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Hey everyone!

If you recall, I’d partnered with Dove for a campaign last year (in case you didn’t know, read about it HERE).  Part of the campaign involved bloggers sharing the story of their hair. Everyone’s hair has a story – some have had long hair during childhood, nurtured and pampered by mothers and grannies with weekly oil massages while the others (like me!) started growing their hair in their later teens. Here’s the story of my hair and the different things in my life that have affected it. I’d love to know your Hair Story in the comments section at the end of this post!


Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment


(These blogs were shared by Dove on their Facebook Page as part of Share the Secret campaign)


2 years back, I would have never thought that I would be blogging about makeup and beauty. I am Ankita, a 23 year old beauty blogger living in Mumbai. I have just completed my B.Tech degree from IIT Bombay few months back and now I am working full time on my blog Corallista which I started in January 2011. I have an engineering degree and beauty and cosmetics hardly figured in my life 2 years back. I was facing severe hair fall and acne issues and a bit of online research led me to beauty blogs. I was hooked to beauty blogs from Day 1 and soon began to write myself. What started out as an interest soon developed into a passion and by the summer of 2011, I was blogging on my own domain.


Highlighted/Straight hair


I grew up in Bhopal and my school life was focussed on academics balanced out with dance, music, art and an avid reading habit. I’d always wanted a creative life and with blogging, I get that chance to do something I love for a living while having the freedom to be on my own. From studying chemical kinetics, lasers and steel, I’ve come to talking about lipsticks, primers, blending techniques and silicones! It’s a huge change and it is a lot of fun but it isn’t as easy as it looks. My day starts off early with preparing new articles for the day, responding to comments on the blog/social media, researching and trying out new products, taking pictures etc. and uploading articles till the time I go to bed at night. I devote some time in the day to exercise and prepare my own meals to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

With the stress and unhealthy lifestyle during my IIT-JEE preparation after high school, I had gained weight but I shed most of the excess kilos after coming to college. I moved away from home to Mumbai for my engineering and that was when my existing hair fall problem escalated. The lack of nutritious home cooked food and neglect caused my hair quality to deteriorate. In my third year of college, I got my hair chemically treated and while that gave me a fabulous look for a few months, it further caused damage to my already fragile hair.


Highlighted/Straight hair
Highlighted/Straight hair


The stress of managing my growing blog and my studies compounded my hair fall. When I finally decided to take control of hair problems, I tried many things – I switched to an eggetarian diet from a vegetarian one, took nutritional supplements, tried hair fall potions but nothing gave me a lasting solution. I then began to understand why my Mum always wore short hair and insisted I do the same when I was younger – it was so much easier to maintain!

With the constant experimentation with new products for reviews and stress, I have been losing hair for so much time now that I had become accustomed to tufts of hair in my brush, my pillows, the bathroom drain and even the white flooring of my home.


Hair Fall
Hair Fall


Having long, healthy and luscious seemed like something I would never have, until last month when a small white vial changed it all..


Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment



Why the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment works


As a child I always longed for long, luscious hair. Being a working woman who herself finds short hair hassle-free and easy to maintain, my Mum insisted that I wear my hair short till high school. All through childhood and early teenage, I had dense and healthy hair but the moment I began growing them out after high school, they started thinning out.




Moving away from home, unhealthy hostel food, neglect and stress sapped away the shine and health of my hair. The constant experimentation with different products and the workload of running a blog while in college gave me severe hair fall problem. From dietary changes and supplements to hair potions and medication, nothing seemed to work for my alarming hair fall.

When Dove launched their Hair Intensive Roots Treatment, I was intrigued by the product and decided to pick it up for review on my blog. The product comes packaged in an easy to use vial and needs to be applied to the roots everyday 2 days after washing the hair. It comes in a package of 7 vials that are to be used over a period of 2 weeks.

After shampooing and conditioning my hair as usual, I towel dry my hair gently to avoid breakage and then use the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots treatment on my roots. The vial tip breaks open with slight pressure revealing a clear, light-weight serum like potion. The elongated tip of the vial makes it easy to apply the serum along the hair parting. Each vial is a single-time use product and contains 7 ml of product which is sufficient to cover the entire scalp. Having applied the treatment to my roots, I massage my scalp gently with the fingertips for a few minutes.




Unlike other treatments I have used in the past, this product doesn’t have an unpleasant medicinal scent. It smells lovely and absorbs into the roots without making the hair greasy or limp. After using it for the 2 week period as indicated, I began to see a reduction in my hair fall. There were lesser hair in the drain when I washed my hair, smaller tufts on my flooring and lesser broken strands when I brushed my hair.

I believe this product has worked better than anything else for my hair because it targets the hair fall problem at the root rather than the breakage from the middle. Most products in the market only target hair breakage while 78% of the hair fall actually occurs at the roots. The hair fibres are anchored to the scalp with the help of protein linkages and polysaccharide “glue”.  When the “glue” holding the hair in place is broken down by naturally occurring proteolytic enzymes, hair become weak and fall off during brushing, washing. Due to hormonal, seasonal and other factors, the amount of proteolytic enzymes can increase causing the “glue” to break down faster. What the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots treatment does is that it reduces the proteolytic enzymes with the help of the active ingredient in this product – Trichazole™. As you’ve figured out by now, the reduced activity of the enzymes prevents hair falling off as they are now anchored firmly into place in the scalp.




With 5 years of research for this breakthrough patented technology, Dove has really come out with a great product and it is priced very affordably at Rs 350 for 7 vials. If you’ve been suffering from Hair fall issue, this product is worth a try! In my Mum’s time, the alternative to hair care to cutting in my shorter, in my time- there’s Dove!


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Cheesy closing lines aside, this product does work when used religiously! However, if the problem is more internal, this might not be the long term solution. Everyone’s hair has a story, whats yours? Share it in the comments below! [/note]



  1. Hey Ankita,

    I think I’ll get this for my mother. She’s also having rough hair from a month. Do you think this will help with that too? Any mask you recommend for her rough hair and also to tame flyaways? Would be really thankful to you 🙂

    Coming to me,

    I never took care of my hair from the beginning only and in college days, they worsened. I had even developed a little bald patch in the front line due to my tight pony tails. My savior was a homemade oil. I used it religiously for 2-3 times a week for 7-8 months and not just my hairfall got over, but also my bald patch had re-grown hair. I also started to use shampoos and conditioners suited for my hair.

    P.S. :- I love your blog and when I see new posts on your blog after a hectic day, it really refreshes me. God Bless You 🙂

  2. I had thick, long wavy hair from middle school onwards and I was always so proud of my hair. But then came motherhood and though post partum hair fall was expected and I thought it would last for a few months, I never thought it would become a permanent feature. My elder son’s 7 and I still have hair fall. Of course, I don’t have much time for hair care like pampering oil massages either and add to that the chemical damage from experimenting with shampoos, hair colours etc, the hair fall hasn’t stopped. Wish there was a way of getting my luscious tresses back.

  3. thanks ankita for sharing ur story with us…. my story is same as urs… i had really thick hair during childhood …but eventually during my college days my hairfall started to increase nd developed dandruff….it worsened after my hair straightening….nd till now i haven’t been able to find a solution for my hair problem….been to parlours for treatments… did home remedies… tried anti-dandruff shampoos from sunsilk and dove…. these shampoos helped a bit but i still had hairfall nd dandruff problem…the worst mistake i made was buying loreal paris total repair shampoo and conditioner…. by using it my dandruff nd hairfall just worsened….but after reading ur take on dove hairfall rescue i will definitely give it a try…also ankita according to u which is the best shampoo so far…u have been trying organic surge lately right…

  4. Hey Ankita,

    Here s ma story. I had curly hair and i got hair smoothening treatment in Nov2012 in a reputed parlor. Initially thr was no hair fall and texture was also very gud. But for the past 1 month am facing hair fall in higher range compared to ma previous experience 🙁
    I have been using Shampoo [Loreal xtenso care], conditioner nd serum suggested by d parlor.
    Please suggest me some tips.. shd i giv Dove hairfall rescue a try???

    P.S. Before smoothening i was using Dove shampoo and conditioner only nd found it worth.. din hav any kinda serious probs thn…

  5. I have the benefit of not suffering from hair loss, but for the last 2 years I have long struggled with dandruff and seborrhea, hair already tried to start falling out more than usual. But I switched to bezsulfatnye shampoos that removed itch shampoo with salicylic acid, sulfur, and nettles, which reduced the fat and put in motion peeling scalp. and the exclusion of the latter from the sulfates back behind your head

  6. Hii,,
    I have been secretly reading your blog for a long time now 🙂 and I really love it ..
    Wow! you hold a BTech Degree from IIT? you really are a beauty with brains *I am awed*

    Coming to my hair story … I had the ususal “blunt” cut till school and in college I grew it out.
    But as soon as I moved out of home , the weather at this new place started affecting my hair 🙁

    Its been about 2 months that I used the dove hair fall rescue shampoo , and I really love it 🙂 the best thing is that even if I comb on wet hair, I don’t see any hair fall , this shampoo is that good ! And I really like the smell too 🙂

    – Keep blogging & writing wonderful articles 🙂

  7. truly said you are “beauty with a brain”..
    well my hair story is something m still figuring oUt..
    recently i give a try to dove intense repair therapy shampoo..and after one wash,i was like “shoot it”..it makes my hair so dry n more frizzy..
    my hair-product is “pantene”..but after your take on dove,i want to try it again..
    does this therapy works for damaged hair too??

  8. Oh god such a severe issue for us.. Hair fall is a big issue.. In year 2009 during winters I faced this.. I chemically straightened my hair & even that time I was recovering from dengue (severe blood loss) I was feeling like I ll become bald… But nw I HV overcomed that issue by applying my home made remedies…

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