage. What I love best is that it suits my oily acne prone skin very well and diminishes the look of open pores (pores become a major problem for me in the summers). I cannot say enough good things about this stick. Its the perfect thing to carry while traveling. You can see my full review/FOTD HERE.


2. MAC Matchmaster Foundation (Rs 2100)

This is my favorite foundation and the only one I carry on trips. I’ve gone through half the bottle already and would probably be the only foundation I will repurchase! Its a foolproof one for me, gives a natural medium coverage, semi matte finish and performs decently (though not excellently) on my oily skin. Best of all, it photographs well and doesn’t look like I’ve plastered on foundation. I wear the shade 3.0, you can read my rave review HERE.





3. NYX Blush – Cocoa ($6.00)

This has replaced my Bourjois Delice de Poudre Powder for contouring. I still like the Bourjois powder but this is less warm and sometimes you don’t want that bronzed warmth on your face. An excellent contouring budget product for medium complexions. On dusky beauties, it would make a nice blush. See Swatch HERE.


4. NYX Blush – Mocha ($6.00)

Since NYX blushes have such a small packaging, its easier to carry them when you’re traveling. My other favorites Illamasqua Hussy and MAC Fleur Power feel bulky in comparison. I think this is a MUST-HAVE shade from NYX if you’re somewhere near my complexion. I like Spice as well but love the coral warmth of Mocha. Gives a very pretty warm coral-ly pink flush to the cheeks. Pairs well with pink as well as peach/coral lipsticks. Love it! See my FOTD with this HERE.


My April 2013 Beauty Favorites
My April 2013 Beauty Favorites


5. Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh Mascara (Rs 650)

This is one of those dual purpose mascaras which can give you a soft, defined look for the day and a more voluminous dramatic look for the evening. Its the same wand that picks up different amounts of product when you pull out the wand from different places. Will be reviewing this soon. Like the waterproof formula and the separation+volume it gives. I’ve used in my latest video tutorial (Kareena Kapoor Orange lips).


6. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm – Chunky Cherry (Rs 1025)

This is my favorite lip product from last month and continues to be. It gives just the perfect soft cherry red sheer color to the lips that looks very natural and takes away that corpse look from my bare face. I love the light weight formula. Its not super moisturizing though,  but I love the color too much to care! Reviewing this soon. You can see the swatch HERE.


7. Maybelline Hyper Sharp eye liner (Rs 375)

I love the flexible brush tip – which feels like pen tip but its not. You can draw ultra thin lines with this and the formula is decently long wearing. Does wear off a bit by the end of the day especially in the inner corner but the most economical of the liners available in the Indian market currently. I carried this on my trip and used it everyday. Read my review HERE.


8. Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss – Spicy Plum (Rs 475)

This has been a favorite of mine since my college days (which was just last year by the way!). The formula feels more like a liquid balm than a gloss and the sheer plum color is perfect for someone with pigmented lips – it looks very natural. It is pretty moisturizing as well and doesn’t vanish as quickly as you’d think. I’ve reviewed it long ago HERE.


9. Shiseido Rouge Lacquer RS 312 – Sunstone (Rs 1500)

The last but not the least is this lovely liquid lipstick from Shiseido. I love everything about it – the formula is very pigmented and feels very light on the lips. It doesn’t dry the lips and the color is fabulous. Its a dusty rose color that leans neither too brown nor too pink and just looks very polished and pretty. If you want to splurge a bit, go for this lipstick. You’ll get your money’s worth as the formula is great and its a shade you can wear everyday! I’ve reviewed it HERE. (Shiseido India is now on Facebook, you can follow HERE.)



Skincare ~


My April 2013 Beauty Favorites
My April 2013 Beauty Favorites


1. Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5-in-1 (Rs 169 for 150 ml)

I don’t like this so much as a face wash or scrub but its good as a mask. Its not amazing, but it does give a clean, bright look to the skin and the scrub particles offer some exfoliation. A nice product to try out during the summers.


2. Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte SPF 40 Sunblock (Rs 225 for 50 g)

This is an old favorite of mine that I came back to once the summers started after trying out Forest Essentials/Lakme sunscreens in the spring and summer. I has a bit of tint so offer sheer coverage and the matte finish works really well for oily skin. Read full review HERE.


3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (Rs 1500 for 50 ml)

Another favorite from Clinique! I’m discovering a lot of lovely products as I explore this brand more. There is something so amazing about its cushion-y gel texture – its like pure oil-free hydration! Makes the skin soft, smooth and supple. The best part of my skin care routine is massaging this on my face – I just love the texture! Works for combination to oily skin.


4. Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Facewash (Rs 99)

As you can see from the sticker (which I tried removing but it wouldn’t budge!), it was a free gift – from where I don’t remember (maybe with a purchase from I reached out for this when I came back to Mumbai from my trip and fell ill. At this point, it had become really hot and I hadn’t bought any face washes for the summer, my skin was like an oil factory! This is not fabulous but its good, it cleans up well without causing stretchy dryness on the skin. Not sure if it actually helps in oil control though but my face feels clean and fresh after washing.



Favorite Perfume ~


My April 2013 Beauty Favorites
My April 2013 Beauty Favorites


My last favorite from April is this lovely perfume ‘Sacred Love‘ from Ajmal. This is some brand from Dubai which I’d never heard of but  the SA just happened to show this to me while I was shopping at Beauty Palace, Andheri (Beauty Palace is like Beauty Centre, a little smaller). I was actually checking out the Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works fragrances but somehow I hated all of them. The SA then showed me this and I loved it right from the first sniff. It cost me somewhere around Rs 700-800 and it is such a steal!

It smells beautiful – fresh floral without the cloying sweetness of heady florals. Its not too strong but its stays on the entire day and you can smell it for 2-3 days on clothes you’ve sprayed it on. Its smells so much better to me than a lot of luxury perfumes I’ve tried in stores. The bottle doesn’t say anything but I picked up the notes online –


Sacred Love is a sweet fragrance that warms up the heart of a woman with feelings of romance. A Citrus Fresh Floral top at once sets her heart attuned to the invigorating feeling of joy that only love can create. A Floral Musky fresh heart embraces her with passionate warmth, revealing her magical enigma to the world with her every turn. The fragrance possesses a Fresh Musky Floral base, further accentuating its sweet spell of romance. With ingredients like Water Lily, Jasmine, Peach, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Amber, Sacred Love comes closest to the legendary potion of love

Top: Citrus Fresh Floral
Heart: Floral Musky Fresh
Base: Fresh Musky Floral


It doesn’t smell strongly of any of the ingredients listed – its just a beautiful mix of everything. You can tell its floral but not too floral, there’s definitely a fresh element to it though the fruity notes aren’t really discernible. The musky notes are very understated – just lending a slight warmth to it without overpowering the fresh, floral vibe. If you’re a fan of fresh feminine scents (especially if you like Water Lily), you should definitely try this out! Its available at  for Rs 1000.



Favorite Look ~


I’d also like to include by Favorite look this month which was the Betty Look I created for MAC Archie’s Girls. Its given me a completely new perspective on pastels and soft colors! You can see the breakdown HERE.


MAC Archie's Girl Betty Makeup look
MAC Archie’s Girl Betty Makeup look


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I do beauty favorites every once in a while since its a great way to show you a lot of products with a little review of each. Reviewing each and everything in great detail isn’t always possible. I hope you find these kind of posts helpful!

What were your April Beauty favorites? Share your comments below! [/note]



  1. The Betty look sure is gorgeous.. You look very pretty.. Maybelline BB stick and hypersharp have become my favs too.. They are very easy to use and work really well..
    Lotus safe sun is my soul mate.. I can’t live a day without it during summers 🙂

  2. I loved the post 🙂 NYX Cocoa and Mocha are my favorites too. Haven’t tried Maybelline Hyper Sharp yet, is it better than Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner in terms of precision?
    Decent picks for a travel, i must say.By the way, I was in Bhopal for 2 days, just returned last night, this time weather is turning extremely hot there.

    1. I find both the liners good – Maybelline brush tip is more flexible so I find it easier to wing the liner with it while the Colorbar one is a little stiffer so I can do regular liner with it quicker!

      Bhopal is very hot in the summers! If you get out in the day without proper sun protection and all, you’re bound to fall sick! My grand mother wouldn’t let us go out without having a glass of Panna!

  3. Hi Ankita,

    Which foundation is good for dry skin from mac….I was planning to buy Face n BodyFoundation from Mac. Is it better than this

    1. For dry skin, Face and Body is better! Matchmaster gives better coverage but you’d need to moisturize properly before applying.

    1. Hey Asfia, please check with any MAC store. They can tell u the price on the phone. I haven’t tried any of the brushes mentioned here and am not aware of the price.

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