What beauty products do you splurge on?


Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush
Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush


I splurge on High end blushes more than anything! Closely followed by foundations and lipsticks. I have also splurged on brushes in the past! I want to splurge more on skincare and fragrances.

What products do you splurge on? Share your comments below!


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    1. Next time, do see my reviews before you pick because MAC has some amazing eye shadows, its unfortunate you ended up picking the not-so-good ones! Neutrals like Amberlights, Woodwinked, Bronze, Sable, All that Glitters are really good!

  1. for me its fragrance,closely followed by skincare n in the makeup segment-blushes,eyeshadows,foundations,face primer….no lippies coz i no longer see MAC as a high end brand….some brushes as well….

    1. oh lippies too…forgot that i have Illamasqua ,chantecaille n some Estee Lauder,benefit n MUFE…..but its still rarely that i splurge on lip colours…

    2. So true. I thnk mac has lost that appeal now.. Whrs that good quality that mac ws once famous for.. N nt to mention their rude SA’s

  2. I splurge on skin care (Shiseido, Clarins, L’occitane). I find that having great skin makes makeup application such a joy. I do buy MAC which is my favorite when it comes to makeup but no high end brands in makeup otherwise.

  3. Skincare mostly πŸ™‚ I believe unless you are very sure about the quality of a product, it’s best to stick to high end ones, even then read reviews / get samples if possible before committing to a purchase. I have sensitive skin, so I’d rather have limited number of products πŸ™‚

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