My Laser Hair Removal experience at Kaya Skin Clinic


Hi everyone!

I recently underwent a laser hair remover session at Kaya Skin Clinic and today I’ll be talking about my experience. This was the first time I tried laser for hair removal and as with anyone who’s new to it, I had a lot of queries and doubts regarding the procedure. I hope this post will give you a good idea about Laser hair removal and address your queries!


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu
Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu


Kaya Under Arm Laser Offer
Kaya Under Arm Laser Offer





How it works ~


You’re greeted with the signature Kaya drink when you reach the clinic (its cold apple cinnamon tea, its the nicest tea I’ve ever had!). The first thing that you need to do when you go for this service is fill out your details including any medical history etc. on a form along with contact details. You are then given a consultation with one of the doctors at the clinic who will analyse your hair growth. If you have any queries, the doctor is the best person to talk to before you undergo the procedure. Based on your hair growth, the doctor will decide the parameters on which the Laser machine is to be run. You need to undergo about 6 sittings typically, spaced at least a month apart to get permanent hair removal. During this duration, they recommend you to not wax the area and only use a razor when the need arises.

I underwent the laser for my underarm area and my growth reduced significantly after the first sitting. I’ve undergone 2 sittings so far and I did not need to shave in between, the growth reduced so much.


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu
Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu
Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu
Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu



After the consultation with the doctor, you then proceed to the room when the procedure is done. You’re given a gown to change into and lockers are provided to keep your belongings. The Kaya expert first shaves the area after sanitizing it and then applies a thick layer of a cool gel on the entire area. You’re also given a pair of tinted glasses to wear to protect your eyes from the laser. The Kaya expert herself wears the glasses and a mask while performing the procedure. At each step she explains what she is doing. Brand new disposable razors are used for the shaving and the Laser probe is sanitized before each use. The Kaya expert then uses the hand held Laser probe and runs it in circular motions over the area – where a cool gel has been applied. This is done typically for around 3-4 minutes.


Kaya Skin Clinic - Laser Machine
Kaya Skin Clinic – Laser Machine


Kaya Skin Clinic - Hand held Laser Probe
Kaya Skin Clinic – Hand held Laser Probe



I was a little apprehensive about the pain part. There are 2 kinds of laser technologies at Kaya– the Pain-free one which is Soprano hair reduction (which I underwent) and the Nd: YAG laser. Both of these are US FDA approved and highly safe for Indian skin type. The sensation that you get through Nd: Yag laser is just a pink-prick sensation which vanishes easily as soon as the service is done. Nd:Yag Laser is a more popular technology and is available at every Kaya skin clinic.’

In the pain-free laser, all you feel is a slightly tingling and a bit of warm sensation. The Kaya expert makes sure you are comfortable and if you’re feeling any discomfort, more gel is added to counteract the heat from the laser.

What the Laser beam does is that is kills the root of the hair. So after the requisite number of sittings, the follicles are dead and they do not produce hair anymore (unless you undergo some hormonal imbalances in the future). Once the Laser part is done, the gel is wiped off with a tissue and some ice is applied to the area to soothe it. You might see a little bit of redness in this area. If you have very sensitive skin, you might have a bit of soreness also which would disappear in a day or two. After the ice application, a Post-Laser cream is applied which you need to apply for 3-4 days after the procedure.

The procedure is now done and you can change back into your clothes. It takes about an hour including the filling out of the forms, the consult with the doctor etc. The Laser procedure itself takes just about half an hour. I personally did not experience any worrisome side effects or skin irritation after the process. I did feel a slight itchy feeling for 2-3 hours after the process but it was pretty mild. If you experience anything more, you can apply ice on the area at home and that should bring down any redness etc. you might have.


You do need to take a few precautions for at least 2 days after the procedure –

1. Avoid deodorants and soaps for a day.

2. Do not bathe with hot water.

3. Apply the post laser cream twice a day and sunscreen if you’re heading out.


How to prepare yourself before Laser –


1. Do not wax the area at least 10-15 days before the procedure. For the process to actually work, there needs to be hair growing out of the follicle. The hair is shaved before the procedure so that only about 1-2 mm of hair is coming out of the follicle and the laser can work on the root.



How permanent is it ?


I’ve undergone only 2 sittings so far but I see a significant growth reduction. According to the doctor, you might need a little bit of maintenance like 1 laser setting/year and that too if you have any hormonal imbalance causing little hair growth. But you basically get freedom from monthly waxing/weekly shaving once you’ve undergone a Laser procedure!



Advantages of Laser over other methods (as shared by Kaya Skin Clinic) ~


Convenience: Kaya Hairfree is a more convenient & less time consuming method over waxing. Each underarm session for instance, takes not more than 5 minutes

Hair reduction: This treatment can reduce number of hair by a whopping 70-90% in just 5 sessions. A quick comparison with waxing shows that it takes decades of sessions for hair growth to be reduced, and by a rather minuscule percentage

In-grown Hair: Waxing rips the hair out of the roots to give you the desired hair-free skin. Although, the hair is left with a tip often below the skin, which starts to grow inwards. Kaya Hairfree addresses in-growth problem by permanently putting a stop to hair growth. Infection if any, caused due to wax could also be treated through this process in quick sessions

Less discoloration and scarring: As a result of ingrown hairs and irritation or itching after shaving/waxing, many women develop discoloration called post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. With the permanent reduction of hair by Kaya Hairfree most of the discoloration goes away, leaving your skin flawless and scar-free.

Softer, smoother skin: Most women state that their legs feel stubbly only 2-3 days after shaving and after a few more days post waxing. Laser hair reduction on the other hand, results in softer, smoother skin after each treatment. The small percentage of hair that remains is treated into turning thinner, and lighter in colour.

Skin Infections: Waxing can also lead to skin infections if not supervised whereas Kaya Hairfree is done under a dermatologist’s supervision.


Kaya Skin Clinic - Juhu
Kaya Skin Clinic – Juhu


Now comes the inevitable – “Laser is expensive!” Here’s the good news! Kaya Skin Clinic is running a promotion during the months of May and June wherein you can get the first sitting of your Laser Experience done at the cost of waxing (Rs 85 at Kaya)! Each sitting costs Rs 3100 otherwise. And when you upgrade to the full package of 6 sittings, you get 48% off. So you essentially pay Rs 7999 instead of Rs 15,300 for your under-arm laser hair removal.

Hope you found this post useful! If you have any queries or doubts regarding Laser hair removal, you can drop me a comment below and I’ll try my best to address your concerns. You can also follow Kaya Skin Clinic on Twitter and participate in the “Ask the Expert” activity wherein you can get your questions answered by a Kaya Expert on a live Twitter chat.



Disclaimer : Service sponsored by Kaya Skin Clinic for review. However that has not affected my opinion and my review is honest as always. Read full policy HERE.



    1. i had got rid of my facial upper lip,chin unwanted hairs by Dr.Me Ping Gel in just 14 days in permanent way
      without side effects its very natural keep way unwanted hair from skin,so ping gel show results in 3 days,this is awesome stuff and get it
      from S-Organics….

  1. Is this procedure good for chin hair as well? That’s a problem area for me and i was contemplating laser treatment. do u suggest the same at Kaya?

    1. I haven’t had my chin area done but from the comments below, you can some readers have tried that and it has worked well for them. You can go ahead with it 🙂

    2. My sister has tried the chin area and it works as good as described above.. i recommend you to go ahead with the same..

    1. Depends on you Ashima, you could get it threaded regularly. Some people also go for waxing but if you have sensitive skin I won’t recommend waxing. Laser is more effective if you have slightly darker, coarse growth as opposed to fine, light hair.

  2. Hi Ankita,

    Any information related to upper-lip hair removal? My biggest worry is that this area will also be shaved and in case the laser treatment goes wrong or in the gaps between sessions, my hair will grow thick and rough like a man’s :-(. Can you kindly help clarify this point? Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    1. Hi Vidya,

      Not at all!! I am client of Kaya, Hyderabad from 2 years for lower face laser which includes upper lips as well. You can go for laser treatment at Kaya without any worries. Hair growth will be reduced definitely. And yes the area will be shaved first (this is because they target the root of the hair) and then laser will be done.
      Kaya dermatologist will suggest the type of laser according to your hair type (thickness and growth).
      I hope this helps 🙂

      1. can i knw dat are your hair in lower chin permanently removed and if yes in how many sessions… ? and are der any side effects…?
        and hw much did it cost you?

        1. well they charge 2100 for upperlip and chin,underarms 3100 and full bikni 5100 per session, this is very expensive , i took one session for underarms , results are good , but painfull.main thing for me is cost.

      2. Hi Manaal,
        Just wanted to know the cost for lower face laser hair removal @KAYA.
        As u are a client,I hope your answer will be most approximate to the cost. I called KAYA, they said I need to go and consult the doc, only after that they can quote anything. But if I have any approx. idea about the cost that will help me a lot.

      3. Hi

        i am planning on going for a full body lazer at kaya hyd. can you please tell me the specific clinic that you went to. and how were the results

        1. Hi if u r in Delhi u can contact Tony and guy saket branch they offer a lifetime laser package for lower face which cover entire area of face below eyebrows n cost is like around 35000for lifetime no matter how many sessions u take…take number from Google Tony and guy saket branch

  3. Loved this review as I have always been curious about the real experiences and I totally can go by your review that it was a good experience. do keep us updated in future posts about how satisfied you are with the results.

  4. Hey, no offense or anything but I think the people at Kaya have treated you better than they would treat normal customers because they know you were going to review their services. I’ve been there many times with my mother to get her facial hair removed and their services are not all they are hyped up to be. Their dermatologist is confused and answers all questions for details in a vague, unclear manner. In fact, I got the feeling that they just put him in his seat to give the impression of a professional consultation. We also cross-checked with a very well reputed dermatologist who also performed these same procedures and found that her prices were much less. I’ve also heard horror stories abt Kaya patients who went in for some minor procedures and ended up with worse problems because of the technician’s incompetence. Please everyone do your research and ask around before trusting Kaya services.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience Manasvini. You should definitely write to the Kaya team about your experience with details about the exact clinic you went to and who were the dermats/technician who did the procedure on your Mum.

      I do agree that since I was invited to review their services, they would have ensured that I do not have an unpleasant experience. But my Mum has been a regular at the clinic in my hometown Bhopal for years now and she is very happy with the service. I’ve visited the clinic once with her few years back before I started blogging and I had a very good experience too.

      I think the best thing is to get in touch with the Kaya PR via their social media and report the concerned incident anytime you are unhappy with the service.

  5. I have read some worrisome reviews about Kaya Laser Hair removal, and i m a bit apprehensive. pls suggest is it safe.

    1. Hi Mona, I’ve had a good experience but I do understand that since I was invited by the brand to review the service, they would ensure that I have a pleasant time. My mum has been a regular at Kaya for a few years back in my hometown and never had anything but good experiences. You should visit the clinic and have a chat with the doctor who will address your concerns. Do take the precautions they recommend and be well informed of the service you’re undergoing. I’m sure it’ll be okay.

  6. Dear Manasvini,

    We read through your comment.

    We regret any inconvenience caused to you at our clinic. Our endeavor is to ensure customer results and safety at all times.

    Please be assured at Kaya Laser Hair Reduction treatments are under supervision of expert dermatologists who are qualified MBBS +DVD/MD/DNB in DERMATOLOGY.

    We use state of art equipments approved by US FDA which are absolutely safe on skin and services are performed by highly trained and certified therapists.

    We understand you have stated your experience with Kaya was unsatisfactory.

    In order to address the same would request you to please share your contact number and name of clinic visited for us to contact you and address the matter further.

    You can write to us at

    Warm regards,

    Kaya Skin Clinic Team

  7. The Kaya Skin Clinic has a gorgeous facility! What a great way to add to someone’s experience.

    I also noted that Kaya Skin Clinic wrote on your blog to follow up with someone’s “complaint.” That is professional and shows immense integrity.

  8. My experience with kaya is also not very good. I went for full face laser and booked a package for that by paying 20 k 🙁 . After 2 sittings ( result was good ) but not complete hair was gone as they promised. And after that whenever I went for laser sitting they said there is not enough hair for laser it’s thickness as reduced but it was not gone completely. So I am again back to threading 🙁 And fir money part they said that they can convert into laser sittings only which I dint wanted so after huge fight, mails and phone to higher authorities I got it replaced with other services

    1. I have been to Kaya for facial hair reduction and as they write it was never complete removal, only reduction. And yes the doctor had explained me beforehand that the result may vary from person to person. I am surprised to read that you were not informed about this and you had to fight for getting the laser sittings repalced with some other services

  9. Hi,

    The laser services for chin and upper lip have worked wonders for me !! 🙂
    I had taken the laser treatment from Kaya Skin Clinic, Aundh , Pune.

  10. I signed up for this offer and I was just researching about laser hair removal and thank god I came across your post. When I read about the offer I thought it was too good to be true. Now I know it's just a marketing ploy to get people to try this. When I booked an appointment the customer care executive assured me there is no other hidden cost but they failed to mention you need to do 6 sittings which costs 8000 each. This was really not expected from kaya. If you are running a promotion you need to be upfront about the fine print. This is like fooling a consumer. Absolutely disappointed. Did not think kaya would resort to such tactics.

    1. Hello Ritika,

      I recently went thru the underarm laser treatment at kaya and let me tell you the offer for 85 is just a trial and its not a comoulsion for you to go thru all the 6 sessions. Only if you are happy and satidfied with the service is when you can take the package and also 8000 is for the entire package( 6 sittings ) and not for each sittings.

  11. I too went to check out for 85/- offer. Before going i checked out in phone for the total cost but they did not informed me. After reaching the clinic only i was informed about it.

    Thank god I came back without going for it, because consumer court is full of negative comments. Thanks to the lovely people for the reviews.

    1. yes you can. Though it takes a couple of sittings to get the growth completely down so I'd recommend waiting till the sessions complete. In between sittings, they recommend shaving instead of waxing.

  12. Hi Corallista,

    I am planning to go for a laser treatment to get rid of my sideburns and my lower face area. Would you be able to advise me the cost associated with that and how effective it could be .

    Thanks in advance.

  13. hey ya!
    I want to ask you that what is the right age for getting done this laser treatment?
    I am 22 years old and I want to get rid of my Facial hair.

  14. hi corallista,
    i’m 21yrs old and have sufficiently dark facial hair all over the face almost, especially lower cheeks and upper lips. it’s very frustrating and i have bleached 5-6 times till now. and never gone for threading as it hurts a lot. please suggest best way to get rid of it. and yeah my skin is a bit sensitive.. please help..

    1. Hi Arpita, I personally thread as I have quite a bit of hair growth as well. Bleaching over time is not very good for the skin. I guess Laser is an option if you are willing to spend a little. Though it does need yearly maintenance and if you have hormonal issues, it may not be a permanent solution but would lessen the growth.

  15. Hi Corallista

    Thanks for your review. I wanted to do the laser treatment for whole body. My skin is sensitive. I don’t like to do waxing as it is painfull. So request you to suggest me can i go for this laser treatment for whole body.

    1. Hi Vrushali, you definitely can go for full body laser. Though it will be expensive and time consuming. To get a better idea of the time and costs involved, please get in touch with Kaya directly through their website or Twitter/Facebook.

  16. i have very thick eyebrows, after threading it turns around greenish as if it is shaved. can i take laser traetment for shaping my eyebrows and getting rid of unwanted eyebrow hair growth

    1. I couldn't complete all my sittings before leaving Mumbai, I had only 3 instead of the recommended 6-8. So my hair growth hasn't vanished but reduced significantly so maintenance required is much lesser.

  17. i am taking laser treatment for face and neck in vibes from one and half year, and almost i have completed with 15 settings, my hairs are not at all reduced, instead after taking session , after 4 -5 days i will get hairs on face as well neck, the hairs are thick and dark, as it will grow for gents.i am tired of this..what sugession can i get from you.

    1. hey i have same problem too. i have very thick and dark hair on my chin and upper lips. though i have’t undergone laser treatment yet. i m PCOD patient and thats why all this facial hair because of hormonal imbalance. also see if you are having pcod and consult a physician. good luck.

  18. hey! i just wanted to know that if i go for just the trial session which is worth rs. 85 only, will it have any effect on the growth of my hair? also, is it compulsory to take the whole package and not just the trial session?
    thanks 🙂

  19. I’m taking a service at Galleria Gurgaon, their shop manager is very unaccommodating, very poor service & very poor customer satisfaction!! U cant even step back because you are simply stuck with there stupid shemes!

  20. What is the most preferred age for undergoing this treatment? Nd do we get rashes or something after having this treatment?!

  21. Before I start off with my rant let me clarify that I love this blog and Ankita is one of the most honest bloggers! I trust her review and and I am sure that she was treated very nicely at Kaya and was given the best service. But just for the readers, which I think would be beneficial for this blog too, I was like to write about my experience too.

    I went to Kaya today after reading such positive reviews on numerous blogs. I waited for more than one year to make this decision of undergoing laser and read all the reviews about 4-5 times before finally having a courage to go. And I don’t really doubt all these blogs because I am sure they were treated nicely and were given the best service because Kaya knew that they were going to review it for the potential customers. Unfortunately, my experience was very very bad.

    To start with, I wasn’t offered the tea because I was the Rs.85 customer. That’s how I was referred there when I reached. It is not about the tea actually 😛 But I want to tell you that you wont be given much importance and time. Like the woman who was doing my laser said ” Ma’am bahut customers wait kar rahe hai, itna time nahi hai”

    Secondly, I was taken directly to the room with no doctor consultation. I asked that woman and she told me that this is how it happens in the ’85’ laser and doctor is available for facial hair, not for underarms. She said I can go to the doctor if I want, but it is not needed. I told her that I am going to do the future sessions as well which costs 3100 and it is not like I am never coming back.

    Then she started with the procedure and used the razor on me, which was blunt and she did it so ruthlessly that I started bleeding (I hope I am not going to get HIV, no kidding, I am going to have nightmares). I asked her if it is disposable and she got very annoyed with my question!! She laughingly told me that I am talking a lot, as I was asking questions. I was asking questions because it was my first time and I remembered reading that at each step she explains what she is doing but she wasn’t! She assured me that the razor is disposal, so is the gown (it wasn’t, I am not dumb, I could see the faded off-white color) and even the towel is disposable (Definitely it was used 100 times). You might get a feeling I am finicky about these things but believe me I am not! I am a very messy person and don’t really care about these things, but I was worried as I read everywhere that they use disposal things, especially the razor!! How can a disposable razor be so blunt that she had to ruthlessly shave my underarm? How can I not be concerned when I get a cut from a used razor?

    Anyway, she used the pain free laser on me and each underarm took less than one minute. Yep! Less than a minute. The whole experience was like Kaya is merely running merely business. They have compromised the quality with the Rs.85 tag.

    All I can hope is that I won’t get any allergic reaction and that the razor was safe. I am just concerned about my skin now. 🙁

    I am taken aback with this kind of service 🙁 I planned to take at least 4 sessions with Kaya after this trail one, but I will definitely have my future sessions in some other place. May be a dermatologist.

    I am sorry for such a big rant, but this is the only blog where I felt my comment would be published and will be taken seriously.

    I would like to say it again, that I am sure this is an honest blog post and that Kaya treated Ankita way better than they would treat other customers. 🙁

    1. I would like to add another thing. She told me nothing about the sunscreen part. I am going to follow the precautions mentioned in this blog (thank you Ankita). The lady told me to use their cream after bath and she mentioned nothing about soap deo or sunscreen 🙁 Even though I repeatedly asked her if there’s any precaution I should follow.

    2. Hi Gargi, I'm really sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience! I hope there are no issues later because of the shoddy razor *fingers crossed*. I think you should write to Kaya as well mentioning the clinic (and if you remember the names of the staff who attended to you) so that they take it up seriously. Its not just about not treating customers with the same courtesy (like offering tea etc) but a matter of hygiene and safety and they should take serious action.

      1. Thank you Ankita, my fingers are crossed too. 🙁

        I gave feedback to Kaya as well. I agree, hygiene is of utmost importance and I felt like it has been sacrificed because of the Rs.85 tag (or may be they do this with everyone). Moreover, I have not seen any difference in hair growth as well. It was a very hard decision for me to go under laser as I am very skeptical (and scared) about these things, and I am disheartened. 🙁 I shudder every time I remember this whole experience.

        Can anyone suggest me a good derma in Delhi who does laser?

  22. The staff of Kaya skin clinic is biased towards their own interest. Staff gets a commission based on what service they sell, so instead of serving your interest they will serve their own interest. That is why instead of giving me a package for ND Yag Laser they gave me a package for Painfree hair removal laser for full body – as it is costly package so they get more commission. Painfree hair removal laser led to growth of hard, dark hair on those areas which had fine hair. On complaining they told me it is a side effect of Painfree laser. And they shifted me to ND Yag. I had some reduction but not much. The hair growth is still there and the worst part is on areas which had little to no growth at all :(. I signed up for: 6 sittings of Painfree laser Skin type: Fair Final Result: Only 20% or so overall reduction in areas which had dark hair. Uncontrollable dark hair growth on front, back and shoulders where I had no growth (very fine hair). Status: I complained to Kaya care and they have accepted their fault but refused to do anything about the case. They told me that the person who sold the package has left Kaya so they cannot do anything about it now. But on enquiring I got to know that the girl is still working with Kaya. So basically they never really enquired. Also they tried to compensate me by giving few sittings for face for free. But I refused to accept it. If you want to go for Laser, do not go to kaya. Instead go to some place where a qualified doctor or a qualified technician (in the presence of doctor) will do the procedure. While I took my sittings at kaya doctor was not consulted even once in 6 sittings. On enquiring they said doctor only does those procedures for which she gets money like for dermaroller. So stay away from such big names who have no concern for your time and money.

  23. Hi,
    I want to know a good clicnic for Hair Removal on face in gurgaon?
    Please anyone who is from gurgaon itself and undergone laser treatment ,suggest me which clicnic should I select ?
    Please share your personal experience also.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hi there.
    I was reading your comments and got to know you are from Bhopal.That is good news because I am too.I really wanted to know about the laser treatment.Has the magic worn off yet?Or is it really permanent like they say?I have heard a lot that hair grows after some time even after laser.I am currently 17 and would like to get it done.Suggestions?Can I do it this early?
    Also,is there a way to know about the current costs?I think 15,000 is a little too much.Please respond.
    Cheers 🙂

  25. I am contemplating the permanent hair reduction of the lower face, mostly upper lip and upper neck/lower chin areas. I did have a good experience in terms of being welcomed and of the Rs.85/- underarm session. However, during my first consult I was not informed of the two methods of laser hair reduction – namely “Soprano” and “ND Yag”. It so happened that during my second visit to the clinic, when I was to meet the consulting dermatologist, I had the time to browse through the kaya “menu” book. That is when I chance upon the two different treatments. The prices and quotes I was given during the first consult were of the ND Yag treatment. And the difference in prices between the two are substantial. So during my consult with the dermatologist I enquired about the difference and she told me that the soprano hair reduction was virtually painless and worked better on FINER HAIR (which I have) as opposed to ND Yag. The customer service representative after that informed me that the “Soprano” was unavailable at the clinic I was visiting and it was only available at the clinic that the visiting dermatologist worked permanently at – the dermatologist was visiting this particular clinic for only a few hours on that one particular day of the week where I had initially intended to do the sessions. This set me thinking.
    I thought I would research some before making a decision. However, I’m now thoroughly confused between the two different laser treatments. Since I have “high pain tolerance” levels the pain part does not scare me, but I would like the sessions to be effective. My question is whether the Soprano really does work on finer hair than the ND Yag? Kindly advise, especially from people who have done the different treatments and can truly clarify the said difference.

  26. hi there
    I just wanted to enquire if it is possible to take your laser hair removal sessions at different branches of kaya skin clinic
    I mean i did my first session at a branch at kala ghoda and is it possible to undergo the 2 nd session at the kaya branch in pune

      1. Hello Corallista.Can you please give me a rough idea of how much does it costs for upper lip chin under chin and side locks laser hair removal cost in hyderabad branch.if its not possible to reply on this blog,please leave a email of approximate charges if not exact cost.So that i can plan.As i stay 200 kms away from hyderabad.Its not possible for me to commute to hyderabad just for enquiry.I suffer from Pcod.I am undergoing treatment as well.
        Waiting for your reply.

  27. Hi… the july month has already started so is this price offer of 7999 still there? And if not then for now what is the price for underarms?

  28. I went to kaya by their offer of free consultation worth rs.500. I confirmed if there was any othr cost involved 2-3 times and they assured me there was nothing, its only a free consultation and no other obligations. Upon reaching the clinic, I was taken to meet a dermatologist.I told her all my hair and skin issues. She suggested me botox ,PRP , peels and some costly products. she was suggesting me to go for 6 sessions of botox, 6 sessions of prp and 6 sesions of peels in a span of 3 months or so.Then she went out of the consultation cabin and after a long time some assistant came in the room who was not a medical professional and explained to me the details and cost of the procedures. It seemed that the doctor and the assistant both were just concerned about the money part and it was as if they are selling the products and services aggressively. I asked them how many sessions would be required and they said it depends on me. How can that be possible?A person is not required to take so many sessions of all these costly procedures and that should be decided by the doctor not the patient!First they tell me 6 sessions then they tell me even more might be required , then they also tell me it depends on me!!

    The worst part came when they told me if I want to enrol in the package. Total was around 2 lakhs with some 10% discount offered.I said I can think n come over next time to which they say that I will have to pay them the consultation and buy some products since I m not going for their package then and there. I felt so miserable really!!!Now I have to pay their consultation and buy their products thats a total of around 3500 if I dont commit for their package!I even told them that this was never mentioned to me before and they said this is how we function at kaya and u might not have understood our rules properly.
    Its not a question of money, but i didnt like their too aggressive and business approach and not letting the customer go without extracting atleast something from them. Their aim of keeping a “free “consultation was exactly this I guess. I dont like to badmouth anyone honestly but this is what I felt from the heart.
    With great difficulty I managed to find my way out from there, but I will never be going back there again. I know the exact prices of these procedures as I have a skin specialist friend and I can get all of this done at a much lesser price through any other skin specialist and without so many procedures to get that kind of result without all their costly products. Believe me.

  29. hey Vandana…this gel sounds interesting… can u please give me more information about it… and also mention that where i can get it ☺

  30. I have just started the Laser hair removal procedure at Kaya Skin Clinic Dadar, Mumbai. I completed 2 sessions there. And I can see a little reduction in the growth of the hair and I am quite happy about that.

  31. Hey, 3 years down, how significant has hair reduction been after laser treatment? How frequent were the touch up sessions.

    I have a very sensi survive skin with in growths. Hence have been researching since last 2 years. Would welcome ur experience after 3 years.

    1. Hi, I couldn’t complete my sessions as I got married and moved abroad. After 2 sessions, the growth become finer, thinner and after 3 years, its still not as thick and dark as it used to be. I shave every few weeks and that is sufficient.

  32. I hv done lasering in Kolkata Kaya. I am THRILLED with the results. The under arm hair has reduced a lot. Upper lip takes time. The Dr said that the upper lip & leg areas r hormonal areas so it will take time for the growth to be fine. It took one & a half years for the upper lip growth to reduce. U hv to be patient. I will say go for it ! Though it’s expensive it’s worth it.

  33. Hi Corallista, I Just want to know whether laser treatment is work on white grow of hairs. because my ear side hairs are coming white & therefore I remove that through razer. Can you please suggest me on this?

  34. I have gone through one sitting of laser treatment but still there is regrow of hair, can i wax on it.
    will it harm??

  35. Hello Ankita! This is a fabulous review of Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal treatment. I agree with you when you say Hairfree is a better method than waxing. It made my skin softer and smoother. However, I would like to know your review about Kaya Skin clinic’s other services such as the Q-switch service? What do you think about that?

  36. Does the skin becomes dark after the treatment? What are other side effects and disadvantages of this treatment ?

  37. Hi, Thanks for sharing your review on Kaya skin clinic laser hair services. I want to know whether the offers are still on as i was planning to get laser hair removal done in coming month from Kaya Skin Clinic. Let me know if the offers are still on.

  38. Hi Ankita,I have currently undergone 2 laser hair removal sessions from Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore and i am quite satisfied with the service and i am glad you shared your review which really helped me to clarify some doubts.

  39. Hey Ankita, i wanted to know how facial laser hair removal treatment works and is it safe for all skin types? I have seen many positive reviews related to kaya skin clinic and their laser treatment but i am still reluctant to have this treatment done on my face. It would be great if you can help me to know whether the treatment is helpful or not? Thank you

    1. Hi Nidhi, it is safe for the face – I’ve tried few sessions of upper lip and chin. It helps in reducing the growth. But I have hormonal imbalance issues so for hormonally sensitive areas, the growth doesn’t go away completely and can come back. I would suggest meeting with the doctor at the clinic and do a trial session before committing to the package. Hope this helps!

  40. Is Kaya Q Switch Laser same as laser hair removal? I’m a bit confused. What’s your review about this service? I’d like to visit their clinic in Bangalore.

  41. can i get a customised price for 2 sessions of lower face laser hair removal? I will not be in India post 2 months and do not exactly know when i would return?

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