Weight loss Diaries Vol. 18 : 7 Days, 7 New Recipes | The Breakfast Challenge


Hey everyone!

As you would know, I took the 7 Day Breakfast Challenge last weekend to have a different, new food for breakfast everyday. I think it was one of the best things I’ve done so far for this feature – I tried lots of new recipes and had a wholesome, satisfying breakfast everyday! Here are the 7 Days in photos –


Day 1-Spinach Corn Paneer Toast
Day 1-Spinach Corn Paneer Toast


Day 2 - Seviyan Upma
Day 2 – Seviyan Upma


Day 3 - Sabudana Khichdi
Day 3 – Sabudana Khichdi


Day 4 - Layered Omelette
Day 4 – Layered Omelette


Day 5 - Toasted Wheat bread-Bhaji
Day 5 – Toasted Wheat bread-Bhaji


Day 6 - Oats Poha
Day 6 – Oats Poha


Day 7- Toasted bread with honey and milk
Day 7- Toasted bread with honey and milk


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Day 7 today was my Lazy day breakfast. I had originally intended to make Ragi Idli and even though its not a tedious recipe at all, I wasn’t feeling up to it so I resorted to my favorite – Toasted wheat bread topped with honey. As for the other days, I tried quite a few things for the first time (cooking myself that is) – seviyan upma, layered eggs (which didn’t turn out that well sadly!), sabudana khichdi (a little sticky but tasted great!) and oats poha.

I’m planning on doing a Lunch and Dinner Challenge as well now. These Challenges will ensure that I have one awesome new meal everyday πŸ™‚

Did any of you try the Breakfast Challenge? I’d love to know what you had, do let me know in the comments below! [/note]



  1. i too love making vermicelli & oats poha.. spinach & corn cheese sandwich is one my favorites… shall toss in some paneer too next time πŸ™‚

  2. i lurrrrve spinach corn paneer/mayo sandwich! everything looks great. how did u make layered omelette?
    i’ve been eating the new saffola masala oats. classic masala and peppy tomato taste yumm.. just like maggi. veggi twist isnt tht tasty. quaker oats too has flavours. tasted homestyle masala, dint like.

    ankita, everytjing looks healthy. but spinach corn sandwich and seviyan, not so much.
    white bread, corn and plain flour seviyan are simple carbs, which i usually avoid πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jyoti, I used wheat or multi-grain bread I think for the sandwich, I never buy white bread.

      As far as Seviyan goes, my nutritionist used to treat it same as sooji upma (seviyan are made from sooji/rawa too)

      1. woww.. i dint know tht seviya is made from sooji too. will hunt for it tomorrow only πŸ™‚

        plz plz plz do a 7 day dinner challenge.. i know tht carbs should be avoided in the evening, but being a vegetarian, i just dont know what to eat for dinner.

  3. I daily breakfast is usually milk + cornflakes. Reading about your breakfast challenge, I decided to give it a try too. Made Tomato cheese toast sandwich, Omelettes with brown bread, Oata Upma, Idli Fry, Kanda Poha, and today was paneer toast sandwich. Loving this new routine and trying to find out a new recipe to make an easy and quick breakfast. Tomorrow would be bread poha for me.

    And yes, do share your receipe for spinach corn paneer sandwich!

  4. Paneer corn sandwich looks so yum and it is very healthy too. Seeing your pics, i am so thrilled myself to make one. If possible, share the recipe pls πŸ™‚

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