5 Tips to achieve the Perfect Smokey Eye!


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Smokey eyes is one of my favorite makeup looks but I know how hard it can be for beginners to achieve the perfect smokey eye! Here are 5 tips that would help you achieve better results while working on a smokey look.


5 Tips to achieve the perfect smokey eye!
5 Tips to achieve the perfect smokey eye!




  1. Start by tightlining eyes with kohl and applying the kohl on the lid as base. There should be no skin peeking through near the waterlines and lash lines. I always start my smokey eye looks by laying down a black base of kohl.
  2. Use a piece of sello tape (Regular stationery tape) at the outer corner, applied along the line joining the outer end of the brow and the outer corner of the eye. This will keep the outer corner clean, prevent overblending in that area and give a lift to the eyes – especially to droopy eyes (like mine).
  3. Do not go above the socket line or right into the inner corner with the dark colors. You can end up with overwhelmingly messy looking eyes if you apply the dark eye shadow beyond the crease line. You can try a more daring look with color right till the tear duct and inner corner and above the crease once you’ve got the hang of it. But even then, I prefer keeping the color till the crease and leaving the inner corner for the highlighter.
  4. While working with black eye shadow – always dust off excess on a tissue or the back of the hand before applying the color on the eyes, it will control the intensity. In my early days, I’ve ended up with too much black on the eyes many times.
  5. Do your eyes first and then the face makeup. I know many people like to do the whole loose-powder-under-the-eye trick but I find it just so much easier and more convenient to do the eyes, clean up the fall out and then do the foundation and concealer.


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Hope these tips were helpful! Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to working with smokey eyes? Share your comments below! [/note]


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