Reader Query : Best Highlighters for dusky skin – Recommendations, Swatches


I get lots of queries for highlighter recommendations and I thought I’d put together a post with my top 3 Highlighters for dusky skin. I tend to prefer liquid based highlighters a lot more as they give a more natural look when blended over liquid foundation. Warm gold/copper/bronze based highlighters look much better than pink/pearl based highlighters as they match with the warm undertones of Indian skin – especially on duskier beauties. While there are no doubt loads of other highlighters out there in the market, here are my top picks from my own collection –


Best Highlighters for dusky skin
Best Highlighters for dusky skin





1. Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen (Rs 450)

This might look almost chalky compared to my other 2 picks here but it is actually a champagne-gold based highlighter and looks very subtle when blended out.


2. MAC Cream Color base Improper Copper (Rs 1000)

This is a warm coppery cream color with fine gold sparkle – looks very natural on the skin. The creamy base gives a soft dewy finish as well.


3. Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator no. 65 (Rs 970)

This is the warmest of all the highlighters I own and pretty runny – excellent for mixing in foundation/body lotion for an all over bronzed glow! Would be a great pick for brides!



Heavily swatched and photographed in Flash to show the color/shimmer-


Best Highlighters for dusky skin
Best Highlighters for dusky skin


Best Highlighters for dusky skin
Best Highlighters for dusky skin



In case you’re new to makeup..


..and wondering what highlighters/illuminators are – they are makeup products that contain light reflective shimmer particles. When applied on the bony parts or high points of the skin or when mixed with base (foundation), they reflect the light striking the skin and give the illusion of glowing, dewy skin. The best highlighters are those with soft shimmer, chunky heavy shimmer does not look flattering and draws attention to imperfections.

Another great highlighter worth mentioning here is Revlon Age Defying Illuminator. The shade Bare Light would be more suited for warmer/duskier skin tones as compared to Pink Light. I’ve only seen these 2 shades on Indian counters though the international lineup shows shades Gold Light and Bronze Light as well. The latter 2 would be fantastic for Indian skin tones, I wonder why they did not launch them in India.


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Hope you found this little compilation useful! What are your favorite highlighters for dusky skin? Share yours in the comments below! [/note]


  1. MAC improper copper looks stunning here..and while I’m dusky, I’m oily too… so I prefer a powder as opposed to liquid… could you please tell me about some powder highlighters…thanks 🙂

    1. I don’t have much experience with powders to be honest Ritu but here are a few you could check out – Lakme Absolute highlighter/bronzer duos. I think the highlighting side of the Moon lit highlighter might be a bit chalky on dusky skin. The lighter side of Sun Kissed bronzer may work better.

      Inglot has got some interesting looking mosaic powder highlighters, I’ve haven’t tried one myself (picked up the liquid shown here instead!) but they look worth checking out!

      Another nice option would be loose powder highlighter – Revlon skin lights is great (for the body too). I believe Chambor also has one, its called Luminous Loose powder if I’m not wrong.

      hope this helps!

    2. Lancome had a fabbb one cld moonlit rose. I’m mac nc 42-45 n it looks great on me. Also mac gold deposit is a good bet n benefit moonbeam high beam. I hv high beam n it doesn’t look ashy on me. Nars Taj Mahal is superb coz it has bth blush n highlight. U must chk these out

        1. Lancome one ws LE so I’m nt sure if ull get it.guerlain keeps coming out wth fab highlighter, do keep an eye on that brand. Its sooppeeerr for dusky girls

  2. hi lovely picks for highlighters ..useful post..

    i had one query…mac improper copper can be mixed with liquid foundation kya? as in does it have that property..
    i was looking for smtn all over glow type , somethn lik revlon skin highlights….bt improper copper looks damn stunning!

    great blog u got…one suggestion if i cud make…all ur fotos are nice except sometimes when the flash looks too bright…:(

    1. Thanks for the suggestion.

      MAC Improper Copper is not a liquid so it won’t be possible to mix it with a foundation unfortunately!

    2. You could try out the Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminators. The shade 65 shown here is quite bronzed but you could get a lighter gold/golden pink shade as well. The texture is perfect for mixing in with foundation for an all over glow.

  3. Thanks ankita. I too love the mac improper copper here. As u said it cannot be mixed with the foundation … Can we jus dab it on the face or is there any other nice way to blend it ??
    Also I checked on the revlon illuminator recently but unfortunately the SA showed me a pump bottle Illuminator!! She said the brush wala type is no more in the market!!

  4. Check out some of the blushes of Bourjois…they are in budget range and can serve the purpose of highlighter since they have fine shimmer in them…they are not normal matte blushes so can be used as highlighters and there are quite a few shades that can compliment the fair as well as dusky skin….

  5. Nice compilation ankita. love the MAC swatch. I’m aprehensive investing in illuminators as i cannot use them daily. I have TBS vitamin e illuminating moisturising cream. It has a pink tint to it unlike these…

  6. Thanks for this useful post.
    I have never use a highlighter ever before as too much confuse which one should i use that will fit on my skin perfectly. I’m having mediam tone nd oily skin type. Plz suggest something which will go best on my skin. Moreover i like to use liquid or creamy product than a prowder one.plz suggest.

  7. Which highlighter have you come across till now, happening to be having the most fine sheen, no glitter or shimmer at all.
    I need to buy one highlighter in beige or cream color, but I want to buy the one that has the softest sheen, with unnoticeable shimmer added……under sun.
    Can u name a super soft – no glittery shimmer highlighter, meant for day make up.?

  8. Ooooooohhhhh! I have been using MAC’s improper copper for years and was so pleased to see your recommendation! Am off to find the Inglot illuminator today and maybe the Lancome one too!!!! Years ago, Lakme used to make this liquid gold highlighter thingy which dried matte. I used to love highlighting the top of my cheekbones with it. Not sure if they still make it. Love your blog. Keep the recommendations coming!!!! xo

  9. Hi ankita can u plz suggest a highlighter for my dry skin I wear NC 35 in MAC… Do I also need to go for a particular shade…

      1. Thanks for reply… well chamber light & sheer highlighter & Revlon cheek are my favorite too after reading the review posts..

  10. I have never used highlighter before.I was wondering whether I should try Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Highlighter pen for my oily skin…have you tried it?

    1. Since you have oily skin, a powder highlighter might be better. I've not had a chance to try the Lumi Magique highlighter yet. If its not greasy or too creamy, you could give it a try.

  11. Hi Ankita!

    Gr8 review. I am very confused while picking up the highlighter. Please help me out. I have a normal dry skin. and i don’t like shimmery and glittery particles in highlighter. I always prefer matte finish. please suggest any good highlighter?

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